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Content Promotion and Distribution Methods that Work in 2023

Content Promotion and Distribution Methods that Work in 2023

Now that you have determined the content strategy, the work schedule, the content production team has been formed, and your content is ready, it is time to publish and distribute the produced content in communication channels. What is the point of content that cannot be seen?

Content promotion and distribution is precisely the stage of content marketing that many companies don’t do right and skip. When the content is produced, they put it on the company’s blog and social pages and think the work is done. These companies mistakenly believe that visitors will automatically flow to them from here on out, but the reality is that this will not happen!

This chapter will explore some of the best and easiest ways to display content to the target audience. Stay with us!

Building the target community

You must have thoroughly researched your audience in both the Content Promotion and creativity stages. This is where all that hard work finally pays off. If that research led to producing content that goes precisely to your target audience, you are on the right track to communicate with your customers.

The following techniques will help you strengthen this relationship.

Social media

The fact that your content is suitable for a particular group of people does not mean that this content will necessarily be seen. Because the audience doesn’t know that such content exists, you have to inform the audience of different ways of publishing this content. One of the free ways to promote and distribute content is to get help from social networks.

There is a large audience in social networks, and the main advantage of using these networks is that they can expose your content to new audiences.

Don’t forget that you have a lot of information at your disposal that can help your social media team better introduce themselves to your audience. For example, if you have quoted someone’s words in your post, share this information with the social media team. This information will help your social media team better communicate with their audience.

How do you promote your content using social media?

Before you start promoting content on social networks, you should know several things:

See which channels and media are suitable for your content. Some types of content are ideal for Twitter, and others for Instagram. Sometimes, you have to use both networks.

You need to know your audience and where and what they are looking for. If you don’t have enough information, try to gain this insight by trial and error.

Post at the right time. Networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have good analytical tools that let you know what days and times your audience has seen your content the most. Use this information to find the correct times.

Use hashtags. Hashtags are one of the main ways to get your content seen by new people. Choose hashtags very carefully and according to the topic of your business.

The methods mentioned so far are free; you can use them to promote your content.

Marketing using influential people (Influencer Marketing)

Influential people or influencers have a large audience and fans in social media or the natural world and can access their audience whenever they want.

By cooperating with influencers, you can create an audience and introduce your content to them. If you have done your planning well, you can look at this type of marketing as part of the content promotion process.

Who are the right people to promote your content?

If a makeup influencer promotes your digital marketing content, it might get very few views because your audience is vastly different from theirs. That’s why you should search for highly credible people in your field or related fields. For example, suppose someone with a hand in digital marketing and an audience interested in this field introduces your business content. In this case, the audience will go to your content with interest.

High credibility in social networks, a large number of followers, and the closeness of the audience’s interest to the subject of your content are indicators that impact the visibility of your content.

Marketing in comments

Marketing in comments can be used to introduce the brand, show expertise, and advertise and promote the content. Many people and computer bots do this as black hats; they write an irrelevant comment under each outside post and post a link to the content. This is not a suitable method; sometimes, it even ends up being blocked or similar problems.

Instead, we recommend doing white hat marketing of views. Most blogs remove comments that are posted by bots or in bulk. So forget using the robot and start working yourself. Search the internet for people who produce exciting content related to your interests, and then create a conversation with them.

Sometimes, in the comment section of those blogs, put the link to your article related to that topic. Usually, you don’t need to mention your products or services in this section.

How do you start Marketing views?

Comment marketing and opinion marketing are not tricky; do these things:

First of all, find reputable blogs in your field. If you have a list of these blogs, even better; otherwise, search for the keyword you want along with the word “blog” or “blog.”

Also, you can use Google Blog Search for this. Different toolbars are installed on your browser and provide additional information on search pages, such as site traffic and ranking, including the free MozBar toolbar.


Remember that sites using Blogspot or WordPress naturally have a higher Domain Authority (DA) because they get that authority from their subdomains. In this case, things like page authority (PA) and links are also considered good criteria. Of course, the above numbers are not the only criteria that are important here; it is also essential that you enter into appropriate and meaningful conversations. Check out the different sites in the search results and decide which one is the best fit for your brand and business.

Write a guest post.

You don’t have to put your content on your site. You can publish your content as a post or comment by guest blogging on another site. Of course, this method has gained a bad reputation, just like the marketing of views, because many people have caused the public to become hostile towards this method by publishing low-quality and inappropriate content.

However, correctly implementing this method can be a powerful way to distribute content, increase credibility, and expand audiences. Guest posting content, just like any other method, can be very time-consuming and energy-consuming, but it has great potential, and the results will be excellent.


How do I start guest blogging?

  • Look for sites with good Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) and good, content-rich conversations.
  • Start commenting on those sites and connect with other people.
  • Get the attention of the writers and editors of those sites by using exciting ideas. Avoid linking; now is the time to earn credit, not link!
  • Promote everything you’ve ever published.
  • Repeat these steps.


Communication with others/ public relations

Another method of content promotion that requires strong connections is to ask media activists and bloggers to write about you. Of course, for this, it is necessary that the author in question:

  • Or be one of your fans
  • or interested in your work or content
  • Or you have accumulated credit for yourself and have confidence in your expertise

In return, the promoter has expectations from you. Most of the time, these expectations will be in the form of special access to information, receiving some services for free, or special offers for their readers. When promoting content in this way, pay enough attention to these things.

How do you distribute your content with strong communication?

Journalists are usually very busy, so you can first visit influencers or writers who write on related blogs.

Once you’ve found the right audience, it’s time to capture their attention. You can achieve this goal by following these tips:

Find out what journalists and writers are interested in, what they’re looking for, and how to better understand them.
Journalists like to tell new and exciting stories, not the usual content everyone else publishes. Feed them with new and interesting topics so that you can get the desired result.


Promote and distribute paid content.

Paid content promotion can include tools such as Google Ads; in all these methods, pay-per-click advertising is used. There is no time here to explain all the aspects and steps of the work, but we will try to have a quick overview of the story.

Using Google’s advertising service

Using Google is a great way to get your pages seen by your audience. For this, you must have a Google Ads account, which must be charged. Now, you create a campaign for your content in your Google AdWords account. If people search for keywords related to your content, Google will show them your content in the top links. An amount will be deducted from your account for each user click. Of course, this method is mainly used to introduce product pages or content that leads to sales, but you can also use it for content.

Email Marketing

One way to do this is to collect email addresses with a suitable Call to Action. After collecting these addresses, you can send daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters to the owners of these emails and introduce your new content in your emails.

Content promotion completes your work.

Getting your content seen on a more extensive or reputable website is always one of the best ways to expand your audience, but first, you need to write solid content for your audience. Next is using the external channels that we talked about above.