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Bushehr Sights And A Trip To The Warm Soil Of The South

Bushehr is one of the areas where the natural beauty and art of its people have turned this climate into a spectacular land. 

The sights of Bushehr are made of sea and sun, and the warm climate of the south has influenced every natural, historical and architectural attraction of this region. 

The southern regions of Iran are one of the most impressive regions of the country that have a world of beauty. The soil of the south has a magical power and the wonders of its climate take the intelligence away from any tourist.

Pack your bags for a trip to the golden land of the south and join us to get acquainted with the sights of Bushehr.

Geographical location of Bushehr port

The golden port of Bushehr is one of the most spectacular lands in the south of Iran, which is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. This city is located in the city and province of Bushehr and is located in the embrace of the Persian Gulf in three geographical directions.

In fact, this port is located in the southwest of Iran, from the north, west and south with the Persian Gulf and from the east with Tangestan in Bushehr province.

Bushehr province, which is a region adjacent to the Persian Gulf, has 10 cities named Deylam, Genaveh , Dashtestan, Tangestan, Bushehr, Dashti, Jam, Dir, Kangan and Assaluyeh.

The warm climate of Bushehr province is a good guide for travel time. From early November to late April, this port with a mild and pleasant climate, becomes one of the most desirable coastal areas of the Persian Gulf.

This region of Iran is the choice of many tourists to travel in the cold seasons. In the following, we will introduce you to many sights of Bushehr.

Pleasant architecture of Golshan mansion in Bushehr


Golshan mansion from the sights of Bushehr - Photo by Roza Kowsari
Golshan Mansion from the sights of Bushehr – Photo by Roza Kowsari

The architectural style of traditional Iranian houses has long been charming and clear. The beautiful texture and clever architecture of these houses is a good reason for them to become an important attraction in any city. Bushehr Golshan mansion, like other Iranian historical buildings, has an impressive and beautiful architecture.

Visiting this Bushehr mansion polishes the soul and fascinates man with the taste of the past. Golshan Mansion is one of the sights of Bushehr that dates back to the Qajar period.

This house is located in the old and beautiful neighborhood of Behbahani, near the sea. Behbahani neighborhood is full of historical houses whose old texture evokes the warm and intimate atmosphere of Bushehr and Golshan mansion is one of these houses.

Golshan mansion from the sights of Bushehr - Photo by Roza Kowsari

This mansion is nearly 170 years old and its first owner was a businessman known as Golshan.

The architecture of this mansion is very clever and by being close to the sea, breeze and cool wind ventilate the air of the mansion. Golshan Mansion is built in the style of “Beit Milani” architecture and its large courtyard is one of the most beautiful parts of this house, around which there are rooms with wooden doors.

This old house in Bushehr has three floors and has all the facilities of an Iranian house such as kitchen, water storage, reception room, crew room, bathroom and toilet.

The beautiful rooms of this mansion, most of which are five-storied, bring a cool beach breeze into the house, and this simple process acts as the cooling system in this building.

Golshan Mansion has been registered as a national monument and is currently in the possession of the Cultural Heritage Organization. Among the sights of Bushehr, do not miss the adventure in this clean house.

Address: North of Bushehr, Behbahaniha neighborhood, Saheli street, behind the port office

The greatness of the mansion of King Bushehr


Malek mansion from Bushehr sights - Photo by Sadegh Soltani
Malek mansion from Bushehr sights – Photo by Sadegh Soltani

Malek Mansion is another sight of Bushehr that is a century old. This building is a remnant of the Qajar period and was once part of the property of one of the famous Bushehr merchants named “Mohammad Mehdi, the king of trade”. This house is the result of this businessman’s desire to have a building in the style of medieval French buildings.

During her trip to France, the queen became fascinated by the architecture of this palace and decided to build a similar building in her homeland. For this reason, French architects work to build it and build this mansion with four thousand infrastructures in Bushehr.

This mansion has had many uses throughout history; It was used militarily when it was under British monopoly. It was also used for some time during the reign of Reza Shah to rest military personnel. This building has been registered as one of the national monuments, but unfortunately today it is worn out and needs to be restored.

