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Should We Stay Single or Get Married? Comparison of Single and Married Life

Is it good to get married? Is it with Marriage that you can have a better and more colorful presence in society? Be healthier and happier? Does getting married help you develop more physically, emotionally, and interpersonal relationships? ‌

Single and Married Life, there is no universal rule for a better life. What does it mean? ‌ It does not mean that marriage is the way to happiness or being single. Let’s take a closer look at being single or getting married. 

In this article, our work is hard but interesting: to stay single or get married?

All these colorful people live on earth, each with their own unique living conditions.

 How to make general prescriptions and prescribe the same magic of happiness for everyone. Is there a magic of happiness with the same formula for everyone?

What does research on marital status say?

Elderly couple

According to some studies, married life is better than single life; But these researches have mistakes and mistakenly show that married people have a better life and single people are deprived of the benefits of a very attractive married life. In fact, to say that married life is psychologically better for people is incorrect and cannot be scientifically supported.

It is not possible to say for sure that getting married can create a happy and successful life for people in the long run . Sometimes singles win the competition and appear more successful. 

According to some studies based on large and national statistical samples, single people are the healthiest people in society, and by reviewing the lives of those who are married, it is easy to see the decline in happiness in their lives.

Getting married is not a path that will surely lead you to a destination of happiness. Various aspects of single life are better and more productive than married life; Singles, for example, are more likely to associate with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. They help others more than married people, such as their elderly parents. 

In a word, singles are autonomous and have a greater role in determining their own destiny and increasing personal growth and development .

On the other hand, some studies show that married people are more immune to various diseases or, for example, are more mentally healthy.

This is where the boldness comes in: It’s true that we talked about the benefits of being single, but we can’t say which is better.

So Single and Married Life ? Which one to choose?

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These days we see and read various articles and contents about married and single life. Some insist that marriage is better, while others, who have happened to be more active in recent years, talk about the benefits of living single; For example, it is said that single people are happier and richer. But the story is something else. There is no better way to live and it is not better to be single or get married.

It is true that in some respects single people live better than married people, but there are other cases that make married life more prosperous and attractive; So the listener must be wise! Consider the following points in reviewing various scientific studies that consider one of these two lifestyles superior to the other:

It is about averages and averaging

All the colorful research that is done and confirms married or single is examined by averaging statistical samples. They say things that happen on average and ignore the exceptions; So the results of scientific research are not true for everyone.

It is a matter of personal choice of individuals

Everyone has a choice in life. Married people have chosen to share their life with another person, but there are some people whose choice is single and they are completely satisfied with this choice; So people’s views and choices in life are shaped by their interests, desires and preferences, and it cannot be said that being single or married are general versions, one bad and the other good.

The story is more complicated than that

Taking a closer look at the marriage story reveals another point: Marriage time is different for everyone. Some periods of life go better for some of us single, and some periods get better with marriage; For example, some people who have lost their spouses have been very satisfied with their married life, but after the loss of their spouse, they are no longer looking to get married and would like to spend the new season of their lives alone.

Wrong reasons to get married

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Some people think that marriage is a miracle that solves many problems in their lives and opens the doors of happiness for them. it’s wrong. Among the reasons and misconceptions about marriage are:

1. To solve emotional relationship problems

Marriage is not a medicine or a cure; But some people think that they will solve their behavioral and communication problems with the help of marriage. Marriage not only does not solve people’s communication and behavioral problems, but may even make them more severe. 

If two people have reached puberty in terms of communication and behavior, this maturity will probably increase in their lives after marriage; But if there are problems in these areas, there is no guarantee that marriage will help solve them.

۲. To escape from loneliness

Feeling lonely is sometimes hard and terrible, but there is no reason to get married to escape it. This is not a good reason to leave the world of celibacy at all. If you are not a happy and productive person alone, you will not be able to experience happiness in your marriage. Happiness does not depend on marriage, and if you do not enjoy your loneliness enough, you will not have much luck in life as a couple.

How can a person who fails to keep himself happy and alone and can not manage his life situation well and be happy alone in a two-person life help another person to have both happy and joyful lives?

