Compare Nintendo Switch With Nintendo Switch Light

If You Are Planning To Buy One Of Nintendo’s Two-Game Consoles, The Nintendo Switch, Or A Smaller, More Popular Version Of The Nintendo Switch Lite, And You Are Hesitant To Choose Between Them, Go Nowhere; Because In This Article, We Have Examined All The General Specifications And Features Of These Two Game Consoles In Detail.

You can also use the information provided in this article to examine all the pros and cons of these two consoles for yourself and finally, based on your desires, decide which of these two consoles will be more suitable for you.


Comparing Nintendo Switch with Light Switch: Design

First of all, it should be noted that the reason for naming the Nintendo Switch console “Light” with this name is its smaller size and lighter weight compared to the other console of the same name, the Nintendo Switch. However, the problem that is not mentioned in the name of this console is that the other console categories (or so-called controllers) are not separated from the device itself. 

Therefore, the Switch Light console is actually a console in which the ability to “switch” has been removed. Instead, the Switch Light features a satisfying D-pad on the left side of the console; Something that many gamers find useful to add.

There is no particular difficulty in moving the switch console back and forth, however, it can not be said that this device fits easily in the pocket. Therefore, for those who for any reason intend to transport their console daily, a switch light seems to be a better option.

 The dimensions of the LightSwitch console are 8.2 by 3.6 by 0.6 inches, which is a clear advantage over the main switch console (which measures 9.4 by 4 by 0.6 inches). In addition, the light switch is 30% lighter than the main switch, which gives the console another advantage (in terms of ease of carrying).


Compare Nintendo Switch with Light Switch: Display

The smaller size of the light switch makes the screen even smaller. The smaller brother of the switch has a 5.5-inch touch screen, which is significantly smaller than the Nintendo Switch, which had a screen size of 6.2 inches. The display of both consoles supports a resolution of 1280 x 720 and is LCD.

Although the light switch is smaller than the main switch in terms of screen size, this issue is not very visible on the screen and can be said to be equal to the main switch in terms of brightness and color distribution of the screen. Also, thanks to the more uniform and uniform design of the light switch, the console screen looks much more integrated and of better quality while the user is using it.


Compare Nintendo Switch with Light Switch: Games

If you received a Nintendo Switch Lite as a gift and expected it to be a Nintendo Switch, do not worry; Because most of the games on these two consoles are compatible with each other. Therefore, you will be able to entertain yourself with famous and first-class games such as The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Super Mario Maker 2, regardless of the console you have provided.

However, Switchlight does not support games designed for TV or console tabletop mode. Here, too, there is no need to worry; Because you can easily pair your Joy-Con handles with the light switch and play multiplayer games (internally or locally).


Compare Nintendo Switch with Light Switch: Game Modes

The Nintendo Switch console allows you to use it in several different modes, including TV mode (to play while connecting to a TV), handheld mode (to hold the console while playing), and tabletop mode (to separate the console handles from the screen while playing). Play) use; While in the Switch Light console, we do not see so much variety in the type of usable modes.

Instead, the switch light components are just like an inseparable brick, and in no way can they be used in a state other than handheld mode. This inability of the Switch Light console to run various game modes has made the Nintendo Switch console superior in this regard.

Compare Nintendo Switch with Nintendo Switch Lite: Battery Life

The main switch console, which was released in 2017, has the ability to play 2.5 to 6.5 hours of gaming. This is while it is said that Switch Light has the ability to play between 3 and 7 hours.

In our Switch Light battery life test (in which we tested the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate non-stop game for eight people), the console was able to last three hours and fifty minutes in handheld mode. That’s an hour longer than the 2017 version of the Switch console (which lasted two hours and forty-five minutes), but still lower than the 2019 version of the Nintendo Switch console. This device was able to record a record of four hours and fifty minutes in the battery test.


Compare Nintendo Switch with Light Switch: Price and Value

Sure, one of Nintendo’s main plans in launching the Switch Light console was to bring in gamers who wanted to try out the variety and prominence of the Switch console but didn’t have the budget to buy it or found it to be less expensive. At $ 199, the Nintendo Switch is currently about two-thirds the price of the main console, which is a big plus considering that Switch Lite is capable of running all of the original Switch games (with a few exceptions). However, for an additional $ 100, you can get Nintendo’s original Switch console, which has a wider variety of game modes.


Compare Nintendo Switch with Light Switch: Result

As you’ve probably concluded by now, for those for whom easy portability of the console is a key issue, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a much better option. In addition to being easier to carry, the console is about $ 100 cheaper than the main switch, and it can be said that in the current market of consoles and video games, it seems to be a cheap price.

The light switch is lighter and smaller, but instead does not have the same capabilities and modes of the game as the main switch; This has led many gamers who want to play on their TV screen to switch to the main switch. 

The battery life of the original switch (the initial version released in 2017) is shorter than the light switch, but this defect has been compensated in the 2019 version of the Nintendo Switch. 

Therefore, when buying your console, it is better to pay double attention to the year of its production and whether it is part of Nintendo’s initial production line or its reproduction process.

Finally, it can be concluded that if you are going to play your games on your TV, it is better to get the same original Nintendo Switch; Because Nintendo Switch Lite game modes are much more limited. Also, Switch Light’s inability to “switch” batches in a way violates Nintendo’s original idea of ​​building new consoles. 

However, the positive features of the Nintendo Switch Lite cannot be ignored; A console that can easily be described as Nintendo’s best handheld console to date.

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