Address: Bushehr port, Bahmani neighborhood, Mahini street, Malek alley

Jashk salt salt dome, the white-clad queen of the south


Jashk dome of Bushehr sights - Photo by Abbas Heidari
Jashk dome of Bushehr sights – Photo by Abbas Heidari

The southern lands of Iran have many spectacular salt phenomena in their hearts, and one of the most fascinating is the Jashk salt salt dome, which is located in the soil of Bushehr. Jashk salt dome is the largest salt dome in the Middle East, which was formed between the city of Deir and Khormuj and has a lifespan of nearly 600 million years.

This white-clad queen of the south is considered one of the most important sights of Bushehr, which fascinates tourists with its unique grandeur and beauty.

The salty whiteness of the lowlands and highlands of Jashka is as attractive and spectacular as the snowy mountains, and this pleasant whiteness, along with the silence of the area, which is one of the properties of salt crystals, has created a mysterious and at the same time soothing atmosphere.

Wind and water erosions in this salt-covered land have created an unparalleled variety of rock carvings and columns, each of which is unique. This diversity is due to the difference in the degree of erodibility of the rocks and the columns resulting from this erosion have a special and different image.

The Throne of the Demon is one of the impressive and always strong pillars of Jashk, which is named after its characteristics. An important point in the salt crystals of the columns of this region is the variety of colors of the rock rock layers.

Stones that, in addition to white, contain streaks of red, yellow, orange, brown, and black.


Photo by Abbas HeidariPhoto by Abbas Heidari

The sights of Jashkak Dome do not end only with salt pillars and mountains; It is better to prepare yourself for an adventure in the heart of the pure and special nature of this white-clad southern land. The beauty of the salt caves with the clustered chandeliers of this region will take your mind away.

Salt waterfalls with their special crystals have given beauty to this land. Inside the caves and between the valleys, there are salt springs that are the root of Jashk’s life and the beauty of this area depends on their existence. Cauliflower Valley is one of the most artistic phenomena among the sights of Bushehr.

In this phenomenon, salt masses such as cauliflower have formed and decorated a part of Jashka. Salt pits and salt shakers are other beauties of Jashka that have made her, like other phenomena, the white-clad bride of the South.

Address: 144 km from Bushehr, between the cities of Deir and Khormuj

The beauty of Rishahr beach in the land of the Elamites


Rishahr beach is one of the sights of Bushehr
Rishahr beach is one of the sights of Bushehr

Bushehr is one of the most important coastal areas of Iran, a large part of which is bordered by the Persian Gulf. Due to the nature of this geographical location, Bushehr province is full of attractive and spectacular beaches.

Beach tourism is another tourist attraction of Bushehr and for this purpose, Bushehr should be considered the land of scenic beaches in Iran.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the region is Rishahr beach, 7 km from Bushehr port. This beautiful coastal region, in ancient times, was one of the important elements for the proximity of Eastern and Western civilizations. The Rishahr region was once a hotbed of Elamite rule, and artifacts found there date to a history that can be traced back to the first to third millennia BC.

These artifacts are a seal of approval for the establishment of the Elamite Empire in Rishahr and show that this region was once one of the most important parts of the country in the ancient history of Iran, which was known as “Lian”.

During the Sassanid era, this city was still considered one of the most important regions of Iran, which was once again urbanized by Ardeshir Babakan. For this reason, its name has become Rishahr, an abbreviation of “Rivardshire”. Rivardshire was the cradle of culture, science and literature in its time and raised many Iranian scientists in its soil.

In addition to the historical charm of Rishahr, its beautiful natural features have made this area one of the most desirable sights of Bushehr. The beautiful sandy beach, the blue waves of the bay and the golden sunrise and sunset make this beach a dreamy and relaxing place for travelers.

There is also a beautiful park next to the beach to complete your sense of travel and beach tourism.

