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Asia’s Most Popular Tourist Attractions; 24 Cities To See

When it comes to travel and tourism to the ancient world, usually the first countries that come to most people’s minds are the popular tourist attractions of Asian countries.

There are so many temples and antiquities, beautiful and paradise islands and pristine and unique nature in this vast continent that everyone can enjoy them with any taste and purpose of travel.

In this article , we will introduce 25 of Asia’s tourist attractions .

1. Bali – Indonesia

Bali is one of the beautiful islands of Indonesia and one of the tourist attractions of Asia, which is quite similar to a live postcard. The sights of Bali and the various attractions of this wonderful land are so many that you will not be bored at all. For example, you can lie on beautiful white sand and sunbathe.

If you like scuba diving, you can swim in the deep sea and enjoy watching the tropical creatures through the coral reefs. The wreckage of a ship left over from World War II is also under water, which is not without merit.

Asia - Bali Tourist Attractions

Dense forests on the coast cover the stone temples, home to playful monkeys. If you are interested in learning about the culture of the countries , you can visit the city of Ubud, which is the artistic center of Bali. Ubud is the best place to watch local culture shows with rhythmic movements. You can attend design workshops on fabric or silverware or go to a yoga class and spend some time relaxing to free your mind.

2. Phuket – Thailand

Asia - Phuket Tourist Attractions

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and another tourist attraction in Asia. The island with its beautiful Andaman Sea, just like a big magnet, attracts lovers of the sea and professional divers. Blue Wetlands and Golden-Orange Sunset are some of Phuket’s attractions that can make your dream vacation the most memorable one. One of the most popular activities in this area is water sports. Don’t forget to visit the island’s aquariums, gardens and Buddhist temples after sunbathing and soaking in the water.

3. Simorip – Cambodia

Asia Tourist Attractions - Cambodia Cultural Village

When the morning light shines on the temples covered with plants and the ruins of Angkor Wat, the scene of the sunrise becomes an indescribable event. Angkor Wat is one of the largest religious buildings in the world, containing a collection of ancient structures and temples. This complex and the city of Angkor, which belong to the twelfth century, are the main reasons to visit the city of Simorip. If you are interested in the history and culture of the countries, visit the Cambodian Cultural Village and get acquainted with the national history of this country. Another attraction of Angkor is the night market, which has stalls, various shops, restaurants and other facilities for spending time.

4. Hanoi – Vietnam

Asia Tourist Attractions - Ho Chi Minh Tomb

The charming capital of Vietnam still retains the old texture of its neighborhoods, monuments and colonial architecture. However, along with this old texture, you can also see new style buildings. Today, no one may know Hanoi by its former names, including Tanglang and Ascending Dragon, but the city has never forgotten its past. Evidence of this is the monuments such as Ho Chi Minh Tomb and Hoa Lo Prison. Lakes, parks, boulevards under the shade of big trees and more than 600 temples and pagodas have added to the charm of this city. One of the interesting points of this city is that you can take a taxi wherever you want to go. Taxis cover the entire city.

5. Tokyo – Japan

Asia - Tokyo Tourist Attractions

In Tokyo, you can easily see the signs of traditional culture and modern culture together. On the one hand you can pay homage to the ancient temples and on the other hand you can have fun in places of entertainment. If you wake up before sunrise, you will hear the lively sound of a fish auction at Toyosu Market. In addition, walking under the blossoms of the cherry trees that stretch along the Sumida River has a special beauty that you will always remember.

Asian Tourist Attractions - One of the types of Vagashi sweets
Vagashi sweets

When traveling to Japan, don’t forget the beautiful Oriental Gardens of the Royal Palace and the Edo-Tokyo Museum. If you want to mourn, be sure to try sushi, Oden noodles and traditional Vagashi sweets! They are very tasty and popular.

6. Kathmandu – Nepal

Asia - Kathmandu Tourist Attractions

The beautiful capital of Nepal, which is one of the tourist attractions of Asia, is located in a valley surrounded by historical monuments, ancient temples, shrines and wonderful and beautiful villages. You can walk among the historical monuments of Darbar Square with the locals. If you like walking, join the people who go to the mountains by cart and walk along the busy path of Thamel.

