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Boroujerd Sights Are Always Located On The Slopes Of The Zagros

Boroujerd is one of the sights of Lorestan , which is located in the heart of the Zagros, and in addition to the desirable nature and climate, its historical richness is also spectacular.

Lorestan province has one of the most exciting nature in Iran. In this vast land, in addition to the enchanting nature, the traces of Iranian history and art are beautifully visible and you can enjoy the range of attractions in every corner of this province. 

 Join us to start an adventure in the sights of Boroujerd and get to know this land more than before.

Geographical location of Boroujerd in Iran

Boroujerd is one of the most populous cities in Iran and based on this, it is the second busiest city in Lorestan province. This city is located in one of the most pleasant western parts of the country and in the highest parts of the Zagros. 

Boroujerd has taken refuge in the Zagros in the arms of a strong fence, and if we examine the three directions north, west and east of the city, we will reach the Zagros Mountains. 

Green Peak is the highest point of Boroujerd fence which is located in its west. Opposite Green, the low mountains of Yazdgerd to the east of Boroujerd stand out.

Also, from the south and southeast of Boroujerd, we reach the Silakhor plain, whose fertile soil has played a significant role in the agricultural and horticultural industry of Lorestan. In fact, Silakhor is divided into upper and lower parts, in which Boroujerd is located. In the following, we will be with you by introducing the sights of Boroujerd in the beautiful land of Lorestan.

Boroujerd sights

1. Boroujerd Grand Mosque

Boroujerd Grand Mosque - Photo from the site of Lorestan Cultural Heritage Organization
Boroujerd Grand Mosque – Photo from the site of Lorestan Cultural Heritage Organization

If you are looking for an adventure in the historical attractions among the sights of Boroujerd, you should go to the old neighborhood of Dudangeh.

 To face the architecture of Lorestan’s historical monuments, the city’s Grand Mosque will be one of the best choices during your trip. Boroujerd Grand Mosque should be considered as one of the masterpieces of traditional architecture of Boroujerd, which dates back to the second to third century AH.

 This mosque, which is also known as the Friday Mosque among the people of Boroujerd, was built during the reign of one of the military commanders of the Abbasid Caliph, named “Abu Delf Ajli”, who was himself a follower of the Shiite religion. Archaeologists consider this valuable building of Lorestan to be one of the oldest mosques in Iran.

Boroujerd Grand Mosque - Photo from the site of Lorestan Cultural Heritage Organization
Boroujerd Grand Mosque – Photo from the site of Lorestan Cultural Heritage Organization

How much we can tell you about the admirable beauty and architecture of this Lorestan monument, we have said little. It is interesting to know that the Boroujerd Grand Mosque was originally a remnant of a fire temple.

 Art is manifested in the confinement of this religious building and the traces of the special architecture of the ancient Iranians can be seen along with the principles of Islamic architecture. 

The two doors located on the east and west sides of the mosque, along with the nave, porch, dome and spire, cover the design of this mosque. 

The dome, which is one of the old parts of the mosque, is built in the style of the Sassanid four-arched architecture and the excavation in its corner will be enjoyable for lovers of ancient Iranian architecture.

Address: Boroujerd, Dodangeh neighborhood, Jafari street

2. Imam Mosque

Boroujerd Imam Mosque - Photo by Asadi
Boroujerd Imam Mosque – Photo by Asadi

From the historical period of Qajar, you can still adventure in other monuments in Boroujerd. Imam Mosque or Soltani Mosque is another historical mosque in Boroujerd, which is built on the ruins of an old building.

 It is probable that the original building was the Hadith Mosque in Boroujerd. The building of Hadith Mosque was destroyed during the Zandieh period and a new mosque was built, and its construction lasted until the time of Fath Ali Shah Qajar.

 According to an inscription found in one of the porches of the mosque, this building was undoubtedly made available to the people during the reign of Fath Ali Shah and as another masterpiece of Islamic and Iranian architecture has been added to the sights of Boroujerd. 

This mosque is located in the center of Boroujerd city and bazaar, one of the busiest areas, and this point, in addition to beautiful architecture, has been very effective in the fame of this religious place.

Boroujerd Imam Mosque - Photo from the site of Lorestan Cultural Heritage OrganizationBoroujerd Imam Mosque – Photo from the site of Lorestan Cultural Heritage Organization

The architectural design of Soltani Mosque is similar to Imam Mosque in Tehran Bazaar and is built in the style of four-porch mosques. 

The foundation of the mosque is more than 7,000 meters, which has earned the title of the largest mosque in western Iran. One of the attractions of Imam Boroujerd Mosque is the existence of numerous naves in the heart of its special architecture, so that naves have been installed in four geographical directions of northeast and west, as well as southeast and west. 

In addition to these four naves, there is also a winter nave in this complex. This mosque has good access to the city with three doors that open to Safa streets, Davaatgarha market and Jafari street. 

