Anyone Who Wants Thick And Long Hair Should Read This

Anyone Who Wants Thick And Long Hair Should Read This

Hair Stylists And Dermatologists Believe That To Have The Most Beautiful And Thickest Hair In The World, One Should Pay Attention To An Important Part Of The Head.

The secret to having beautiful thick hair is in taking care of the scalp

Undoubtedly, beautiful hair starts from the root of the hair; hair should be healthy and beautiful from the heart. When you have damaged and dry hair, you look for treatments and products that focus on the health of your hair.

But you don’t pay much attention to the scalp, the exact place where the hair follicles grow from, and the biggest favor you do is to shampoo them; It means that you spend a lot of money on taking care of the hair shaft and the scalp, which is much more critical; You don’t care; But ignoring the scalp can be the cause of hair problems, which we will explain in detail.

Why should we not neglect scalp care?

Famous make-up artists who work for celebrities have mentioned the importance of scalp care and believe that the scalp care routine should not neglect. If you want healthy hair, it is essential to focus on your scalp first and nourish this area because a healthy scalp provides a healthy environment and a suitable substrate for hair growth.

The condition of your scalp directly affects your hair. An unhealthy scalp causes flaking, itching, and other skin problems, which can exacerbate by using the wrong products.

itchy head

Symptoms of scalp problems

Treat your scalp like your face. Experts in this field; A healthy scalp is described as a non-inflamed skin that has a good appearance; It means that it has provided a balanced environment for hair growth.

One of the symptoms of an unhealthy scalp is itching, which may be a sign of a simple scalp condition (such as dandruff associated with dryness) or a more serious medical condition such as dermatitis, psoriasis, planopilaris, or even eczema.

Sometimes itchy scalp is normal; But if it is continuous and lasts more than three months, you must see a dermatologist; Also, consider healthy habits such as regular washing, scalp massage, and use of SPF on the scalp.

On the other hand, redness and excessive hair loss are other signs of an unhealthy scalp.