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Disadvantages of using JavaScript in site design

Disadvantages of using JavaScript in site design

JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages in the field of web programming, the disadvantages of JavaScript may be obvious to few. In this article, we are going to give interesting explanations about the disadvantages of JavaScript so that you can become more familiar with this programming language. Understanding the disadvantages of JavaScript is one of the most important part of learning JavaScript Programming, because you will not be able to succeed in that language unless you are familiar with it.


Perhaps one of the most important of JavaScript is the slowness of the programming language, which causes programmers to have problems while using this language. The reason JavaScript is so slow is that it complies all the code first and then executes your commands after compiling. This factor makes this language slow because it takes a long time to complete the code in programming. In general, languages that compile your code first take longer to execute your commands, and many large programming languages are one of the major drawbacks of these languages.

hard debugging

Another disadvantages of JavaScript is that it debugs too late. As you know, debugging the applications you have designed is one the most important parts parts of programming. You will rarely find a programmer who can write optimal code the first time and make no mistakes. Therefore, debugging in a programming language should be easy so that programmers can debug their applications easily and in the shortest possible time, but this is not possible for the JavaScript programming language, and this is one the most important disadvantages of JavaScript.

Program error

Another disadvantages of JavaScript is that when your program gives an error, in some cases you can not understand the cause of this error and that is why you have to spend a lot time to fix it. As you know, many programming languages are such that if they make a mistake while running, you can use methods to find the cause of the error and see the message, and thus the problem is very easy. Solve. But this is not possible for you in the JavaScript programming language and sometimes you can not understand the reason for the error of your program.

Not running in all browsers is another disadvantages of JavaScript

Another disadvantage of JavaScript is that it does not run in all browsers. Of course, it does not run only in older browsers, but there are still those who use older browsers, and for this reason. Another major disadvantage is JavaScript. In addition to not running on older browsers, there is another very big problem, and that is that many users of this language, in order to prevent malicious people from abusing, cancel the ability to run JavaScript scripts on their browser. . Runs on browser only!

Another disadvantage of JavaScript that has caused a lot of problems for programmers is that it only runs on the browser and therefore can not be exchanged with the site server, this has caused many Developers have a lot of problems exchanging with the site server.

Low security on the server side is one of the most important disadvantages of JavaScript

Low security is another disadvantage of JavaScript. The reason for the low security of this programming language is that JavaScript code is executed on the user’s computer and therefore is a good case for abuse, many malicious purposes are done through this case of the disadvantages of JavaScript. These JavaScript sabotages have caused many people who use a variety of browsers to disable the JavaScript option on their browser to avoid the malicious purposes of the abusers.

Browser problems

Even if we assume that the JavaScript programming language is the best programming language in the world and has no problems, there is still a big problem and that is that it is very dependent on the browser. There are so many features in JavaScript methods that run in different ways in browsers and this can be problematic for you. In other words, JavaScript is very much dependent on the DOM elements of your browser, which is why if different browsers exist, there are different ways to access objects that JavaScript can not handle all of these methods. Slow and the program encounters an error. One of the most popular examples of this is the Internet Explorer browser.

Increase browser memory

As mentioned, JavaScript may crash or take a long time to run, this can have a huge impact on the browser’s memory and cause the user’s browser to close, which is why sometimes your code It does not run properly and this causes users dislike with a website written in JavaScript. This is also one of the disadvantages of JavaScript, which causes programmers to have a lot of problems while using the JavaScript programming language.