Complete tutorial on how to fix the too many redirects error in WordPress

Setting up a WordPress website and managing it, while enjoyable, can have challenges. Might buying hosting at a reasonable price, such as Iran’s Linux hosting, or a professional hosting such as WordPress hosting, think that you have done the main thing. Still, the continuation of the path can determine the possibility of your success or failure. You will face many challenges and problems along the way, which you should be able to identify and solve suitably. One of these challenges is displaying too many redirects error in WordPress. In this article from the Fa host knowledge base, we have decided to introduce one of the main WordPress errors, the too many redirects error, and teach you how to fix it. The too many redirects error in WordPress prevents users from accessing your website, which can be a problem for you. But if you face this error, don’t worry because you can fix this error by checking some main factors.

The topics we will discuss in this article are as follows:

  • Display too many redirects error in WordPress
  • How to fix too many redirects error in WordPress

Display too many redirects error in WordPress

You face this error when a browser cannot connect to the website server. In other words, the browser tries to find the location of your website according to the unique link entered and sends the request to the relevant server, but because it cannot succeed in this field, the request is returned. As a result, your website enters a redirect loop. This error can have various reasons.

Complete tutorial on how to fix the too many redirects error in WordPress

From problems in the browser itself to problems in configuring your website settings or even using broken plugins. When too many redirects error occurs in WordPress, you can’t find a specific reason for it with certainty at the very beginning. You need to examine the different and main reasons one by one to find out where the problem is. Stay with us to investigate the causes of this error.

How to fix too many redirects error in WordPress

As mentioned, it is not easy to diagnose the cause of this error, but you can solve the problem by having a background about it and continuing to investigate these causes. To fix the WordPress too many redirects errors, you must use one of the following solutions:

  • Delete browser cache
  • Check unique link settings
  • Disabling incompatible plugins
  • Disable the htaccess file.
  • Checking the WordPress network configuration

1. Delete the browser cache

Browsers may sometimes store corrupted or deprecated cookies and cache. This can easily cause you to face too many redirects error in WordPress. Therefore, before making any changes to the website, it is better to ensure that the problem is not with your browser. All you need to do for this purpose is to delete the data history and cache of the browser.

  • In Chrome, you must proceed through Clear Browsing Date<Advanced<Settings.
  • You must go through Clear Data<Privacy and Security<Options in Mozilla.
  • You must also follow the Clear History<History path in Safari.

2. Check unique link settings

If the problem persists after clearing your browser cache, it’s time to ensure that your unique link settings in WordPress are configured correctly. Normally, if this error occurs, you cannot enter the management panel of your WordPress website. For this reason, you must configure the link using the wp-config.php file. To do this, you must proceed as follows:

  1. First, log in to the management panel of your host. In this article, we consider the Direct Admin management panel by default.
    Training on how to enter the control panel of the CPanel host,   training on entering the direct admin
  2. Then, from the ” System Info & Files ” section, you must click on the ” File Manager ” option.
    Too many redirects error in WordPress
  3. On the page that opens for you, click on ” public_html “.
  4. Then find the wp-config.php file among the files and folders in this path and click on the ” Edit ” option.
    Too many redirects error in WordPress
  5. Add the following two lines to the desired file.

    Note: Keep in mind that you have with your domain name.

  6. Then save the applied changes and double-check if changing the link will stop displaying too many redirects errors in WordPress or not.

But if you have access to the WordPress dashboard of your website in any way, you can easily check and change your link settings as follows. To do this, you must follow the following path:

  1. First, you need to log in to the WordPress dashboard by entering your username and password.
    How to enter WordPress management
  2. Then, through the ” Settings ” sub-menu General.
    Fix too many redirects error in WordPress
  3. On the page displayed to you, check ” WordPress address ” and ” Site address “. You should make sure that these links are configured correctly.
    How to fix too many redirects error in WordPress
  4. After reviewing them, he made the changes if there was a need to make changes in any of them.
  5. Then click the ” Save Changes ” button.

3. Disabling incompatible plugins

Another reason for the too many redirects error in WordPress can be the use of broken or outdated plugins. To make sure that the problem is related to your plugins or not, you can disable all these plugins together and see the result when you visit your website.

If you want to know more about plugins that cause incompatibility, read the tutorial below.

The interference of plugins in WordPress and how to fix it

  1. Enter the counter of your hosting management panel.
  2. Through the ” System Info & Files ” menu File Manager option.
  3. Then enter the ” public_html from among the files placed there wp_content.
    How to fix too many redirects error in WordPress
  4. is a folder called ” Plugins ” that you should rename?
    How to fix too many redirects WordPress error
  5. Then visit your website and see if the problem is fixed. If the problem is solved, the reason for displaying this error is one or more active plugins on your website.
  6. Go through the above path and change the folder name to ” Plugins ” to enable them again.
  7. Then remove the plugins one by one and check the result. This way, you can easily identify the problematic broken, or outdated plugin.

4. Disabling the htaccess file.

Another issue that can cause too many redirects error in WordPress is changing the htaccess file. Is. In such cases, you can solve the existing problem by disabling this file