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Bill Gates Has A Neutral View Of Bitcoin

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who has done a lot of philanthropic work in recent years, has little to do with cryptocurrencies and says the digital currency is alive and well.

Cryptocurrencies, In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Bill gates said:

The way some cryptocurrencies work makes criminal activity more and more possible. It is better to get rid of biological weapons, they are really bad things.

Bill Gates’ comments on the cryptocurrencies show that he is not interested in bitcoins and other digital currencies, and that these digital currencies will be misused and used by fraudsters rather than their money laundering roadmap. gets ready; A case in which decentralized digital capital has always been criticized since its inception in 2009.

In an interview aired on CNBC called Squawk Box, Bill Gates offered a balanced view of Bitcoin:

I do not have bitcoin, I have not put it aside; So I have a neutral opinion about Bitcoin.

I am also thinking of transferring money digitally to reduce transaction fees as much as possible. This is what the Gates Foundation has been doing for a long time in developing countries, and this trend continues.

“Bitcoin prices are going up or down based on market excitement, and I have no way of predicting its performance in the future,” he said.

We are seeing the price of bitcoin rise day by day, and many opponents around the world are seeking to criticize this currency code, saying that bitcoin is the solution to a problem that does not exist at all, and a lot of energy to produce just one bitcoin. It is consumed, for which no argument is accepted at all.

This interview is not Bill Gates’ first remarks about bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. He has changed his mind over and over again during the crisis.

 In 2018, he announced in an interview that he would bet against Bitcoin if he could. In an interview with CNBC two years ago, Bill Gates said:

We do not produce anything as capital by producing cryptocurrencies and therefore should not expect price increases, this is a kind of “stupid investment theory” from me.

The cryptocurrency in question, which is known almost everywhere today, Bitcoin has been trading above $ 52,000 since Thursday, an increase of 80% since the beginning of the year. 

To compare Bitcoin to the beginning of the year, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 2.7 percent, the S&P 500 4 percent, the Nasdaq 8 percent and gold, which has always been Bitcoin’s rival, down negative 6.4 percent.

With $ 123 billion in net worth, Bill Gates is the second richest man in the world after Jeff Bezos, according to Forbes.

Incumbent Microsoft CEO Brad Smith said in an interview that the company does not have an early decision to invest in bitcoin. Bill Gates is no longer a member of Microsoft’s board of directors (he resigned in March last year); But he and Microsoft executives are almost identical about Bitcoin.