Telegram channels

Content production training for Telegram channels that no one tells you!

Content creation training for Telegram channels for businesses and brands does not require installing software, plugins, or even skills. You can increase the number of subscribers to your channel by having basic information about how to create content for Telegram. Then increase the sales rate of your products.

Why should you take content creation training for the Telegram channel seriously?

But why should you take content creation training for the Telegram channel seriously? Why should you trust this application? Why should you invest in it? What are the most popular channels in Telegram? How can you expand your community of contacts in Telegram? The rest of this article includes the answers to many of your questions in the field of content production training for the Telegram channel. Therefore, we suggest you read it further.

What is a Telegram channel?

Telegram allows you to publish texts, images, videos, audio files, etc., on a platform called “channel” publicly or privately. Posts you publish or people who have joined your channel can see, or members of other channels in which a post from your channel has been forwarded. The ability to forward posts is the same for private and public channels, With the difference that if someone sees your forwarded post (on another channel) and wants to view the content of your channel, he will not be granted access.

Appropriate specific strategy

The number of users who can join your channel is unlimited. Members (or subscribers) cannot view each other’s profiles. Therefore, their privacy is preserved (compared to the possibility of viewing Instagram followers on all pages). Using the Telegram channel to earn money is completely free. Telegram channels are suitable for sharing useful content, in short, to implement a specific strategy. These are some of the most basic benefits of Telegram channels.

Important tips for setting up a Telegram channel for business

Some of the key and basic information you need to know to learn how to create content for the Telegram channel – right at the beginning – are listed below.

1. Your public channel ID must have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 32 characters.

2. The name of the channel and its bio cannot exceed 255 characters.

3. Each user can create up to 10 public channels in Telegram.

4. The number of members or subscribers of each channel is unlimited.

5. After creating a channel, you can only add 200 people to it; no more. The rest of the people should become members of your channel with the help of an invitation link or other ways.

6. You can activate 20 bots in your channel.

7. Each channel can have up to 50 admins.

8. The possibility of editing the text or image published in the Telegram channel has no time limit and is free forever.

How to create a Telegram channel?

You can use Telegram mobile or desktop Telegram to create and produce content on Telegram. To start, it is enough to:

Desktop Telegram: Click on the three lines on the top left side of the screen. From the opened menu, select the New channel option. Then choose a name, image, and bio for it.

Mobile Telegram: Click on the pencil icon on the bottom left side of the page. Select the New Channel option from the opened menu. This method works for those who use the Android operating system. But those who use iPhone and iOS must go to the Chats tab. Click on the written mark on the top right side of the page. Then select the New Channel option from the opened menu.

Training on creating content for the Telegram channel and the importance of the appearance of the channel

In training content creation for the Telegram channel, you should keep in mind that the appearance of your channel can act like two sides of the same coin; Be very interesting or boring for the audience. So, pay special attention to the design of the channel space. The main elements that make your Telegram channel look beautiful/or ugly and affect the target audience include:

  • Name
  • Bio (brief description)
  • Avatar (channel image)

Your channel bio should:

  • Brief
  • Transparent
  • Instructive

In your channel bio, explain the nature of your business and the services you provide to users as briefly as possible. Also include the means of communication. If you feel you can’t include every detail in your bio, include a link that directs the audience to your site. Then put your contact information in the bio. You can also put useful links that users can better communicate with you in this section: for example, links to products, services, etc.

Audience emotions

Your channel avatar or photo is also a way of determining the identity of your brand and business. This small image has the task of making the audience’s emotions to be stimulated. It also makes your business name stick in the audience’s mind. We suggest using your company’s logo or logo to insert a Telegram channel avatar. Your image can be 300 x 300 pixels. The main elements of your brand should be in the center of this avatar; Be sure to be obsessive in choosing it.

What types of channels in Telegram are more popular than others?

