Business improvement

Business improvement with content creation and Instagram page management

Content production and Instagram page management have become one of the most important activities. Using the Instagram social network to improve businesses has become an important and complex process.

Using a suitable Instagram page, you can easily start a good business. For this, you need to do the process of creating suitable content for Instagram well.

How to create a program to create content and manage your Instagram page?

Step 1 – Set goals for Instagram

Creating content and managing an Instagram page for a business may be difficult for you. It would help if you first looked at common Instagram goals and how to achieve them. Therefore, consider the following:

  • Increasing the number of followers: You can use appropriate hashtags to create content and manage the Instagram page. By doing this, you can attract more users to your business.
  • Build Target Community: Know your target audience and post content that feels authentic and builds trust.
  • Engage more: Ask questions, inspire followers and invite them to interact to get more comments and likes.
  • Increase website traffic: Create content that sparks interest and encourages followers to click the link in your bio or click the links in your stories.
  • Improve sales: You can add a link to your store’s Instagram bio to increase your sales. You can also tag your products on pages using price tags.

Step 2 – Create your marketing calendar for content creation and Instagram page management

Now you know what you want to achieve on Instagram, But what should you post to achieve these goals? Use the marketing calendar as a suitable tool for managing the Instagram page. Note things like:

  • Introducing a new product or service
  • Online or offline events
  • Seasonal sales and discounts
  • Holidays and celebrations

Step 3 – Decide on Instagram content themes

Creating content and managing the Instagram page requires appropriate marketing initiatives. Naturally, your followers will probably get tired of repetitive posts and constant advertising. So how should you fill the rest of your Instagram calendar?

The answer to this question depends on your business. You should pay special attention to some themes based on your business. Then put them on your Instagram calendar. You should publish good content during the week or for your Instagram. Content topics such as:

  • Posts and things that prove your customers are satisfied with your brand.
  • Posting posts that teach your audience and followers something new.
  • Content that makes your users and followers well aware of the behind-the-scenes of your work and the challenges of your work.
  • Post interactive posts that encourage followers to interact with your content
  • You can use appropriate quotes that are said in the context of your business.

Step 4 – In creating content and managing the Instagram page, you must know your audience well on Instagram.

Managing your audience is important in creating content and managing your Instagram page. Although your Instagram page should be all about your business, your audience is the real star of your business. The content posted should speak to the followers and ask them to engage. As a result, you need to create great content to engage your audience.

So how do you create content that engages your audience?

1. Start by getting to know them. For this, open Instagram Insights in your Instagram account and go to audience analysis. You can see your followers’ age range, gender, and location.

2. Take a closer look at your audience in the Instagram application. You need to track and navigate your users. See who is following your posts the most.

3. Read user profiles (user bios) to find out who is following your brand. Are they businesses or consumers? Do they have similar job titles or professional fields? Are parents?

Step 5 – In creating content and managing the Instagram page, you must define your brand’s visual style on Instagram.

As a photo and video sharing platform, Instagram is a very intuitive application. In creating content and managing the Instagram page, it is necessary to create a visual style that attracts your brand and is attractive to your audience. Pre-define the look of your posts so your team can create content that perfectly matches your brand.

To create a visual style on Instagram, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Colors: do cool or warm colors suit your brand? Should your posts include your brand colors?
  • Text: Should your posts only contain images? Or does your content usually contain overlapping text?
  • Templates: Prefer all your posts to look completely original? Or do you want to use templates for different post categories?

Step 6 – In creating content and managing the Instagram page, you must create or update your Instagram style guide.

In creating content and managing the Instagram page, just placing posts is no longer useful. It would help if you created a guide for your posts. Your brand style goes beyond the visuals alone. Naturally, you want your Instagram captions to convey your brand and use a consistent tone that your followers will find familiar.

To create a style guide for your Instagram posts, you should consider these aspects:

  • Style: What are you telling your audience? Are you commenting or asking a question? Do you use certain words, phrases, abbreviations, and slang?
  • Tone: How do you talk to followers? Does your tone sound friendly, rude, bossy, or otherwise?
  • Formatting: Does your entire title fit in one block of text? Or do you use line breaks for longer subtitles?
  • Emojis: Is your brand pro or anti-emoji? Are there any emojis you want to include in every post or ban some altogether?

Step 7 – Use a variety of content in creating and managing the Instagram page.

Creating content and managing the Instagram page does not only include a photo or video posts. You must create and post all kinds of content. Instagram started as a photo-based social platform, but today it offers many options to showcase your creativity. Need more motivation to try a new type of content? You will likely get better engagement if you publish a wider range of media on Instagram. Put all kinds of content in your content calendar.

These contents include the following:

  • Photos: Photo posts are great for showcasing product images, sharing quotes and inspiration, or educating followers.
  • Videos are a good choice when you want to show your products, team, or business in action.
  • Stories: If you have something shorter in mind, create Instagram Stories, which are 15-second videos that can contain multiple clips.