Asia - Kathmandu Tourist Attractions
Kathmandu handicrafts

If you want to buy souvenirs, in the shops you can find works of art made by the locals themselves, such as carpets and paintings, which are very beautiful and valuable.

7. Jaipur – India

Asia - Jaipur Tourist Attractions

On a trip to India, if you look at the magnificent plastered buildings that surround the wide streets of Jaipur, you will understand why it is called the “Pink City”. Most of the buildings in this area are light pink in color, which is very eye-catching. Attractions in Jaipur include City Palace, Hawaii, and the forts of Amer and Jaigar.

Asia - Jaipur Tourist Attractions

You can also go to one of the Jaipur markets to buy souvenirs. If you are looking for a unique souvenir, we offer you a pair of traditional patterned slippers made of Jaipur camel leather that you will not find anywhere else!

8. Hong Kong – China

Asia Tourist Attractions - Hong Kong

Delicious Chinese cuisine, floating islands and a unique skyline are just some of Hong Kong’s tourist attractions . The traditional Chinese architecture in the village of Engongping is spectacular. Take one of the trolleys that pass over Victoria Peak to see the unparalleled view. The beautiful cliffs and hills of “Nanliangarden” bring you inner peace that is not easy to get rid of. On a nature trip to China , you can visit the Chi Lin Buddhist Monastery and enjoy the amazing silence there. Don’t forget to have a cup of delicious tea at Stanley Cafe.

9. Seoul – South Korea

Asia Tourist Attractions - Seoul Tower

Seoul is the commercial and cultural center of South Korea and another tourist attraction in Asia, where skyscrapers soar over Buddhist temples. The most important of these is the Seoul Tower. The tower was built on top of a peak in Namsan Park. Be sure to visit this beautiful tower. If you want to taste different kinds of Korean food with different flavors, do not miss Insadong teahouses and restaurants. The best places to visit the historical monuments are the museums of Gyeongbokgong Palace and Changdeokung Gong Palace. Changdeokongong Palace is a great example of ancient architecture. The work is also inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

10. Goa – India

Asia - Goa Tourist Attractions

If you love the sea and the beach, the sandy beach of Goa Island is great for lying down and sunbathing. Or you can lie on the beds on the beach and watch the sun shine on the horizon as you taste your cool drink. In any case, you will feel indescribable pleasure in this beautiful beach.

Asia - Goa Tourist Attractions
Church of Bomegizos

One of the best places to see the monuments is the beautiful Bom Jesus Church in Old Goa. The church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an excellent example of irregular Baroque architecture. If you go there at Christmas, you can see the wonderful blend of cultural and religious elements of East and West at the same time.

11. Bangkok – Thailand

Asia - Bangkok Tourist Attractions

Golden palaces, floating markets (boats that float on the water and sell a variety of products) and magnificent conical minarets have made Bangkok a complete painting and one of Asia’s top tourist attractions. There is really no capital in the world like Bangkok.

Asia - Goa Tourist Attractions
Bangkok Floating Markets

Pratunam Shopping Mall or Siam Square, as well as European-style Dusit Gardens, are among Bangkok’s attractions . The extraordinarily beautiful Wat Arun Temple in Thon Buri and the Wat Pho Temple with its large elongated Buddha statue are excellent examples of Bangkok monuments. Of course, the magnificent and glorious Grand Palace is no less than that, and we suggest you visit it. By the way, do not forget to try the sticky rice with mango in Bangkok food stalls!

12. Hoyan – Vietnam

Asia Tourist Attractions - Hui An

Huang is located off the coast of central Vietnam. From the 15th to the 19th century, this city was one of the most important commercial ports in Southeast Asia, but now it has become a tourist city and one of the tourist attractions of Asia. On the fourteenth day of the lunar month, the lights go out and turn on the traditional colored lanterns, which create a stunning view of the city. One of the most spectacular sights of Hui, which has well preserved its ancient texture, is the Japanese Covered Bridge and the Kwanokong Temple. By the way, this city has very professional tailors. You can order any clothes you like so that they can sew and deliver them while you are in the mood.