Address: 7 km from Bushehr port, at the end of Rishahr street, Rishahr coastal park

Persian Gulf Maritime Museum in Bushehr


Persepolis ship in Bushehr Maritime Museum
Persepolis ship at the Bushehr Maritime Museum

If you are visiting museums and discovering its knowledge, the Persian Gulf Maritime Museum will be an attractive choice for you. In Sabzebad area of ​​Bushehr port, there is a consulate building and a pergola mansion, which is used today as one of the spectacular museums of Bushehr.

The building was initially owned by the British government and later monopolized by the Iranian navy, but eventually changed its nature to the Persian Gulf Maritime Museum to reflect the unspoken history of the maritime industry.


Museum of Sea and Maritime from Bushehr sights - Photo by Amin MotlaghMuseum of the Sea and Maritime from the sights of Bushehr – Photo by Amin Motlagh

The museum has exhibited its sights in two parts of the grounds and inside the building. The museum grounds display a variety of warships, warships, submarines and more. But the most important treasure among these marine structures is undoubtedly the Persepolis ship that entered Iran during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah.

This ship is the first Iranian warship and about a century ago, it sailed from Germany to the port of Bushehr and today its remains are kept in the Persian Gulf Maritime Museum.

Inside the museum building you can see military and war equipment, medical supplies, telecommunications equipment to steer the ship, and more.

Address: Bushehr Port, Sabzabad Road

Saadat School, the nucleus of Bushehr intellectuals


Saadat School is one of the sights of Bushehr
Saadat School is one of the sights of Bushehr

The Saadat Bushehr School is the title of the mother of schools in southern Iran and is a relic of the Qajar period. This school was established according to modern educational origins and by the order of “Ahmad Khan Daryabeigi”, the then ruler of Bushehr, and has an adventurous history.

Saadat School is one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Bushehr and is also known as Saadat Mozaffari due to the financial support of Mozaffaruddin Shah.

The cultural poverty of the people at that time made many families reluctant to allow their children to attend the school and even considered it a house of evil and corruption. For this reason, rumors spread by uninformed people about this school spread rapidly, and it took a long time for the people of Bushehr to accept happiness.

But in the end, with a lot of effort, this educational center gradually opened its place among the people and became the breeding ground of many intellectuals in its time.

It is interesting to know that the value of this school in Bushehr is such that the anniversary of its establishment is named Bushehr Day. Saadat School has been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran.

Address: Bushehr Port, Imam Street, in front of Moallem Square

Bushehr Anthropology Museum in Amirieh Mansion


 Anthropological Museum of Bushehr sights
Anthropological Museum of Bushehr Sights

Another spectacular museum in Bushehr is the Anthropology Museum, which is housed in the Amiriyeh Mansion. Amirieh mansion is one of the magnificent buildings left over from the Qajar period, which is located on the coastal street of Bushehr, close to the sea.

This historical monument was erected by the order of Ahmad Khan Daryabeigi, the then ruler of ports, and was initially used as the capital of Bushehr.

The materials used in the walls and columns of this two-story building include coral stones and plaster, and its doors and windows are made of teak wood.

A noteworthy point in the architecture of this building is the use of a cover made of coconut fiber, which is known as “Band Kamal”. This layer of vegetation covers the area around the columns before plastering begins to increase the building’s resistance to sea moisture and termites.

This mansion has rooms throughout, porch, central courtyard, patterned columns, patterned wooden doors and windows, etc. The first element that can be seen in this Qajar building is the large porch and its very beautiful columns.

Amirieh mansion has one of the most beautiful views of the sea and will be one of the most beloved choices among the sights of Bushehr. This mansion has been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran and now hosts visitors in the form of Bushehr Anthropology Museum.

Address: Bushehr Port, Saheli St., Persian Gulf Park, Kooti neighborhood

Achaemenid architecture Gore Dokhtar


Girl's grave from Bushehr sights - Photo by Ali Gharibi
Girl’s grave from Bushehr sights – Photo by Ali Gharibi

Another sight of Bushehr with an ancient atmosphere is located in Dashtestan city . The tomb of Gokhtar is one of the stone buildings in Bushehr province, which was built in the Achaemenid style and used large rectangular stones.

