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Attractions Of Talesh; Travel In The Nature Treasure Of Gilan

It may be a little hard to imagine that Talesh was once one of the largest cities in Iran. A land that reached the Caucasus Albania from the north, the SpeedRoad from the south, the Caspian Sea from the east, and Ardabil and Moghan from the west .

 It was also one of the most important areas culturally and economically, and of course its antiquity has been attributed to before the settlement of the Aryans on the vast plateau of Iran. 

The sights of Talesh are many, both natural and historical. Mountains such as the Pearl of Talesh, pristine forests with tall and old trees, waterfalls and roaring rivers, and the hospitable people of this city join hands to make a unique trip to the city of Talesh.

 Be our unique companion in this nature tour.

The most important sights of Talesh

Attractions of Talesh
Photo by Iman Etemadifar

This city is full of beauty for nature lovers. The famous forests of this part of Gilan province are the jewel of this province and sightseeing in beautiful summer villages in every corner of Talesh city is considered as a separate trip. If you are unaware of the geography and natural attractions of this area, take a look at the list below.

1. Gisum Forest Park, the opposite of the sea and the forest

Sights of Talesh - Gisum Forest

Crossing an asphalt road with towering trees, you will find a paradise corridor in front of you. This region is considered one of the most pristine forests in Iran. Gisum forest with an area of ​​about eighty hectares will take you to Gisum beach . Visiting this attraction is an arrow and two signs. You can relax on the forest road and of course in the width of the forest and enjoy the green and beautiful nature of the area or you can be a guest of Talesh road until the end and reach Gisum beach. A beach with silver sand, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caspian Sea.

Sights of Talesh - Gisum Beach

Gisum Forest Park is home to about 76 species of plants and hosts spring and seasonal plants in the spring. This area became a tourist area about 15 years ago. Since then, many recreational facilities have been added to it.

Attractions Talesh - Grazing horses in the beautiful forest of Gisum

You can walk and bike in the cool jungle , relax in the pavilions and go to the children’s playground. You can also try jet skiing on the beach of Gisum so that the excitement is part of the memory of your trip to this pristine and beautiful area of ​​Gilan. From late April to early May is the best time to visit Gisum Forest Park and see its spring beauties.

۲. Subatan, the border summer of Gilan and Ardabil

Sights of Talesh - Subatan

If you are looking for a village with heavenly coolness, Subatan is your destination. A village that reaches the Talesh forests from the east and Lake Nevar in Ardabil from the west, and this special geography has caused it to have its own climate and to borrow greenery from both provinces. The houses in this area are all rural and the people are mostly engaged in animal husbandry. You can camp overnight in the heights of Subatan to enjoy the beautiful view of the meadows, especially in spring. Also, buying livestock products, especially local butter and yogurt from locals, can be the best souvenir to return. Most of these products are made in handmade jars of the villagers and therefore have a unique taste and quality.

Sights of Talesh - Subatan hills

If you are a traveler in this area in spring and summer, you can also see the black tents of the nomads around the green hills of the village. Do not miss the Subatan Anthropological Museum, Alchaq Natural and Forest Park and the traditional Subatan Bazaar on your trip to this green spot in Iran.

3. Black Forest Park, sleigh rides in the beautiful forest of Talesh

Sights of Talesh - Black Forest Park

Siah Daran is the name of one of the busiest villages in Talesh city. The reason for naming this area also goes back to its pristine and different nature. Past geographical maps show that the area was covered with soaring oak trees. This mass of trees prevented light from passing deep into the forest, and for this reason, after the people settled in this area, they chose the name of the blacksmiths. Although the Black Forest Park does not have that huge mass of towering oak trees today, it is one of the most beautiful sights of Talesh and attracts many tourists. Plant and animal species in this area are very large and beautiful. For this reason, part of the forest park is a protected area for black deer and its geese. You can also visit this protected area.

