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Arjan Plain; A Resort In The Nature Of Persia

In the vast and colorful nature of Iran, there are small lands that, like a cozy and crowded hangout, with their simplicity and beauty, convey a pleasant peace to a person.

 On the side of the road from Shiraz to Qaemiyeh, somewhere between Shiraz and Kazerun, one of these nature hangouts is located. Arjan plain is one of the most characteristic areas of Shiraz city that the people of the surrounding cities, including Kazerun and Shiraz, are fascinated by sightseeing and spending time in it. 

Follow our companion to go to this dream plain and experience peace in the heart of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of urbanization.

The Kazerunis and Shirazis, after leaving the city, have to drive approximately 60 kilometers to reach this small paradise of Persia and experience the joy of life in its green nature. The beauty of Arjan plain, in addition to the people of Shiraz, fascinates many tourists and many travelers go to it every year.

The pleasant atmosphere of Arjan plain

Arjan plain is full of good mood and travelers and residents of Shiraz and Kazerun, with an hour drive to this lovely garden. They relax in the green plain and its gardens and complete their fun by eating in the restaurants and cafes of this area.

Arjan plain is one of the spectacular attractions and one of the beautiful and special plains of Iran, near which the southern Zagros mountain range has risen. This plain has its own sights; Waterfalls, lakes and animals, diverse vegetation and trees that stand out in its green background show a heavenly view of Arjan.

Cheroniz Falls; The icy queen of Shiraz winters

Arjan Waterfall - Sights of Arjan Plain
Arjan Waterfall

Arjan Falls, known locally as Cheroniz, flows down from the lofty cliffs of the area, and the soothing sound of running water surrounds it. This sound is the most audible symphony of nature in Arjan. In winter, the waterfall has a spectacular view and at sub-zero temperatures in this area, the mountain is decorated with crystal strips of ice. Winter transforms Cheroniz into the icy queen of Arjan before the tumult of spring.

Relaxing beauty of Arjan Lake and Wetland

Sights of Arjan plain - Arjan lake
Arjan Lake – Photo by Pedram Ghahramanloo

Wherever there is a trace of water, the life force is found in the corner and a sense of life is transmitted to man. In Arjan plain, in addition to Cheroniz waterfall, blue color is still found and the presence of Arjan lake and its lagoon is another sign of the presence of water in this area.

This freshwater lake, with an area of ​​about two thousand hectares, is very important and finds a unique beauty with the flight of migratory birds over it. The wetland of this region with its tall reeds has beautified Lake Arjan and in addition to the water flow of the Dalaki River, it is revived and filled with water due to the rains.

Unfortunately, today, with human intervention, this wetland has been treated unkindly and some of its reeds have been destroyed due to plowing of the land by farmers as well as fires.

Historical monuments in the neighborhood of Lake Arjan

Bishapour is one of the sights of Arjan plain

It is about 65 km from Lake Arjan to the ancient city of Bishapour in the center of Kazerun. This historical city, which shows the intelligence of Iranians in urban design, is a valuable relic from the Sassanid era. The inscription and relief of Bishapour narrate the ancient antiquity and historical history of the city to archaeologists.

In the Bishapour valley, there is another valuable Sassanid historical monument called the Temple of Anahita, which is built in the shape of a cube without a roof, in the style of a special Achaemenid architecture, and from its cladding one can see the glory of the ancient history of Iran.

Shapur Cave is one of the sights of Arjan plain

Also, near the city of Bishapour, there is another attraction called Shapur Cave, which should not be missed during the trip to Arjan Plain. At the entrance of the cave, a statue of Shapur I is displayed. This ancient sculpture, the result of the artistic carving of their stone, is in front of one of the columns of the cave and is another seal on the confirmation of the intelligence and art of the people of ancient Iran.

Animals that have made the Arjan plain valuable

Photo by Vahid Bahadori
Photo by Vahid Bahadori

In the past, the name of Arjan plain was known as Persian lion, and in the protected area of ​​this plain, these rare species were born. Unfortunately, there is no news of Iranian lions living in this area today. Due to hunting as well as human unkindness in changing environmental conditions, the possibility of breeding these lions has been eliminated. Nevertheless, arjan still has its own beauties and many animals are found in the protected area of ​​Arjan. Cattle, sheep, deer and deer are examples of these lovable creatures.

The admirable beauty of Parishan Lake

Parishan Lake - Photo by Farid Attar - Arjan Plain
Parishan Lake – Photo by Farid Attar

After the tour, you should go to Parishan Lake in Kazerun and be filled with the good and relaxing mood of this lake. Parishan Lake is located about 60 km from Arjan plain. The path leading to the lake is very special and spectacular in spring and completes the beauty of this lake. Parishan freshwater lake, also known as Famour, is nestled in the high walls of the mountain.

Enthusiasm for shopping in the markets of Arjan plain

Photo by Mohammad Reza Dehdari - - Arjan plain bazaars
Photo by Mohammad Reza Dehdari

Arjan village is well known for its local bazaars and shopping in this area is one of the attractions of traveling to Arjan plain. In these local markets, which are especially noisy during the travel season, you can prepare a variety of local foods and delicacies, such as pickles, local delicacies, cranberries, colorful seasonal fruits, etc. and enjoy this shopping tour.

This bazaar is a paradise for those who love pickles. It is home to a variety of sour and colorful flavors that will make your mouth water and tempt you to buy.

Towards Arjan plain

Nature tourism in Arjan plain - Photo by Vahid Bahadori
Arjan Plain – Photo by Vahid Bahadori

A trip to Arjan plain will undoubtedly be one of your most enjoyable trips and the spectacular scenery of this nature tour will remain in your mind. Spend time in this green plain and go to the waterfall, the lake and all its beauties, and along with walking and having fun, take care of the health and preservation of this green treasure of Shiraz.

Arjan is located in the west of Shiraz and east of Kazerun and is waiting for tourists who are fascinated by nature. Do not forget to take photos on your trip to this green plain and tell how this exciting trip is for those who want to go to this spectacular place.