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Appearance in English: A description of appearance and personality in English with examples

Familiarity with physical attributes

Appearance is used in English to describe the appearance and personality of people. You can express the positive and negative points about the appearance and personality of people.

This note examines these attributes and how to use them. In each section, there is a list of attributes needed to describe the appearance and personality of people that you can use.

Appearance in English to describe a person’s appearance

In English, there are two ways to describe a person. Describing a person’s appearance is one of the most common things you should know because it is one of the most used topics you will encounter.

You can describe a person’s appearance like the following sentences. In these sentences, a person’s height, hair and eyes are described with the help of physical attributes.

In addition, you can describe a person’s personality with the help of adjectives in English, as in the following sentences .

She is really nice .

They are really cool friends.

We are very friendly people.

In this section, a list of appearance traits has been prepared that you can use to describe a person’s appearance.

  • Height: Tall and Short

He is short.

  • Body : Skinny, Thin, Fat, Overweight and Slim

I am not fat.

  • Hair: Blonde, Brown hair, Red hair, Black hair and Gray hair

He is gray hair .

  • Eyes: Gray eyes, Green eyes, Blue eyes, Brown eyes and Dark eyes

Does he have dark eyes?

  • Hair types: Long hair, Short hair, Wavy hair, Curly hair and Straight hair

We have straight hair.

Adjective in English

Character description using an adjective in English

As mentioned, an adjective in English can be use to describe a person’s personality. This type of description refers to individual differences in a person’s feelings, behaviors, and beliefs.

This description describes the person from two contexts. One is understanding individual characteristics such as a person’s sociality or irritability, and the other is how different characteristics and components come together.


You can use the following list to describe people:

  • Positive traits:

Positive appearance traits

  • Negative traits:

Negative appearance traits

We use the following sentences to express and describe personality and appearance in English. After each sentence, examples are giving to acquaint you with how to use these sentences.


Examples of physical traits

Familiarity with the adjective in English without knowing how to use it in a sentence can not help you. This section provides examples that describe some of the positive or negative characteristics of a person. In addition, how to ask about a person’s personality and appearance is examining in the form of several questions.

He is shy , he never talks to anybody.

He is always kind with new students.

She is jealous , she does not want others to win.

Maria is very irresponsible , she never does her homework.

I am very brave , I face dangerous and difficult situations.

I consider myself lazy , I do not like to work hard.

Do you consider yourself a negative person?

How would you describe your husband or wife?

Can you describe your personality?

How would you describe an extrovert person?

Do you think that you are selfish person?

What kinds of people do you get along well with?

How would you describe your favorite teacher