Sightseeing Talesh - Sledding in the Black Forest

One of the attractions that has been added to this park for several years is the Talesh Rail Sled. Due to the fact that the level of this area is a little higher than other places, by trying sledding, you can see the most beautiful view of the city under your feet in a few minutes. The length of this sledge is 810 meters and it passes through the heart of the black forest.

4. Saragah Lake, tranquility in the path of effort

Sights of Talesh - Saragah Lake

If you are a professional photographer and you are looking for a unique and of course secluded view, Saragah Lake is our offer for you. A lake that, although not very large, is one of the most beautiful places in Talesh due to its location in the circle of green mountains and meadows. Locals believe that the water of this lake is supplied from groundwater springs. Saragah Lake is also a place for fish farming.

5. Salsal Castle, a deserted but magnificent survivor

Sights of Talesh - Salsal Castle

It is located at the highest point of Qaleh Doosh Lisar neighborhood and although it has been damaged a lot over time due to negligence, it is one of the most beautiful surviving castles in the history of Iran. Shower Castle is a neighborhood that seems to carry and carry the castle. That is why they chose this name for him. To get to the castle, you must get help from a mobile map or local guides. Because you will not see the signpost to reach it.

Sights of Talesh - Lisar shower castle

Salsal Castle is a stone fortress that is about a thousand years old. Historical narratives show that the castle was built by a person named Salsal and was in fact a place for him to rule the city. The stones of the building are covered with moss and ferns, and although this castle has not been properly protected, it is one of the must-see places that you must see.

6. Espieh Mozgat, Iranian shrine from the fire temple to the mosque

Sightseeing of Talesh - Espeh Mazget

This building can be considered the greenest and most diverse old building in Talesh. Spieh Mosque is in fact one of the fire temples of the Iranians, the exact time of its construction is not known. But the inscriptions introduce it as belonging to the fourth century and the beginning of the fifth century. Ancient objects have been obtained from this place of worship, which belong to the time of the Ilkhanids. The fire temple of Spieh Mazgat changed its use to a mosque after Islam, and people worshiped there for many years. Now only the main porch of this building remains, which is being restored. Espi Mozgat means White Mosque.

7. Marian, host of the oldest prehistoric cemetery in Iran

Sights of Talesh - Marian

Summer and highland villages are all good destinations for day camps. Marian is one of these villages, which of course is one of the most important parts of the effort. The high hills and all greenery and the beautiful landscape of Talesh have made this village a lovely destination for tourists. But Marian is not only famous for its beautiful nature. This village hosts important historical monuments. The oldest cemetery in Iran is located in this area. A cemetery that dates back to prehistoric Iran. The old bath and the summer palace of Sardar Amjad are other sights of the beautiful village of Marian.

8. Shakrdasht, the spring residence of the people of Talesh

Sights of Talesh - Shakrdast

This is one of the most spring attractions in Talesh. An area where you just have to sit away from technology and worries in the green meadows and anemone plains and listen to the magnificent sound of nature while drinking northern tea. Shakrdasht is one of the most beautiful areas of Talesh that people travel to spend their spring and summer.

Shakrdasht is one of the most beautiful northern regions of the country for nature lovers. Despite its beauty, this area has remained largely untouched. If you are a traveler, be a good trustee of nature.

9. Varzan waterfall, beautiful mountain

Attractions of Talesh

Varzan waterfall is one of the most beautiful sights of Talesh, which is located about 36 km from this city. The water of this waterfall enters the river after flowing and forms a beautiful part of the nature of this region. There are green and flat pastures around the river where you can camp and enjoy nature.

10. Emerald waterfall, a beautiful jewel of effort

Attractions of Talesh

In any season of the year, traveling to this region can show you its own wonder and beauty. Emerald waterfall is located among the forests of Hawiq and with its beautiful view that it creates among the layered rocks, it is one of the important tourist destinations in Talesh. You will walk about 9 km from this waterfall to Hawiq village.

Talesh is considered one of the most beautiful cities in northern Iran. A city whose nature is famous for tourists. When traveling to this area, be the guardian of its beautiful natural resources.