Comprehensive And Instant Streaming Guide On Twitch

Comprehensive And Instant Streaming Guide On Twitch

Streaming On Twitch May Seem Like An Unattainable Dream to Many, As Providing All The Prerequisites To Start Streaming Is A Bit Complicated And Difficult.

But despite all this, streaming on Twitch is now easier than ever, and surely anyone who dreams of streaming can do it with a little Google search and find the right topic to stream. To convert.

In this guide, we will comprehensively and completely cover all the items needed to start streaming on Twitch, and in a short time, we will prepare you to start streaming on Twitch.

What do we need?

Comprehensive streaming guide on Twitch

To start, Twitch offers streamers to computers with minimum specifications: ‌

  • Intel Core i5-4670 processor
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Windows 7 or higher

Have. If you do not like to leave your Apple PC, there is no need to worry because Mac users can also start streaming on this platform.

Although the hardware specifications are important in their size, it is more important to use a good internet connection. Accordingly, the minimum upload speed required for streaming on Twitch will be 3 Mbps. In general, keep in mind that the higher your internet speed, the less troublesome streaming you will experience.

If you plan to stream video games on Twitch, you should note that your graphics card should be strong enough to support direct streaming and the game itself at the same time.

Get started with Twitch.

Comprehensive streaming guide on Twitch

To get started, just to the twitch website, Twitch. Tv sees and creates an account on this website is absolutely free. Complete your profile and find the description, cover, and profile picture right for you in the registration process. Your Twitch account is now ready to start streaming.

Software needed to stream in Twitch.

The most important tool for streaming all kinds of content on the Twitch platform is a live streaming program on this website. Two of the most widely used software are Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) (completely free) and   XSplit (a free version with few features and a shared version for access to key features).

No matter what software you choose, there are three main steps in setting up each software: specifying the source of the screen image (game or movie screen, webcam, etc.), setting the location of the image sources, and finally,,, linking the fashion app. Comment on your Twitter account.

In addition, Twitch itself is currently developing a special streaming software called   Twitch Studio, which is currently in beta and allows you to access all the other features of the major software in this field.

Camera and microphone

Comprehensive streaming guide on Twitch

To get started, it’s best to start with a relatively expensive microphone to make sure your audience has no problem hearing your voice. A good microphone creates high clarity in your voice and prevents the interference of ambient sounds when you speak.

In addition, depending on your preference for showing the face, you should also look for a great webcam. Good webcams capture your image at p1080 quality and 60 frames per second and easily detect by Windows.

Stream on Twitch via console

If you want to stream games from one of the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S consoles, there is no need to worry as these consoles easily allow you to stream without the need for Make any settings to stream your game. Just note that you need to install the free Twitch app to stream on Xbox consoles.

Comprehensive streaming guide on Twitch

If you want to stream through a console like the Nintendo Switch, you need to use a convenient capture card that allows you to stream console images directly to your computer.

After doing all the above, you will be ready to stream on Twitch. Just open the content you want and click the start button!