Contemplative pictures of the winners of the eye of the mind photography contest

Contemplative pictures of the winners of the eye of the mind photography contest

The Online Magazine, “All About Photo” Announced The Winners Of The 2021 Eye Of The Mind Photography Contest. 5 Selected Photos From The Hearts Of People And World Conditions, Each Of Which Is Worthy Of Reflection.

Photographers from 23 different countries of the world participated in the sixth edition of the annual “Eye of the Mind” competition. Ten experts judged all photos, and, finally, 40 images.

The online magazine ” All About Photography ” (AAP) started its activity as an online magazine by displaying the works of photographers from all over the world. Still, now it also holds annual photo contests. The most impressive was selected as the winning image. The top five winners, whose works we will introduce below, received a prize of $10,000. Their works will be displayed in an online digital exhibition and the magazine “Special Edition of All About Photography 2021”. Stay with us to see these pictures.

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First place

Winners of the eye of the mind photography contest

  • Photo Title:  Untitled
  • Photographer’s name: Tom Price
  • Photographer’s country: England

The title of “Photographer of 2021″ went to Tom Price. The photographer won for his untitled image from the surreal portrait series Porters. By portraying the migrant porters of Calcutta, Price tries to show a reflection of the experience of these workers. Tom Price says:

In 2016, I made a series of portraits of the porters of Asia’s largest wholesale market, the Barabazar in Kolkata. The extraordinary ability of these carriers to move and carry weighty objects in a big market struggle attracted my attention to this issue. As I photographed these workers in isolation and away from the hustle and bustle of their industry, I realized that many of them had moved away from their homes to do this, leaving behind their families and acquaintances to earn a living. In 2020, in collaboration with Featherwax, I moved these portraits to a more surreal landscape. This collection attempts to represent part of the experience of migrant workers: the feeling of homelessness, the burden of work, and the courage necessary to provide for living expenses. ”

second place

Winners of the eye of the mind photography contest

  • Photo Title: The human cost of Covid-19
  • Name of the photographer: Joshua Irvandi
  • Photographer’s country: Indonesia

Second place went to Indonesian photographer Joshua Irwandi for his photo series “The Human Cost of Covid-19,”  recorded in April 2020. Irvandi says about this photo:

The body of a suspected coronavirus victim is wrapped in yellow plastic bags for infectious waste and is waiting for the hospital officials to place him in the body bag. Covering the patient requires the help of two nurses and takes about an hour. During this process, three layers of plastic are stretched around the patient, and disinfection is performed nine times to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

As mandated by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, body wrapping is a standard procedure for all suspected covid-19 deaths. This process continues to this day. Like other victims of Covid, the family of the above victim was not allowed to say goodbye to him. The release of this image by National Geographic was met with denial and uproar on social networks. Many who saw this image considered its purpose to create and spread fear in people. By the end of 2020, 563 medical workers in Indonesia died due to the coronavirus epidemic, so the number of coronavirus infections in this country reached more than 800,000 cases and 20,000 deaths.

third place

Winners of the eye of the mind photography contest

  • Photo Caption:  Kathleen and Bridget, Irish Travellers, Dublin, Ireland 2020
  • Photographer’s name:  Joseph-Philippe Boilard
  • Country of the photographer: Ireland

Joseph-Philippe Boilard from Ireland won third place in this competition. Joseph says about this photo:

In 2009 I started photographing the Travelers, known in Ireland as Pavee or Mincéirs, an ethnic group at horse shows in Ireland. The following year I went back to the horse show to meet them again and give them the photos I had taken. They gained my trust and invited me to photograph families and other tribes.

He further added:

I am fascinated by the nomadic lifestyle of these people, so I decided to visit their caravans, rest stops, and roadside camps. In March 2017, the Irish Traveler group was officially recognized as an ethnic group. These people struggle with racism, discrimination, societal coercion, and high suicide rates. These travelers are proud of their culture. I want to represent these people by registering my photos. I aim to continue working with these families and other members I encounter to help them gain a greater understanding of their own unique culture.


fourth place

Winners of the eye of the mind photography contest

  • Photo title: LATIDOAMERICA
  • Name of the photographer: Xavier Arsenias
  • Country of the photographer: Spain

The fourth place was awarded to Javier Arsenias, a populist photographer and psychologist from Madrid. This photo shows teenagers who were arrested and beaten by the police for possessing marijuana.

fifth place

Winners of the eye of the mind photography contest

  • Caption: Chile resists
  • Photographer name: Javier Vergara
  • Photographer’s country:  Chile

Finally, in fifth place, the Chilean photojournalist Javier Vergara is. In this photo, 33-year-old Vergara depicted a part of the scene of the protests in Chile in November 2019, where the demonstrators defended themselves against the attacks of the special police forces with water cannons.


 I hope you enjoyed this part of Shutter. What do you think about these pictures? Which of the above images caught your attention the most? In your opinion, which of the above photos is more worthy of reflection? Share your comments and suggestions with us.