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Complete tutorial on making patterns and how to use patterns in Photoshop in simple language

Learn how to create a black and yellow warning pattern and place it wherever you want. You can create any type of photo or effect in Photoshop CC; And there are many training programs for these.

1. Create a document for the tile pattern

Choose the thickness of each strip. The only rule is that any number you choose can be divided by 3. So now you need to do some simple math calculations. In the calculator, divide 8 by 3 – the number is 2.66666667, then multiply this number by any number you choose for the thickness of the bar, and use this number as the dimension of each edge to create a Photoshop document. create. So for the 90px tape, you will create a 240x240px document.


2- Drawing the first bar

Fill the background with yellow and then select the line tool. Make sure your foreground color is black, enter the thickness of your bar in the Weight field at the top of the page – in this example 90px – and draw a line from one corner to the other.

3. Create other tapes

Copy your layer bar – the simple way to do this is to drag it to the new layer icon – then press crl + T to enter Transform mode. Notice that the cursor icon appears in the middle of the layer, drag the duplicate bar so that the mouse cursor reaches the top left corner of the document. Tap Return to confirm the move. Copy the tape again and drag it down to the right in the same way. If you want to change it later, save it as .psd.

4. Define ribbons as a pattern

Go to the Edit menu and select Define Pattern. Choose a name for it and click ok.

5. Use your tapes

Select a place to place the bars and then select fill from the Edit menu. From the use menu, select the pattern and select the pattern you created and click ok.

6. Add your effects