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Climate Change

People on the earth are struggling with various kinds of man-made and natural disasters that are harmful to both animal’s and human’s lives. Some of them are deforestation, forest fires, covid-19, climate change, etc.

In this post, we are going to discuss one of them which is called climate change. Climate individually means a typical weather condition but climate change means changing weather patterns that will result in a lot of problems that global warming is one of them. Satellites around the earth take a big picture from the earth which shows climate change has been occurring rapidly.

Image showing the greenhouse effect - climate change for kids

Evidence of climate change

  • Melting the ice sheets: trapped heat causes ice shrinking
  • Sea level rise: by melting the ice sheets the level of the sea is going to rise
  • Forest fire: drought weather and the trapped heat of the sun in the atmosphere leads to forest firing
  • Global warming: when the sun heats the earth, greenhouse gases don’t allow that the came heat scape from the atmosphere
  • Glacial fading: glaciers like Alaska, Rockies, Himalayas, Alps, and Africa are disappearing from around the world
  • Decreasing snow cover: studies show that amount of spring snow is declining rapidly and the snow is melting so fast
  • Extreme weather: climate change has brought about serious changes in weather condition patterns
  • Sea acidification: since the industrial revolution and also nowadays people from around the world are emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which absorbs more by the oceans

The role of human activity

As we all know both human activities and natural disasters cause climate change. One thing that we can control them would be human activities. Climate change started to happen since the industrial revolution until now. Some scientists are argued that over the past 50 years people of earth have warmed our planet. The amount of carbon dioxide produced by our modern industry has been reached around 414 parts per million.

The following diagram clearly shows the human activities impact. Because solar irradiance has been decreased but the temperature of the globe has been raised.

The amount of CO2 emission by human activities trapped in the atmosphere and cannot escape from it.


Responding to climate change should involve a two-pronged approach. Consider these two words: Mitigation and Adaptation. Mitigation refers to a decrease in the number of greenhouse gas emission resources such as big factories. Adaptation refers to the fact that during the reformation in the area of human activities, it is better for us to be adapted to this situation. In the following we are going to name some of the solutions:

  • Eating less meat: reducing the amount of meat consumption of both humans and their animals can greatly help in decreasing the amount of CO2.
  • Try not to buy anything new: it is better for people to avoid fast fashion and just choose quality over quantity
  • Local product: the government should facilitate producing food in a local area to avoid transferring food production and accordingly decreasing the amount of burning fossil fuels.