The large courtyard and courtyard are the features of this historic mosque, and several rooms for students of religious sciences have been built in the corner of the courtyard.

Address: Boroujerd, Boroujerd Bazaar, Jafari Street

3. Anthropology Museum in a historical house left over from Qajar

Anthropology Museum of Boroujerd sights - Photo by Mehdi Abolfathi
Anthropology Museum of Boroujerd sights – Photo by Mehdi Abolfathi

Another beautiful place in Boroujerd is the building with its historical and old houses, which was built during the Qajar period. This ancient house with its beautiful and eye-catching architecture is nearly 180 years old and belonged to one of the clerics of Boroujerd named Kamaluddin Nabavi Tabatabai. The original Iranian architecture is evident everywhere in this house, and tranquility can be felt in the corners .

In the style of the architecture of the original Iranian houses, in this complex, we see a large and clean courtyard, which is an attractive element in this building.

 The use of other Iranian architectural elements such as halls, Shahneshin, Shabestan, etc. can be seen in this building, which indicates the combination of architectural art with Iranian culture. But what distinguishes this building among the sights of Boroujerd is its blue wooden doors and windows, beautiful tiles and bricks.

Anthropology Museum of Boroujerd sights - Photo by Saeed Asadi
Anthropology Museum of Boroujerd sights – Photo by Saeed Asadi

At the wooden entrance of the house with its large entrance, one of the remarkable points is the design of this historical house. As soon as you enter the house and go through its long corridor, you will encounter a large courtyard, which is built in the style of Iranian architecture. 

A large mansion with a blue view, a pool with a arrangement of colorful pots, a kitchen building, a bathroom, a storage room are located in this courtyard. The interior of the mansion, like historical and old Iranian buildings, is decorated with bedspreads and artistic paintings.

This house, known as the House of Culture, is now in the possession of the Cultural Heritage Organization and is home to the Boroujerd Anthropological Museum.

Address: Boroujerd, Safa Boulevard, Red Crescent Alley, Agha Ahmadi Alley

4. Egyptian house, the art of architecture in the history of Qajar

Egyptian house - one of the sights of Boroujerd
Egyptian house – one of the sights of Boroujerd

Near the house of Kamal al-Din Nabavi Tabatabai, in the historical context of Boroujerd, there is another old house that you should not miss the pleasure of adventure in the corner. Boroujerd Egyptian House, which has been registered as one of the national monuments of Iran, is a relic of the magnificent art of architecture in the Qajar period. This house, located on Safa Street, is built in the style of Qajar houses on two floors. 

Spectacular brick decorations and tiles are the features of this elegant Iranian house that will be enjoyable for any tourist interested in historical sites. This mansion with an area of ​​nearly 800 meters and a beautiful central courtyard, is located next to Samatieh Park and is one of the sights of Boroujerd.

Address: Boroujerd, Safa Boulevard, next to Samatieh Park

5. Boroujerd Grand Bazaar

Large market of Boroujerd sights - Photo by Asadi
Large market of Boroujerd sights – Photo by Asadi

Whatever city you visit, shopping in its large and small markets will be a lovely new experience. During your trip to Boroujerd, you have the opportunity to experience shopping pleasure in addition to sightseeing and sightseeing. Boroujerd Grand Bazaar is an old and traditional building that has long been a place for business and economic prosperity of the city.

This bazaar is known among the local people of Boroujerd as “Rasa” meaning the order of the bazaar. 

This traditional commercial center of Boroujerd is one of the most important economic places in Lorestan province, which has the characteristics of Qajar architecture and still maintains its prosperity.

 So by going to this market, in addition to shopping, you can also visit one of the sights of Boroujerd where historical elements are evident. Although today we are seeing the addition of shops and stores to the traditional fabric of this market, but many parts of it are still spectacular and the sightseeing in it is hearty and nostalgic.

Rasa customers are not only the locals of Boroujerd, but also the villagers as well as the Lor and Beikhtiari nomads come to this market to buy. In this market, you can usually find whatever you want, and you can also buy traditional and attractive goods such as colorful fabrics, quilts, copper utensils, trays and the famous Warsaw samovar with beautiful designs and patterns.

Address: Boroujerd, Safa Square, Safa Boulevard, Jafari Street

6. Goldasht Boroujerd, the beautiful land of Lorestan

Goldasht is one of the sights of Boroujerd
Goldasht is one of the sights of Boroujerd

Lorestan’s climate should be considered one of the purest climates in Iran, which includes colorful paradise lands in its heart. In the heart of lush and mountainous valleys, there is one of these paradise areas called Goldasht, which, like its name, has a plain full of beautiful flowers. The presence of Goldasht in the fertile slopes of the Zagros has caused us to see a colorful cover of flowers and lush gardens in and around this area.

