Complete tutorial on building an online store

Like many people, when you come across a site or online store on the Internet, the idea of building an online store comes to mind quickly, and you think about building it. There is no doubt that this is the main reason for the emergence of most store sites. So you start searching the Internet to learn how to build a free online store, and you will come across many articles and various methods to build a store site. This will confuse you, and you will be confused among the many options available for choosing an online store building system. In this tutorial from the Fa-hosted knowledge base, I am going to introduce the different methods that exist for building a professional online store and introducing different types of online store builders, and in the form of a concise training, from zero to one hundred, the method of setting up a free online store. I will teach you. In this tutorial, I explained all the steps to build an online store with WordPress or any other system. So if you still do not know how to set up an online store or are stuck between choosing store building systems, stay tuned for the rest of this article.

In this educational guide, you will get acquainted with the basic and general principles of setting up an online store, including:

  • Choose the right place to build an online store
  • Choose the right name for your online store
  • Design and construction of the interior of the store
  • The role of store builders in building an online store
  • Shared store builder or ready-to-use CMS?

Zero to one hundred training to build an online store

Just like building a physical store (traditional business), building a store website has steps you must follow in order. You need to pay attention to this issue while building an online store because the result of your work will have a huge impact. For this reason, to better understand the subject and make it easier to understand the construction of a store site, I try to establish a connection with a traditional store at the same time as I explain its training.

Step 1: Choose the right place to build an online store

When we plan to build a physical store in a part of the city, before doing anything, we look for the place that has the most traffic, and different people are easily available to us, and the closest place to the products we sell. So we try to make the place we choose to have the following characteristics.

  • Demography and familiarity with the shopping culture of local people
  • walking pathway
  • Accessible and has a convenient parking space
  • Competitive conditions with other stores
  • Proximity to related and affiliated stores
  • And…

Regarding the design of the online store site, we must follow the same process and have the best choice based on the existing conditions. The first step is the selection and the appropriate hosting space.

Usually, companies that specialize in the field of presentations advise customers to use less space in the beginning so that it will cost them less. But over time, as the number of visitors to the online store increases and the amount of information, products, and data on the site increases, we will need more hosting space and have to pay more for upgrades. In the host of Fa, Iranian shared hosting services are suggested to start and start a start-up business:

Choosing the right host is important because it provides site loading speed, support for uploaded information, website security, responsiveness and support, and the ability to support high site traffic and other items related to the online store in this area.

Step 2: Choose the right name for your online store

In any field in which you intend to build an online store, you should choose a suitable and attractive name related to your field of activity, and the customer can easily communicate with it. The store’s name is considered our business card, which will play an important role in introducing and attracting customers to the store. Your business name will reflect your brand and customer trust.

This step is known as domain selection using a domain registration company, which registers your store name under different titles, and from now on, the online store will be known by this title.

The domain of the online store should be chosen in such a way that it is easy to find among millions of websites and there are fewer similar examples with the same names and words that make it up. Domain registration costs little, but the right strategy and consideration for domain buying factors can have a huge impact on the future of your online business.

Buy a domain

Choosing a Domain and Internet Business Strategies is a very complex topic that requires a separate topic, which is already covered in this article on how to choose the right domain and you can use it.

Step 3: Design and build the interior of the store

Now that we have selected the host and the domain, we have to go to the construction of the site and launch our site through the steps of building the store site. But since choosing the right site builder system for the other side of the store involves the issue, we must first choose the best store builder system for ourselves. In the case of online stores and store sites, this step is known as selecting a cms or content management system. But at the same time, it is probably not easy for beginners. For example, those who like to have a stylish and customer-friendly physical store usually use decoration designers for the interior of the store.

But in the case of designing an online store site, this step is introduced as the selection of the store builder system , which will be aware of almost the main part of the cost of setting up the site. When choosing a content management system or online store builder, you should pay attention to the main features such as the following in the system.

  • Ability to compare products
  • Product Review
  • User feedback system
  • Ability to submit content and articles
  • Insert and add the product to the store
  • Categorize and select product brands
  • And…

Graphically, in the appearance of the store, you should use the appropriate template and stylish design, like the showcase and decoration of the physical store, which leads to attracting customers and increasing sales. Some content management systems for creating an online store are:

  • WooCommerce
  • Joomla!
  • Open card

We suggest that you read the following guide for more information on the types of content management systems and the advantages and disadvantages of each:

In these systems, your hand is completely open in choosing the features and development of the system and you have complete control over them. But if you want to use a system that makes your job easier (which of course is more suitable for beginners and those who have few products) you can use shared store building systems, the following examples are the best.

  • portal
  • Cart
  • Website
  • Kanawa

We have introduced a number of popular instrument stores, but if you want to get acquainted with the best instrument stores and know what their differences are, read the following comprehensive guide:

Introducing the best storage building systems

These types of store builders do not need hosting space. All you have to do is register on the site of each system and choose one of the free or paid plans to build a store based on the facilities it offers you. feature domain connectivity that these systems have.

The role of store builders in building an online store

The advent of online stores has led to the introduction of a new word in the subject of site design, or rather a new category called online store design or store site design, which focuses on creating a suitable platform for building an online store. Those who have been blogging in the past and have been blogging for a long time will understand this better and accept the role of store builders in designing the site more easily. Because you can see the growth and emergence of online stores step by step. According to the above description, to choose the right system for the store site, you must have realized that in general, you will have two options for building an online store, which are:

  1. Free Store Builder: These types of store builders are offered for free and we have to put them in the CMS category. The name of these store builders is derived from the English word Open Source, which defines the general characteristics of these store builders.
  2. Shared Store Builder: This type of store builders are also offered for free and for a fee. The title of these store builders is derived from the English word Software as a Service, which a support group is involved in controlling and setting up an online store.

1. Free Instrument Store

Free tools store is known as a ready-made content management system (CMS) that will allow you to build a store without the need for information and programming skills. In these systems, no one will help you and zero to one hundred building an online store is in your hands. To use these systems, you need your own host and domain, which will include the installation of cms (content management system), installation of required plugins, Persianization, template installation, and so on. You have to go through all these steps on your own or ask people who are familiar with this field to set up your store for a fee. One of the best content management system is WordPress, which in addition to simplicity, also has high scalability