3. To prove something

Some people want to prove something to others by getting married; For example, a person who is the child of a divorce decides to get married to show others and his parents that he is better than them and, contrary to them, has entered into a healthy relationship . Some get married to show that they are big and independent. 

Some people get married because, for example, they are afraid of being the only single party among their friends.

You should not get married to prove anything. Marriage is a decision that depends only on you. You have to accept that it does not matter to the world what decision you make about your marital status. It is up to you to decide what experience you will have from entering into cohabitation.

Reasonable and correct reasons to get married

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If you have good reason to get married, it would be a good idea to enter into a two-person relationship and start a family. What are the rationale for getting married? Take a look at the following:

1. You are a good fighter

If you think that marriage has an image like advertising in which a couple in white clothes walk around and laugh all the time, you are sorely mistaken. It may be possible to achieve such a picture, but you have to fight to achieve and maintain this situation. War does not mean fighting; Rather, fighting in a successful relationship means a thoughtful effort.

Thoughtful effort means spending time and energy building a logical and correct relationship with the other party. Trying to solve problems and discover the root of the problem makes an ideal two-person life. 

This effort is continuous and will not stop; So if you know that you can manage the relationship properly and live civilly with the other person, marriage will be right for you.

۲. Your view of life is common

If you both have a similar outlook on life and the big decisions in your life are on the same path, marriage will be for you. Your values ​​and aspirations should be in line with the other party’s values. In that case, getting married would be the right thing to do. Two people with similar ideas can form deep friendships and strengthen the foundation of their life together.

3. You see marriage as a pleasant event, not an unpleasant compulsion

A good marriage can be made. As mentioned, this is not a miracle. If you are interested in building a two-person life and you find excitement and pleasure in it, you should step on the path. Otherwise, if you think marriage is a forced part of life, you should not go for it.

To marry or not to marry; This is the problem

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There is no general legal life. All people who can not determine the way and character of their lives based on general rules. they can? Everyone has a story and they advance their destiny according to their desires and circumstances. 

However, the realities that societies impose on human beings must also be confronted; For example, married people have more benefits in most societies.

These include the types of loans that are given to married people and the more favorable terms that are given to married people. Socially, psychologically, politically, culturally and emotionally, married life in society is more praised and valued.

In addition to better acceptance of married life by most societies, marriage is often associated with economic benefits; For example, splitting house expenses, renting, increasing investment capital, and so on.

 Of course, not every life together is definitely associated with these benefits; For example, sometimes single people are better able to save and invest and achieve better economic growth .

As you can see, general rules and presuppositions do not prescribe human life. Everyone can be successful and happy in their married or single life or not. There is no general rule.

Marriage or celibacy; Which is more acceptable to people in the community?

Seyed Hamed Barakati, Director General of Health, Population, Family and Schools of the Ministry of Health, announced in a press conference that marriage has decreased by about 40% from 1389 to 1399. 

This figure is very remarkable and thought-provoking. If we want to investigate the reasons for this decrease in statistics, we come to a variety of clues. 

To examine this category and identify the potential and various reasons for the decline in marriage, it is good to take a look at the opinions of Instagram users and audiences . Let’s see what people think about marriage and celibacy, and how pros and cons of marriage view it.

Examining the view of the audience; Why get married?

How among the audience, who have shared their views with us, is getting married fans. Sponsors have stated that they are interested in doing so:

  • Creating a family for yourself and going through this life with its members makes the passage of moments easier and more meaningful.
  • Living with someone you love is sweet and desirable.
  • Having a spouse in life helps to meet sexual and emotional needs better and healthier, and there are no such gaps in life.
  • Traditionally, the main style and structure of life has been based on the formation of the family, and that is why this old pattern must be accepted. Marriage is in the nature of man and has been a way that has been suitable for the success and happiness of many people. So why draw a line around it?

Acceptance by society and avoidance of views that view celibacy as an unusual way of life are also reasons given by audiences for preferring marriage to celibacy.

Some are so passionate about having children that they are willing to go through all the difficulties and hardships of marriage and have a child by starting a family.

 The desire to have a child is itself a vast affair that requires extensive study.

Mehdi (mehd_i4108) is one of the users in favor of marriage. He says:

Getting married takes time away from you and you try to solve your problems; This is where you grow. Of course, if someone wants to.