Water-rich rivers such as the Golrud have had a great impact on the lushness and splendor of the gardens and the yield of agricultural land. The vastness of this green cover and the existence of apple orchards on the way to reach this heavenly plain, has presented beautiful and spectacular roads to tourists. 

In spring, when the trees of this region wear the clothes of blossoms, you can see one of the most charming roads of Boroujerd. All these natural beauties are a good reason for Goldasht to become one of the most beloved sights of Boroujerd and the summers of Lorestan province.

Address: Boroujerd city, Goldasht road, 7 km from Boroujerd city

7. Chagha hill, a roof over Boroujerd

Chagha hill is one of the sights of Boroujerd
Chagha hill is one of the sights of Boroujerd

Among the sights of Boroujerd, there are many clean and charming spaces created by nature. An example of this natural landscape is Chogha hill or the roof of Boroujerd, which with a beautiful 360-degree view, has gathered the city in one frame. This tourist area is very popular among the people of Boroujerd and despite its facilities such as hotel, artificial lake, pavilion, play equipment, boating and… it is a suitable place for sightseeing and entertainment of travelers and families of Boroujerd.

 One of the most beautiful roof frames of Boroujerd is when the artificial lake of this region freezes and creates the most beautiful winter image in Boroujerd. The nature of this hill is volcanic and therefore geologically it is a unique source for volcanic rocks.

Address: West of Boroujerd city, Fadak square, Kuhsar street, entrance of Chagha hill

8. Fadak Park

Fadak Park is one of the sights of Boroujerd - Photo by Saeed Asadi
Fadak Park is one of the sights of Boroujerd – Photo by Saeed Asadi

If you are going to the lush urban parks, Boroujerd has an attractive offer for you. Fadak Park is located in the western part of the city and will be a good choice for urban fun and entertainment. Fadak is the largest park in Boroujerd and has a spectacular view of Chagha hill. 

One of the prominent features of this park is the existence of the largest artificial lake in the west of the country, which has been created by merging the other three lakes. The water of Golrood river has filled these three lakes and created an opportunity for boating and having fun on these artificial lakes.

In this park, in addition to boating, you can also experience other exciting activities such as cycling and adventure in the bird garden. Other facilities of Fadak Park include a children’s playground and a racetrack. We suggest that during your trip, make time to go to the green park of Fadak, among the sights of Boroujerd.

Address: West of Boroujerd, at the end of Dr. Fatemi Street, Fadak Square, at the beginning of Goldasht Road

9. Vanai village in Boroujerd

Vanai village is one of the sights of Boroujerd
Vanai village is one of the sights of Boroujerd

On your trip to Boroujerd, never forget to go to Vanai village. This mountain village has a pleasant nature in the texture of which you can see the most artistic frames of nature. About 19 km northwest of Boroujerd, one of the most beautiful tourist areas of Lorestan province with many springs and forests. Vanai village is in the heart of a mountain gorge that has created a pleasant nature in Boroujerd, despite the high peaks and boiling springs from the mountain slopes such as Sarab Panbeh and Sarab Sefid. 

It is interesting to know that Boroujerd drinking water is supplied from the clear springs of this village, therefore Boroujerd has one of the best drinking waters.

In the southern part of Vanai village, there are fertile plains due to the pure climate of this region, which has prospered agriculture in this village. This mountain village is one of the best domestic travel destinations for hot summer days, which welcomes tourists with its cool and invigorating climate.

 Among the sights of Boroujerd, be sure to visit the village of Vanai and do not forget to buy souvenirs. Delicious and crunchy cucumbers are famous in this area and are one of the most popular souvenirs of the village.

Address: 19 km northwest of Boroujerd, Boroujerd to Vanai road

10. Mirage of Kartol Boroujerd

Mirage of Kartol from the sights of Boroujerd - Photo from the site of the Young Journalists Club
Mirage of Kartol from Boroujerd sights – Photo from the site of the Young Journalists Club

Sarab Kartol or in other words, Sarab Kartil is another place of interest in Boroujerd in the neighborhood of the beautiful village of Tudehzan, which is one of the popular choices of tourists on most days of the year, especially in spring and summer. This mirage is located in the foothills of the Green Mountains and is one of the main options for supplying water to the agricultural lands of the region. In spring and summer, if you go to this area, you will see the river of melting snow from the heights, which has made its way green.

Address: Boroujerd old road to Ashtrinan, side road of group 24 Besat, side road of Tudehzan village

Boroujerd, like other heavenly regions of Iran, is full of spectacular nature and historical and recreational places. In this article, we tried to introduce some examples of these attractions. If you think we have missed some of the sights of this beautiful city, be sure to write to us in the comments. Boroujerd with its mountainous climate will be one of the suitable tourist destinations in spring and summer, which will welcome you with its lush nature. Travel to this western land of Iran and bring with you pure memories of this heavenly region of Lorestan.

Which cities in Iran would you like to know more about? What is the most fascinating sight of your city? Write your opinion for us to get to know our Iran better together.