13. Kyoto – Japan

Asia - Kyoto Tourist Attractions
Fushimi Temple ‌Inari

Kyoto shrines and temples make a rare connection between modern city life and its ancient past. In the shrine of Shimogamo, which belongs to the sixth century, there is such silence and tranquility that it seems as if time has stopped. You can feel the spiritual power of this temple with all your being. In addition, the Fushimi Inari Temple and the huge Thousand Armed Kannon statue at the Sanjūsangen-dō Temple are important tourist attractions in Kyoto. If you want to eat, we suggest you choose one of the restaurants overlooking the Camus River. In these restaurants, you can enjoy your food in peace and quiet and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

14. Chiang Mai – Thailand

Asia Tourist Attractions - Chiang Mai

You will not regret it if you spend all your vacation in Chiang Mai only in the night market of this city. Of course, the market is not the only attraction of this city. To get acquainted with the local culture of Chiang Mai, you can go to the National Museum. If you are also interested in flowers, you can smell the fragrance of Thai orchids in the botanical garden. In the center of the city, there are remnants of the old walls of more than 30 temples that appeal to historians. If you are in the mood, climb the 300 steps to the top of the hills and visit the beautiful Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep.

15. New Delhi – India

Asian Tourist Attractions - New Delhi
Jantarmantar Observatory

The beautiful capital of India is a city that is both chaotic and quiet. Cows in the city walk the streets for themselves and nobody cares! One of the tourist attractions of New Delhi is the Red Fort of the 17th century, which has many beautiful domes and minarets, and the other is the Chandni Chowk Market, which is located directly in front of it. In this market, you can practice bargaining with sellers as much as you want!

Jantarmantar Observatory is one of the most spectacular places in the city. This observatory has the largest index of the sun and astronomical instruments you have ever seen. They are still used to predict the weather. The Gate of India is also one of the national monuments of this country. Residents and tourists gather there to watch the memorial service for soldiers killed in World War I and the Afghan-British War III.

16. Beijing – China

Asia - Beijing Tourist Attractions
The Forbidden City

The Chinese capital, with a history of more than 3,000 years, must have had so many antiquities. From the Harmony Hall to the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City, you can soak up the spirit of history in Beijing. Of course, this city has not neglected the construction of magnificent historical monuments in the new era. Works such as the Mao Memorial Hall and Tiananmen Square are among the most ancient buildings. In addition, we suggest you visit the Great Wall of China, the world’s tallest man-made structure.

Asia - Beijing Tourist Attractions
Pan Jia Yuan Market

But an interesting suggestion! Many tourists choose the Silk Market. Our suggestion is to look in the Pan Jia Yuan market instead to have a completely different experience. The variety of goods, especially antiques and handicrafts in this large market is so great that you can not get out without buying. The sellers of this market are very friendly.

17. Dunang – Vietnam

Asia Tourist Attractions - Danang

The beautiful city of Danang, with its very warm-hearted people (the reason for which is unknown but is said to be because of their delicious food!) Is one of the tourist attractions of Asia. The limestone caves and Buddhist caves in the Marble Mountains are of stunning beauty that you will never get tired of exploring. However, most of the city’s fame goes back to its food. If you have a tummy tuck, you have chosen a good place to walk. In this city, there are special cooking tours and you can taste a variety of local dishes with wonderful flavors. Also try noodle soup and street food in Danang City.

18. Krabi – Thailand

Asia - Krabi Tourist Attractions

Krabi is a wonderful city with dense forests, limestone cliffs and small islands floating on the other side of the Andaman Sea. This city is located in the south of Thailand and is the most beautiful city in Krabi province. The Buddhist temples in the heart of the Tiger Cave are one of the city’s most attractive tourist destinations, and local monks still work there. From the river piers you can take small boats or boats and go diving, rock climbing or sunbathing on the white sandy beaches.