This tomb is located in the plain of “Miankuhi Poshtpar” and near the border of Fars province and is similar to the tomb of Cyrus the Great, which was built in a smaller size.

This ancient chamber has been registered as a national monument of Iran and different narrations are narrated about it. When the structure was first discovered by a Belgian archaeologist named Louis Vandenberg, he concluded that the tomb belonged to “Chish Pish” or “Cyrus I.”

But when “Alireza Shapoor Shahbazi” began his explorations in this area, he achieved new results; Contrary to Belgian archaeologist theory, he believed that Gore was the daughter of the tomb of “Little Cyrus”.

These conjectures and possibilities had an endless process and to this day this tomb has been attributed to many people of the Achaemenid dynasty, such as Mandana, the mother of Cyrus, Atosa, the daughter of Cyrus and others But the same riddle has added to the charm of the girl’s grave and made this ancient monument even more spectacular.

During your trip to Bushehr province, do not miss the adventure around the tomb of this unknown Achaemenid.

Address: 180 km from Bushehr port, 38 km from Tang-e-Eram, Dashtestan city, Poshtpar middle mountain plain

Illustrated history in Nasuri Castle of Bushehr


Nasuri Castle - one of the sights of Bushehr
Nasuri Castle – one of the sights of Bushehr

If you are an adventurer in historical monuments, a very spectacular choice awaits you among the sights of Bushehr. Nasuri Castle is located in Siraf Port or Taheriha Port in Kangan city and hides a world of historical knowledge behind its stone and plaster. The historical castle of Sheikh Nasuri is about 240 km away from Bushehr port and its life is about 180 years.

 The castle is located on a high point near the coast and offers a spectacular view of the sea.

Early in the Qajar period, “Sheikh Jabbar Nasuri” decided to build this huge building and entrusted its architecture to “Ali Asghar Shirazi”.

The materials used in Nasuri Castle are large stones, mud and plaster that have made this building look beautiful. One of the remarkable elements of Sheikh Castle or Nasuri Castle is its large windbreak, which kept the air of the castle pleasant in the warm seasons of the year, with the bay winds.

Iranian architectural elements such as wooden doors, porch, outer and inner courtyard, porch, plastered columns and و are evident in the design of this castle.

Address: 240 km from Bushehr port, Kangan city, Siraf port, Nasuri alley

Nayband National Park in Assaluyeh


Photo by Vahid Delaram
Photo by Vahid Delaram

Assaluyeh is one of the beautiful areas of Bushehr province, whose name is associated with oil and gas industry in most people’s minds, but this area has a spectacular paradise in its heart, which is known as Nayband National Park. This region is located on the dreamy shores of the Persian Gulf and includes the most charming beaches of Bushehr province in its bay.

Naybanded distance from Bushehr port is about 320 km and to reach it, you have to drive about 4 hours from Bushehr port. But this land, which includes mangrove forests, bays and promontories, is worth driving this long way. If you go from Assaluyeh to Nayband, you will have a short route of about 20 km.


Photo by Hamid MonfaredPhoto by Hamid Monfared

Various species of animals such as deer, leopards, rams and… in the protected area , dreamy and beautiful beaches of Nayband Bay and mangrove forests, have made this area a spectacular paradise for tourists . The beach of this bay is unique in Bushehr and you can see the most beautiful sea views in it.

This bay is located between Bidkhoon and Haleh villages. Due to the presence of pristine sandy beaches and rocks, this bay has become one of the tourist attractions of Assaluyeh and Bushehr province. When visiting the sights of Bushehr, do not miss this bay area and its national park.

Address: 320 km from Bushehr port, 20 km from Assaluyeh port, Nayband Bay and National Park

It does not matter where you live in Iran or how far you are from the vast geography of southern Iran; To plan an adventurous trip to the south and discover the secrets of the Persian Gulf, start today. Get complete information about the area before going anywhere in this valuable soil. Then head to this lovely destination in the cool seasons of the year.

Bushehr sights have a large share in tourism in southern Iran. Start your trip with proper planning and share your useful knowledge with other tourists eager to travel to Bushehr.