Another user named Sheida (sheydaqw0) agrees to the marriage but says:

Marriage is good, if the other party is suitable for you and can understand and comfort you. Otherwise, he is a great single.

Kowsar (kowsar9497) is also one of the audiences who prefers marriage and believes:

Marriage is good when the couple understands, supports each other, both face problems and are each other’s priority. The relationship lasts when love, affection, love, attention and respect are the priority.

Hassan (hasan_turk2087) is in favor of marriage, but only if:

It is better to get married exactly when you have a good job and you can manage your job, home and life with it. Being single is also good to some extent, but staying single is not good (getting married gives you hope for life).

Examining the view of the audience; Why stay single?

But let’s also look at the opinions of single fans and see why they prefer to be alone in life and draw the line at marriage:

  • The high cost of living these days is one of the most common reasons for user feedback. Many people want to get married but are sure that they will not be able to afford the high cost of family life; So they have given the gift of marriage to his rivals.
  • The practical freedom that a single person gives to life is commendable to some people. Some people believe that life is too short to be deprived of the full benefit of a married couple by facing the pains and challenges of life.
  • Another reason for the desire to remain single among the audience is the lack of sufficient trust in society. They believe that it is difficult to get to know another person in order to lead him / her to life, and they prefer not to accept the danger and the so-called risk of entering an inappropriate and undesirable life.

How is Saeedmah (saeedmah_) one of the audience who does not have a very positive view of marriage:

I think getting married takes courage because you have to take responsibility for someone else. But when you are single, you do not have much responsibility. Nowadays, the lifestyle of many has changed and moved away from the traditional mode. Extramarital affairs have become commonplace for some people, and this makes it difficult for them to accept the hardships of married life, even in these difficult economic times.

Nadia (nadia_haircolor) also says in single praise:

Being single has more freedom and choice, and loneliness is more. Being married reduces personal choice and more consultation and, of course, less loneliness. In my opinion, a healthy single life is a choice and a healthy marriage is a choice. We should never get married to escape our shortcomings. Try to experience everything [and] work in the single age. Married is full of ups and downs, so if you are single, enjoy it.

From another angle, mamadmettii is in favor of celibacy:

It is better to be single. Let me give you a small example: When you are married, you have a commitment to feed the woman and the baby and meet their needs. So if your boss insults you at some point, you should put aside your pride and work for the sake of your wife and children. But if you are single, you only feed your stomach and your expenses are lower. So you do not need to trample on your pride for the sake of someone and you also have a lot of time

Amin (seyfi_amin) also seems to be very interested in single life:

It is better to be single. In this way, you cope comfortably with all aspects of your life and continue living on the basis of “being”; No worries about changing behavior and mind.

Examining the view of the audience; Do not give a general verdict

How about the audience, there were some who refused to give a general ruling on marriage. These friends have tried to talk about celibacy or marriage with a logical view. look:

Armaghan (armaghan_amiri_) is one of those people who do not have a definite opinion about marriage and believes that the decision in this regard depends on the circumstances of each person:

I think it depends on what one wants from life and what is the purpose of spending time in this world. Sometimes people like things that can’t be done well by getting married (at least until a certain age). Sometimes a person does not have a specific purpose and wants to have a normal life. In general, when a person does not need to get married, I do not think it needs to be done; Just because “humans get married” and do imitation.

Ali (ali.rshnnn) also says:

I think this question has a different answer for each person. Each person decides to get married or stay single based on a set of mental, psychological and physical characteristics.
Sometimes there are people who really want to stay single.
Now this could be due to their irreversible physical or personality disorders.
But in general, any person with the knowledge he has and with the help of psychologists can make the right decision.

Tara (tara_.s99) says with an intimate and familiar look:

If we get a good person, then marriage is better, but if a person is deceitful, jealous, ignorant, selfish, stingy, rude or illiterate and penniless, it is better to be single.

Reyhaneh (reyhaneh_13_75) says:

Whatever calms you down is good. It cannot be said with certainty that he is single or married; But for me, being married has added more peace to my life and I am satisfied with my decision.

At the End

Are you married or single? What do you think about this? ‌ Do you think you should get married or do you have another opinion? How much do you agree with what you read in this article? 

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