Cron Jobs training in C Panel

Cron Jobs in Persian Cron Jobs is a tool used to execute specific commands at a specific time. If we want to have a specific process or function at a specific time or by repetition host on a Linux-based Considering that there is no comprehensive and complete training in this field on the Persian web, we have decided to acquaint you with this widely used feature in Linux and teach you how to work with it.

Cron Jobs C Panel Tutorial

As mentioned, Cron Jobs is a feature derived from Linux-based operating systems. But in web hosting, this feature is a tool to host users. This tutorial will introduce and train Crohn Jobs with the C-Panel control panel. To access the Cron Jobs tool, do the following:

  • Login to C Panel
  • Click on the Cron Jobs option in the ADVANCED section

Before you start, it should be noted that on the page for Cron Job, as shown in the image below, there is a section called Cron Email in which you can enter your email to send you execution messages or Cran Jobs errors.

Cron Jobs TrainingNote that if the Cron Jobs execution cycle is close, it is best to avoid entering the email. The reason is that if, for example, the execution cycle of a Jobs limit is every 5 minutes, 288 emails will be sent to you in 24 hours, which may cause problems in terms of sending bulk emails from hosts.

Learn how to create Cron Jobs in C Panel

Cran Jobs is most commonly used in hosting to execute executable commands. These commands can be in hundreds of different modes and considered as needed. One of the most important applications of Cron Job in the Fa host is WHMCS automation. As you know, several thousand users are members of the Fa-hosted portal area system, and they all have active services. Items such as invoicing, notification for renewal, suspension, unblocking, and dozens of other items can not be managed normally and with the performance of human resources! So here is the solution for Cron Job to run automatically and do the things mentioned.

Create Cron Job types in C Panel

As mentioned, the types of commands and proper functions can be defined in Jobs. Here are some examples:

Example 1: Suppose we want to run the task.php file in the home/user / public_html path every 30 minutes.

To do this, select the Twice Per Hour option from the Common Settings drop-down menu, as shown below.

Cron Job in C PanelThis completes the other Cron Jobs timing options automatically. Next, to run Cran Jobs, click on the Add New Cron Job link to be included in the list of executive tasks.

Example 2: Suppose we want the task.php file to run in the home/user / public_html path on the tenth day of each month, at 14:30!

For this purpose, you must set the items as shown below.

Cran Jobs

The above examples usually explain how to work with Cran Jobs, but if you still have any ambiguities or questions, please mention them in the comments section so they can be answered.