19. Singapore – Singapore

Asia - Singapore Tourist Attractions

Singapore’s sights are no less than those of science fiction comic books. There are countless street restaurants in Singapore where you can try their delicious food. The city also hosts Singaporean cooking classes. These classes are very fun and you can attend them.

Singapore’s botanical gardens and gardens near the bay seem like a piece of paradise. Be sure to visit the Sands SkyPark. The view there will give you the feeling of walking on clouds. Singapore’s beaches and promenades are also full of vibrant local activities and liveliness. All this has made Singapore one of the most attractive cities in Asia for tourism.

20. Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Asia Tourist Attractions - Ho Chi Minh City
Pagoda of Emperor Jade

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam, which regulates the speed of cultural and economic development of the whole country. Formerly known as Saigon, the city attracts tourists with its beautiful French colonial architecture and wide boulevards. This is why it is usually very crowded. You can use taxis to explore this city. One of the most interesting historical monuments of Ho Chi Minh City is the surviving museums from the Vietnam War, which narrates this war from the perspective of the Vietnamese. The Pagoda of the Emperor Jade is also one of the most magnificent buildings in the city that we suggest you visit.

The natural landscapes of Ho Chi Minh City are also beautiful, especially the Mekong Delta. There you will find beautiful boat houses and rice fields. You can go there with a tour.

Asia Tourist Attractions - Ho Chi Minh City
Mekong Delta Tour

The best option for eating and shopping, especially for beautiful flowers, is Ben Thanh Bazaar. Needless to say, this market offers a variety of frogs for both buying and eating. Be careful what you eat!

21. Shanghai – China

Asia - Shanghai Tourist Attractions

Shanghai is the largest and most famous city in China. A trip to Shanghai gives visitors the opportunity to learn about China’s past, present and future at the same time. The Huangpu River divides Shanghai into two parts: the Pudong and the Puki. In the Pudong section, the horizon line scene is very interesting and looks like a comic book. A smooth line in the middle of which are several tall buildings and a radio and television tower (which from a distance looks exactly like a double-headed lollipop) in an interesting way. In the Pokémon section, you can walk along the riverfront and enjoy the old Shanghai atmosphere.

22. Taipei – Taiwan

Asia - Taipei Tourist Attractions

Taipei has beautiful tourist attractions, but is best known for its cheap, varied and delicious food. The Taipei restaurants may not be stylish and up-to-date, but the quality of their food is superb. There is a great variety of restaurants in this city and each of them prepares food in a certain style. In addition to Taiwanese cuisine, the restaurants serve dishes from regions across China, India, Japan and even Italian cuisine. Just remember to make room for snacks: Taipei street food is really addictive!

23. Lombok – Indonesia

Asia - Lombok Tourist Attractions

Lombok is almost no different from paradise with its pristine natural beaches, crystalline waterfalls and very high volcanoes. The white beaches of Kuta, with its deep blue sea and beautiful waves, are the dream of surfers. The Sekotong area, with its clear waters and soft, hard coral reefs, is a great place for scuba diving and deep water exploration. The Gili Islands in the north (which can be reached by small boats or boats) are great for fun water sports such as diving, boating and fishing.

24. Osaka – Japan

Asia - Osaka Tourist Attractions

With a population of nearly 9 million, Osaka is a city with a stronger economy than both Hong Kong and Thailand. The city is very stylish and clean and has many shopping malls and restaurants. Osaka nights are as busy as the day. Osaka is the most attractive area in Kansai for tourism. Kyoto World Heritage, Nara Temple and the eerie cemetery of Koya-san (which can be reached by train in 90 minutes) are just some of the attractions of this city. In addition, be sure to visit the Aquarium, Osaka Castle, Japan World Studios and the Floating Garden Observatory.

25. Cabo Island – Visaya, Philippines

Asia - Cebu Tourist Attractions

Cebu is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the Philippines, located in Visaya. From the white sand beaches of Mactan to the glossy blue waterfalls of Kawasan and the Oslob sharks, they all show why the area is so attractive to tourists.