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Do You Want To Be Happier These Days And Have Better Control Over Your Life? New Studies Say You Sleep Like This Every Night

Do You Want To Be Happier These Days And Have Better Control Over Your Life? New Studies Say You Sleep Like This Every Night, Having a regular sleep schedule can keep your spirits up

The whole world has been plagued by the Corona virus pandemic for more than a year. For many people, this situation is unpleasant and has been accompanied by many problems and troubles. There is also good news.

A whole new study shows that if you feel weak and depressed; You can make a significant improvement in your mood with a simple change in daily habits.

This small change can also improve your efficiency and performance so that you can better manage and lead a team and ultimately achieve your goals in life and business.

In the following, we want to take a look at this study and talk a little about this simple change and why:

Ask young doctors

Researchers at the University of Michigan Medical Center studied the mood and sleep of more than 2,100 people, including novice physicians and interns.

Anyone who is familiar with the medical field or has completed medical internships, as well as people who have seen serials related to doctors; They know very well that the life of a medical intern is very difficult and irregular. Low sleep hours, irregular work schedule, long and intensive work without a proper sleep!

Most medical interns reported that having and maintaining a regular sleep schedule during this period is very difficult.

The researchers asked the study participants to wear a device on their wrists to detect sleep and other activities. They were asked to report their condition daily and to have tests for depressive symptoms every three months.

For more than a year, researchers tracked information received from participants and surprisingly came up with a simple interface and similarity:

  • People who reported better moods and had fewer depressive symptoms on quarterly tests; There are people who have had the least changes and shifts in their sleep schedule.
  • Conversely, people who had a variable sleep schedule and did not have a fixed hour of sleep; They reported worse moods and more depressive symptoms.

In other words, sleeping at erratic and irregular hours has been associated with mood swings and depression, and causes similar sleep deprivation behaviors. These people could not compensate for their lack of sleep by sleeping more during unusual hours, and their mood was not strengthened.

“These findings show that sleep adjustment is a low-risk factor for health and depression,” said Srijan Sen, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan’s Intern Health Study Center.

This means that you can not sleep at unusual hours of the day and expect to be always happy and cheerful and in good spirits.

The first victim

Several studies show that the first victim and effect of the coronavirus epidemic was insomnia and insomnia.

A Canadian study of 5,525 people found that more than half of them admitted that they had experienced stress, anxiety, confusion and depression after the epidemic, and that their sleep habits had disappeared. Another study in the United States shows the same number of participants; Nearly 67% had negative sleep problems.

Few people are skeptical of the results of these studies. With the onset of pandemics, quarantines, and holidays, our regular routines of life and work were disrupted, and it was very difficult and time consuming to reorganize new routines. We never know how long this situation will last and we have to get used to these situations and consider them normal or not!

Some experts say this situation has been going on for several years and telecommuting and working from home should be a natural routine in companies. For this reason, experts recommend waking up every morning at your usual time; Take a shower and wear work clothes outside the home; You seem to be really ready to go to work.

One study shows that more than 90% of people who work remotely and work from home; They do not have such a habit and just get out of bed and do their work. Finally, they wear a better outfit for video calls and never feel like going to work.

Be kind to yourself

If you manage a team or lead a business; Your telecommuting is affected by at least two angles:

  • First, it is possible that your sleep pattern is disturbed and affects your mood
  • Second, your sleep patterns may affect the performance of your team, leading to lower morale and lower individual and team productivity.

To escape this and the unintended effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, you should at least make these simple changes in your daily habits:

  • Set specific working hours for yourself and other telecommuting employees.
  • As much as possible, try to be biased towards these watches.
  • Try to limit the response to emails and communications to specific hours.
  • During sleep, turn off or turn off your cell phone, and record calls and listen during business hours.
  • Finally, do not forget to be kind to yourself. Ultimately, this pandemic has an end, and you must take care of yourself and hope for the future during this time.

In 2021, better, more regular sleep and a better mood are very important.