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Best messenger apps of 2020

Best messenger application in 2020

messenger application are released on different platforms , and users are adding everyday .

we can mention the best messenger application including whats app , face book messenger , telegram , snap chat and …

Here are the best messenger application of 2020

Facebook messenger

some problems of messenger apps are that you need convince your friends to register they information on apps website , but most of contacts are face book members .this makes face book messenger one of best apps .

face book messenger was released in 2011 august 9th , and working on android , ios , windows and mac operating system .

face book messenger is simple and regular and manages voice call and video calls easily .

this app has many nice stickers too .


Telegram is working under various platform including android , ios and windows based on cloud computing .

independent developers and linux users could also use telegram .

this application can access 16 languages . in 2014 , paul durov founder of telegram announced telegram has 50 million active user and  2 billion messages are exchanged .

new telegram update also provides exporting chats from other messengers to telegram .

Whats app

face book gave had terrific purchases . instagram and whats app are two of most successful ones .

whats app have experienced more of  300 millions of users in 2013 .

in the world where are full of messenger apps , whats app is one the best apps in the world .

this application has a desktop version and you can use it on personal computers .

Snap chat

with snapchat help that is one the best apps for sharing pictures with other contacts .

you can have short clips and voice calls and video calls .

snapchat is just an app to share your daily hubbies . with recent updates is more look like face book .

Signal Private Message

there are many app which brag about their high security system .

signal is one the apps that security is its priority .

encrypted messeges in this app and its an alternative apps you can use .