ideas for stories

Content creation ideas for stories

Stories on the Instagram social network are one of the most effective tools to make the marketing process on Instagram easier. In the rest of this article, we are trying to give you ideas and tips that can help you design your story’s content. We all know by now that the Instagram social network is suitable for new businesses. You can set up a business page with the lowest costs in this space. In the following, according to the Instagram algorithms, you can slowly go through the process of progress. One of the essential tools you need to progress in this space is content for stories.

What is a story?

Stories are short-term notifications that disappear after twenty-four hours. Of course, you can keep them as highlights on your page forever. These special features of the story have made it the most suitable option for various actions. If you have experience in the field of activity on Instagram, you know how much stories can help the development of a thread. If you want to attract followers, you can use stories to communicate with people and attract contacts for yourself. Using the story format correctly can have incredibly positive effects on your page.

What are the capabilities of Instagram in the field of content production for stories?

We told you that stories have a great impact on the development of your business. But you might ask yourself which features in the story tool have made this part of Instagram so popular. You can use various features on this platform to create content for your story. Each of these features can somehow improve your business and help you. Let’s explore some of these together.

Poll feature

You can have a poll in your Instagram story. Surveys make you interact with the audience and can create a good feeling in the audience’s subconscious mind. With a survey, you can ask your audience for their opinion on a topic. Next, you can take or not take action based on the statistics you have. It makes the audience feel that they influence your decisions and that their opinion is important to you. This issue can have a great impact on your progress.

Use of the calendar

Among the other features that Instagram has provided to users in the content creation field for their stories are the countdown and day count features. For example, if something happens in the next few days, you can share it with your contacts using this day counter. This topic can cause excitement in the audience.

question and answer

Another option in the Instagram story is the question and answer option. If you are looking for content for a story, you can ask a question related to your business and ask users to interact. You should try as much as possible to ask interesting questions to get more answers from your audience. In the following, you can republish the answer of your contacts in the form of a story and react to their answer. It will allow you to interact well with your customers and contacts and convey your views to the audience. At first glance, this method may not seem so effective; But in the long run, it can show your opinions, beliefs, and mentality about various subjects. So if you are looking to introduce your thoughts to the audience, this method can help you to a great extent.


You can use quizzes to create content for your story. This feature is one of the most amazing features of the Instagram story available to you in the form of a story. You can ask your audience four-choice questions. In this situation, the right option will be displayed for the contacts by clicking on the answers.

You can add a link to your story.

Another feature that you can use when creating content for a story is the ability to add a link to the story. You can use this method to add a link to content or a site to your story. In this situation, you can make much progress on your site using the story platform or earn money by getting ads.

Ability to add location

Another feature that is available to you when creating content for a story is to add a location. In this situation, you can share the location of the desired place to provide complete information to your contacts.

The ability to tag people while creating content

You may intend to include the IDs of people active on Instagram in your content. In this situation, you can have these IDs in your story without special problems. You can even use this feature for exchange and promotion to complete the exchange process. You can even tag work pages in your story to have good guidance for your audience.

Examining some ideas in the field of creating content for the story

After talking about the features that Instagram has provided you in the story platform, it is better to check some ideas. These ideas will help you attract contacts to you more easily.

Content production in the form of storytelling

To convey step by step the process of producing a product or the occurrence of an event to your audience, you can use the storytelling method. In this way, you display an event step by step completely for your contacts. Each stage has unique features, and you can use different tools for each story. For example, you can use this method for how to cook a meal, define a memory, how to produce a product, and publish various events over some time. Note that this method of creating content for the story has many fans and is very attractive to the audience.

Everyday stories

These types of stories do not have many specific categories and can publish your daily events. If something happened to you during the day that you think is regular with your activity and is attractive to the audience, you could describe it however you want; Publish it in any specific format. These stories should not be placed next to your storytelling stories.

Publication of quotations

One of the other things that can help you in creating content for your story is the publication of quotes. Anyway, you know famous and expert people in your field of activity and expertise. These experts have spoken words that can appeal to your audience. You can display these words in the form of stories for the audience and positively impact them. In some cases, sharing a short motivational quote from a famous person can keep a person’s energy high throughout the day.

It can make that person feel good about your page and content. Many people usually have good reactions to these quotes. In addition to this, you can show yourself more professionally by using quotes. The fact that your audience sees that you research famous and expert people and consider their words important can make you known as an expert and professional person in the eyes of your audience. This issue can affect the progress of your page.

Notification of the publication of a post in the story

Another thing that can be included in the list of ideas for creating content for a story is announcing a post’s publication. Many of you have seen stories where you have come across the phrase “new post.” In many cases, when you publish a post, many of your followers will not see the published post. In this situation, the feedback rate of your post will decrease.

In addition, the information you put in the post will be hidden from the view of many followers. A few hours after the publication of the post, when you get enough views, you can publish a story and in this story, publish your post to the audience. In this situation, the chance of your post being seen increases, and this issue can make you inform all your followers about the publication of a new post. This method is an effective method that can help you to progress your page faster.

Short notifications in the story

If you are actively selling a product on your page, you can use a story to introduce a new product. Stories in this field can have amazing effects on your page and help you convey information to your audience more easily. You can also use stories to inform about short news and provide discounts and festivals. Fortunately, Story has an amazing feature in the field of information, and it can help you, along with appropriate information, no longer need to delete additional and annoying information.


You all know how popular the social network Instagram has become. To progress in this platform, you must pay attention to various factors and elements. It would help if you made the most of all the features and tools included in this social network to achieve your desired goal. On Instagram, you can make significant improvements at the lowest cost.