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Side effects of the drug; What to do with outdated drugs?

The drug of the past not only loses its therapeutic ability, but may also be harmful or even have the opposite effect; For example, taking painkillers can make pain worse or make antibiotics more susceptible to bacterial growth over time, lose their ability to heal infections, and make the body resistant to antibiotics .

How should we protect ourselves from these necessities? What considerations should we consider to reduce the likelihood of taking outdated drugs?

How can we dispose of such drugs without endangering the environment and others?

In the following, you will read more about the side effects of taking outdated drugs and find answers to such questions. be with us.

After how long do the drugs usually expire?

According to medical and pharmaceutical experts, most drugs can be taken up to 12 months after their expiration date (but only if they are kept in good condition. We will talk more about these conditions in later sections); Of course, with the exception of two classes of drugs:

  1. Tetracycline Antibiotic Pills : The expiration date of these pills causes them to become toxic. Taking them may lead to complications such as kidney failure.
  2. Liquid drugs such as nitroglycerin and insulin, and injectable drugs such as epinephrine ( adrenaline ) : These drugs should be replaced as soon as they expire. The liquid drugs of the past will not have the same efficiency and properties as before.

Side effects of the drug

Side effects of the drug in the past

First of all, you need to know that taking an out-of-date drug is just like deliberately putting your body at risk. Some drugs have the opposite effect after their expiration date; That is, they not only relieve or heal, but also aggravate pain and discomfort. In some cases, this may pave the way for serious and chronic illness.

The use of outdated drugs, in the worst case, causes liver and kidney failure. If as a result of taking such medication routine metabolism ( metabolism ) is impaired (which is not likely and unlikely) risk of allergies and weak immune system, the body will be there.

Remember that the best way to get rid of such side effects is to throw away obsolete drugs in the first place.

What to do with outdated drugs? What is the best way to dispose of these drugs?

The first thing you need to do is reading the packaging of the medicine you are using. You may find enough instructions and information to dispose of expired medicine there; So the priority is with the way the drug company introduces you.

Method of disposing of syrup / liquid medicine Past history

But what if such guidance was not available? If your outdated medicine is a syrup or liquid, just pour it into the sewer. Also, break the prescription written on the bottle / can (if it says so) and throw the bottle / can in the trash. According to the researchers, the presence of liquid medicine in the sewage is not dangerous for the environment.

Expired capsule / pill disposal method


Follow these steps to dispose of the expired capsule / tablet:

  1. Take the tablets or capsules out of the original package and, without crushing them, mix them with unpleasant and tasteless substances, such as tea or coffee grounds;
  2. Pour the mixture into the freezer bag and close the lid tightly;
  3. Throw it in the trash;
  4. Dissolve the instructions for use of the medicine on the can or box and throw it in the trash.
The drug of the past, in addition to the health of the consumer, is also dangerous to the health of others. Such a drug, if stored in an inappropriate place, endangers the health of young children or even animals (if they take the wrong drug) and may have irreparable consequences for them. It is better to take the principles of outdated medicine more seriously.

Is there a specific place in Iran for the delivery of outdated drugs?

Place of receiving outdated drugs in Iran

No. The minimum location and solution that has been approved by the Ministry of Health is not. In some countries, obsolete drugs can be returned to pharmacies following certain principles.

In Iran, it is not possible to do this and it is illegal to deliver obsolete medicine to pharmacies. Of course, Red Crescent centers in Iran sometimes take on the task of collecting outdated drugs. If you want to use their services, you should go to the nearest Red Crescent center to your place of residence and ask the relevant authorities for more information.

Of course, it seems that among the cities of the country, only in Isfahan, measures to provide a place to receive the drugs of the past are on the agenda.

According to IRNA , and according to F Mshhdyan expert Food and Drug Department Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, conducted during the planning, likely in the future, in Isfahan, place of delivery outdated medications are available to the public.

The Ministry of Health and Isfahan Municipality are two other bodies that are coordinating and cooperating with Isfahan University of Medical Sciences to finalize the plans of this project.

Tips on suitable places and conditions for storing medicines

The history of the drug should not be passed in order to interfere with its effectiveness and effects. Storing medicine in inappropriate places and conditions is another factor; Then:

  • Always read the information on the medicine package. There you may find a guide to the storage conditions of your particular medicine.
  • Some medicines should be stored in the refrigerator. Others should not be exposed to heat or hot. It is a good idea to ask the manager or seller for advice when buying medicine.
  • Avoid placing medicines in unfavorable conditions; For example, a closet or shelf inside the bathroom is not a good choice, because it is wet and humidity is one of the causes of drug corruption.
  • The best place to store medicine, in general, is both dry and cool; For example, bedroom drawers and kitchen cabinets are good choices. Of course, if you choose the kitchen to store medicine, be careful that the medicine cabinet is not too close to the stove or sink. Also, do not choose a place that is easily accessible to children.


Medicines should be keep out of the reach of children. Always use higher shelves for this purpose.

Take the risk of taking outdated drugs seriously!

We must take seriously the risk of taking outdated drugs. You may think to yourself that there is no problem if some outdated drugs remain on the shelf or in the drawer; But the incident is not reporting. A child may turn to drugs out of curiosity or someone may use them to misuse drugs.

Such events may have irreparable consequences; Especially if the drug is out of date with morphine painkillers or pills such as diazepam . Even a single dose of such drugs can be deadly to those to whom the body is not accustom.

Of course, throwing away the old-fashioned medicine is a little more tedious according to the instructions mentioned in the article (compared to when we easily throw the bins and cans in the trash); But by enduring these hardships, we will be relieved that no one will get in trouble because of our shortcomings, and we will have a healthier and better society.

and at the end

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