This part of the content creation tutorial for the Telegram channel will help you understand whether you can think of Telegram as a suitable application for creating a channel and attracting more audience or not. The most popular Telegram channels that attract many members include the following list:

  • Domestic and foreign movie channels and series
  • News channels
  • Music distribution channels
  • Fun channels
  • Commercial channels
  • Channels focused on education
  • Special channels for the world of digital currency trade and related news

It is interesting to know that the most popular Telegram channel has more than 6 million members! With that in mind, why don’t you start a channel? And do not attract the same audience? This application has managed to attract more than 500 million users by 2021. Therefore, Telegram is the best platform to attract the attention of many domestic (and even foreign) audiences.

The idea for creating content in Telegram

Now that we have reached this part of the tutorial on creating content for the Telegram channel, it is better to go to two common and important ways of creating content in this application. Turn Telegram into a platform for the visibility of your site’s content. Or use it to communicate directly with your audience and showcase your team’s capabilities. Telegram, in particular, should not be a place to produce your content from zero to one hundred.

Regardless of your type of business or brand, you should use short or summary content to create content on Telegram. You can also hold a stream on it, Either video or audio. Do not go far. The idea for the Telegram post should not be so strange and new. Read the example below for a better understanding.

How do I find ideas for Telegram posts?

To find ideas for creating content on Telegram, imagine that you have an online book store. (You consider your business). In the blog section of your site, you publish content related to books and promoting reading, the world of writers, different genres, movies inspired by the stories of books, etc. You can create a channel in Telegram and invite the audience to read your blog content. To buy books with a discount, visit your products. Participate in a certain competition, the survey, your live audio stream on Telegram, etc. You can organize life on your Telegram channel monthly, focusing on a certain topic.

Content creation help in Telegram

To encourage the audience to refer to your site’s content or products with the help of creating content in Telegram, you must set a “trap” for them. For example, let’s assume that you have written content about “getting to know unknown French literature authors ” on your book-selling site’s blog. You can publish a summary of the content you uploaded on your blog along with a photo, video, infographic, or gif on your Telegram channel. Then leave a link for subscribers and suggest they read more on your site.

Why are short posts the best idea for creating content on Telegram?

Creating content in Telegram in a straightforward and referential way has several advantages.

1. Audiences who don’t check your site will quickly become aware of the content you post on your site’s blog. Then they go to your site’s blog and read or view it. If they do not do this when publishing the content in the channel, your post will always remain in the channel and act like a reminder for them. Later, they can refer to your blog and read the desired article through the link you put at the end of your channel post.

2. Pictures and short texts will stimulate the audience’s emotions.

3. Your content views will increase. (attracting the attention of search engines and more users)

4. The sales statistics of your products will increase (for example, books).

5. You advertise subtly.

Of course, the advantages of the content production method in Telegram are more than the five mentioned in a short form. You look for more benefits in your mind; You will find more.

Getting ideas from other Telegram channels to produce content

To expand the work of teaching content creation for the Telegram channel here, it is better to go to the teachings that other large and successful Telegram channels provide us.

Creating content in the style of the New York Times Telegram channel

Look at the image below. It is the Telegram channel of the largest news organization in the world, the New York Times. If you are planning to start a news channel or a similar channel, you can get an idea of ​​the content production method of this channel.

Production of content in the style of Telegram channel Meme

As explained, many Telegram channels produce humor and comedy content. One of the most popular of these channels is Meme. This channel has more than 110 thousand members. Therefore, it is considered one of the successful channels. If your business is similar to this channel based on video content, you can get ideas from it. Everything in this channel is presented to users in the most concise form possible. Since visual content usually has more fans, this channel is one of the most popular Telegram channels.

Creating content in the style of the Telegram channel Quote

Quote, telegram channel is another successful and popular channel in the Telegram app. In this channel, only inspirational pictures and sayings of elders are published. You can get ideas for the content you produce from this channel and its content production method.

End of Conversation

All the introduced channels (and many other channels) on content creation training for the Telegram channel are just a handful of junk. It would help if you first determined the tone and style of your content production, then proceeded to publish texts and images.

For example, businesses that have a bit of humor and slang in their brand song and produce informative and formal content publish fun content for the audience. So you have to go according to the tune of your brand. Then get ideas from channels, competitors, and other successful people on Telegram. Remember that getting an idea is different from copying from earth to heaven.