Changan C385 Introduced; The Power Of The Chinese In Design

Changan C385 Introduced; The Power Of The Chinese In Design

Chinese Company Changan, Which Is Having A Noisy Day With The Unveiling Of Exciting Models, Has Introduced Another Attractive Car.

This car is called C385 and, like Changan’s recent products, it has a beautiful and modern design; In addition, this Chinese sedan is equipped with electric propulsion and is of strategic importance to the Chinese due to its use the new platform.

In terms of design, the C385 can be considered a sequel to the UNI series, as it was created based on a similar philosophy and is very similar to its members. And in the front view, the wide and integrated windshield affects everything.

It is a decorative windshield because there is no need for a radiator due to the electric propulsion. Of course, there are several air intakes on the thin bumper of the car, which probably transfer the airflow to the wheels and the braking system.

This car, like several new models, is equipped with two-piece headlights.

The beautiful roof arch and its integration with the short trunk make the Changan C385 look like a coupe in the side view.

In this view, the special shape of the C-pillar and the rear bumper, the concealed sliding handles, and the aerodynamic rings are the hallmarks.

We can say that we are on the side of a car beyond the Chinese car industry in the rearview! In this section, a two-piece moving spoiler is installed, which is apparently activated at high speeds.

Beneath this spoiler is LED headlights with attractive graphics. Like Formula One cars, the third brake light is mounted in the middle of the spoiler and bumper; In addition, the bulky shield has a wide diffuser under it.

Unfortunately, no interior images have been released yet, but the Changan C385 will likely have a lot in common with the UNI-V sedan. There is no mention of propulsion, and we only know that electric propulsion is responsible for power.