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Authentication API; New UAID Service To Businesses

Using the UAID authentication API service has numerous benefits for online businesses and participatory economics platforms.

Have you ever earn , and your work has been faced with this problem have the user who registered on the platform to have an account of his to put at the disposal of another person or even fraud? And this leads to cost and loss of customer business and your job

Today, building trust and reliable environment for one of the concerns and challenges of any business and labor organizations, particularly businesses participatory economics; Because if identity theft happens and loss account to see more than one forger, collaborative platform for the economy knows .

At present, the platform for participation in the world economy has grown and how many users on the service or product provider or the use of, has attracted the Andes. In so that the report shows that by 2025 to 335 billion dollars worth of business participatory economy. This means a growth of 2.293% compared to 2014 .

Both users and providers of goods and services, only if you trust the platform, that platform, you participatory economy measures in order to protect it from physical, financial or emotional, is thought.

Global statistics indicate that 83% of users platform for participatory economy if it is to gain confidence, to introduce it to people and makes the scale of it can be .

Hence, authentication and user authentication, one of the measures and key in building trust and security, providing services and products to businesses, especially online businesses is considered to be .

UAI Authentication Service

Yvaydy leading platform authentication, Ydya for businesses that want to enter those prone to fraud in their system, stop solution unique to the individual offer. Yvaydy, for authentication and detection accuracy of the information they provide to verify your identity , the artificial intelligence used to.

Algorithms, artificial intelligence solution that has been used Yvaydy authentication , include the detection of viability (Liveness detection) and face detection (Face verification) is.

Using this algorithm in an integrated solution, in addition to a better user experience and improved security, accuracy higher than 97% for authentication and user authentication providesA .

Yvaydy authentication solution ever application of ups and 724, in order to get the code exchange in absentia and Sana Systems, for user registration, implementation of daily and over 20. 000 authentication is successful .

UAID Authentication Service API

So far, the company pioneering generation of intelligent insight, your authentication service for Software Development Kit application or the SDK version of the web as well as for platforms Android and iOS , businesses and organizations , including companies deposit investment has provided the central and the judiciary; But recently the series, your authentication service in the form of interface software or API also has provided .

The difference between the two products is that in the authentication SDK service , there is a need to inquire about the registration information of the person from the National Registration Organization, but in the authentication API service , this need has been eliminated and the possibility of matching identity information and users’ faces with information registered it in any of the databases are available .

So, all the businesses that previously received user information in the registration process , they will be able to authenticate their users step next application or web site account, through API authentication, registered with the same information. Check and verify in the database .

Subject authentication participatory economy, especially in businesses that usually the two anonymous user intend to carry out a transaction or trade of their importance can be.

The businesses usually one of the parties, the user is fixed and when they intend to provide a service or product to users of other platforms participatory economy is considered necessary to verify his identity, sensible and necessary cause.

For example, in SNAP Khodro’s participatory economics platform, there is a need for driver authentication when accepting trips, and for SNAP Doctor’s business, there is a need for physicians to authenticate before providing and while providing medical services to patients to avoid any forgery and mistrust in the system.

How does the UAI Authentication API work?

The main function of the service API authentication Yvaydy, call records of the user in the system and implement it with the information that the user is currently using the platform, you can not.

In fact, the user needs to be authenticated once in the system; Therefore, the API service will be useful in cases where there is a need to review and authenticate the user .

As soon as there is a need to re-authenticate the person, the user must take a selfie after entering the platform. Yvaydy artificial intelligence, user check the viability of the current image and the image of the person registered on the system by the ID he calls and see the current Salafist party is compared to.

If the two faces are fully matched, the person’s identity will be verified and they will be able to reuse the platform .

The API authentication steps are shown in the figure below:

You ID

Benefits of using the UAI Authentication API

Using the UID authentication API service has numerous advantages for online businesses and participatory economics platforms, some of which are listed here:

  • Very fast and easy implementation
  • Eliminate the need for costly infrastructure
  • Help create more security by quickly verifying users at every step required
  • Ability to authenticate users with just one selfie
  • Possibility to improve artificial intelligence algorithms through continuous training

UAIDI is fully prepared to work with businesses. If you wish to use the UAID Authentication API service, visit the UAID website and fill out the meeting request form; Our partners will contact you as soon as possible.