Corel and Illustrator

Compare Corel and Illustrator

Corel and Illustrator illustrator are two very popular software among graphic activists. You may be ready to start a new design project now and think about which of the two software is best for your project. Because of the many similarities between Corel and Illustrator, and because many designs and edits can be easily done with both software, a graphic designer is likely difficult to choose between the two for the project.

In this article, we will introduce both CorelDraw and Illustrator software separately and compare them, and show their differences and similarities. In this way, after reading this article, in addition to knowing both software well, you will be able to easily and correctly decide which of this software to use for your projects.

To begin, we need to provide a brief description of each of this software separately.

Introduction to Corel software

CorelDraw is a professional graphic design software developed by Corel. Corel belongs to the category of specialized software in the field of graphics, which is based on vector images. Corel, which is known for its high speed and precision, is a kind of flagship of specialized software in the field of graphics.

In general, professional designers, industries, marketers, and engineers make extensive use of Corel software in their various projects. Each of these people in turn uses two different types of this software, namely the Corel graphic set and the Corel technical set.

Familiarity with Adobe Illustrator software

Adobe Illustrator, developed by Adobe, like Corel, is a vector-based software used to design various projects.

The Illustrator program uses mathematical equations in its structure and performs vector graphic designs. In this way, professionals in each field use Illustrator to create illustrations (vector images known as illustrations), diagrams, logos, graphs, tables, and the like.

Illustrator is available in both desktop software and mobile applications, so people can use the program in any situation they want.

When should we choose to use Corel?

  • Corel is a perfect solution for when you want to design a professional vector illustration. Either edit a photo, or access tools for a typography project and design impressive visual projects.
  • People who want to edit images or want to design a logo or brochure can use Corel.
  • Most graphic designers use this software for their graphic projects.
  • Since this software is a very good option for working on vector images, it is widely used for editing 2D images.
  • Corel is also widely used in the printing industry.

When should we choose to use Illustrator?

  • Adobe Illustrator can be used all the time we want to work on the cartoon and digital images and deal with charts and tables.
  • We can easily use Illustrator for times when we want to create a graphic image from a photo.
  • We can also use Illustrator when we want to change the colors of a digital image.

Corel features

Corel is available in two different types. One is the Corel graphics collection and the other is the Corel technical collection. The 2020 Corel Graphic suite includes the following:

  • CorelDraw: Vector and layer-based software.
  • Font management: This feature helps the user to easily use the various fonts in his system or across the Internet in his projects.
  • Drawing pictures and photos: This feature allows the user to make a custom and hassle-free edit in the fastest possible time.
  • Change quality and structure: Using Corel, we can easily convert bitmap or pixel-based images to editable vector images.
  • After shooting: Using Corel, we can bring the captured images to the best possible resolution and make corrections and optimizations on it.
  • Corel application: The ability to enter the Corel application web and upload works and then access them from any place and time is another Corel feature.

In addition

  • Corel has two versions that run and are available for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Annotation tools are available in Corel that make teamwork much easier in group projects.
  • Ability to sample images in Corel without experiencing loss of quality.
  • There are various effects in Corel to make changes to images.
  • Corel can bolt paragraphs and number them in texts and writings.

History of Corel

  • Corel is a Canadian company. It is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.
  •  It was first released in 1989.
  • Corel was for Microsoft Windows version 3. But now it can be on all versions of Windows.
  • One of the best possible software in the Corel market for designing 2D posters and logos.

Illustrator History

  • Adobe Illustrator is Adobe’s product.
  • In 1987, the first and most suitable version of the Apple Macintosh came.
  • Illustrator cc 2020, in October 2019 as the latest version currently available on the market.
  • In 2018, Adobe Illustrator became the best vector design software by Toos PC Magazine.

When can Corel be used?

For Corel, it does not matter if you are a professional graphic designer or a novice. Everyone can use Corel in the following situations:

  • Activity in the textile and clothing industry
  • Build various drawings, tables, and schematic images
  • Activity in the field of branding and marketing or various branches of marketing
  • Brochure, catalog, logo design
  • Design of printing patterns and the printing industry in general

When can Illustrator be used?

Illustrator is graphic design software that is frequently in the field of web design and it. Therefore, considering this issue, Illustrator can be for various people in the following situations:

  • To design 3D objects.
  • In the design of sophisticated video games
  • To design emojis
  • In the design of logos
  • To design the packaging of various products and any type of packaging that we see in today’s stores.
  • In the field of fashion design

Disadvantages and limitations of using Corel

  • It does not have a free sample in its default designs.
  • It may be a bit of a data-intensive program.
  • To design realistic images, you may need to learn the skills of working with Corel.
  • For some people, understanding how to work with this software can be a little challenging.

Disadvantages and limitations of using Illustrator

  • Working with this software and achieving pure and ideal outputs by it, requires learning and acquiring the necessary skills in the field of design with Illustrator.
  • If you want to make changes to a finished image or project that does not have the original open layer file, Illustrator may not be able to help you much.
  • The filters are available to make changes to photos in Illustrator.

Which is better, Corel or Illustrator?

Given the wide range of structural and practical features and differences raised about Illustrator and Corel, as well as the knowledge of all graphic design software and tools on the market, it can be said that the answer to this question is impossible because each user according to The type of project, its skills and the goal it seeks to achieve, can use any of this software in different situations.