Creating a campaign and how to use UTM in Google Analytics

In the Campaign section of Acquisition, you can see a list of your created campaigns. In this section, we have a topic called UTMs, which help us a lot in tracking campaigns in Google Analytics. For this purpose, when we want to create a campaign, our campaign link must have UTM so that it can be tracked in Google Analytics and get a higher conversion rate. This tutorial uses the Network click ads site to create a campaign and an example to understand this issue better.

How to use UTM in Google Analytics

Enter the site, and after entering, we follow the steps of creating a new campaign until we are asked for the campaign link. To create a UTM link, we search for URL Builder in Google. We select the first option from the search results that belong to Google and enter the URL creation page.
Follow the steps below on this page:
Step 1: The first step is the site address
Website URL: Website address, for example,
Step 2: The second step of the campaign specification
Campaign Source: Because we use Network in this example, we enter its name.
Campaign Medium: You need to specify the type of advertisement because A network uses PPC click ads. We enter PPC.
Campaign Name: In this section, we enter a name for the campaign, for example, 30% off (optional)
Click on Submit. Now your UTM link is ready.
This link is because if we have other ads in other places and a specific UTM is defined for each one, we can track them easily in Acquisition>Campaigns.
Now we enter the created link in the campaign creation process and the link section and launch our campaign.
This was just an example of getting familiar with the topics of UTMs and how to use them. After the UTM is set and users click on our ads, the UTMs start working, and you can see the list of your active campaigns in Acquisition>Campaigns>All Campaigns.
Also, in the Acquisition>All Traffics>Source/Medium section, you can have the A network PPC section and view the relevant advertising statistics.


In this tutorial, you learned how to create UTM for advertising campaigns. After doing this, you can review and analyze your advertising campaigns using Google Analytics and get statistics and online results from users who enter through these ads. Your website can be obtained. If you use this tutorial well, you can see our other Google Analytics tutorials.