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Anti Malware To Protect Your Data

Since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has taken the trouble to download and install antivirus from its users, but is it the best antivirus for Windows 10 Defender?

Early in its release, Microsoft Antivirus was known as Microsoft Security Essentials. It was also downloadable as a completely separate program in early release in Windows 7, but today it is a default part of Windows 10 and Windows 8. It is set and enabled by default.

Many users believe that having a separate antivirus is absolutely necessary for operating systems, we will discuss this issue together today.

Having Two Anti Viruses

With the introduction of Microsoft Antivirus, many users still refused to install this antivirus, but with the release of Windows 8 and Windows 10, users had no choice but to disable it or work with it.

On the other hand, Microsoft Antivirus was faster than other third-party antiviruses, this advantage made many users prefer to use it and more and more users, as well as the presence of antivirus to The default form of an operating system, meant that it was integrated with the operating system and free from any adware or viruses.

There were users who used both versions of antivirus, which we suggest to you today.

To understand this more accurately, we suggest you read this article carefully.

Anti-Malware and Anti Virus

Anti Virus

We mentioned a little while ago that Microsoft Antivirus has a high speed, but the same speed has been achieved due to its loss of accuracy. For this reason, many users do not see Windows Defender as a sufficient solution for security in their system.

Anti Malware

Some viruses are the result of a programmer’s long time and effort to log in to others, more complex viruses are called malware, malware is not the same as all viruses, their purpose is different, and As well as how they work, some of them stay in your system for a long time to continuously drain your information, and some of them will destroy all your files and information when they reach your system, in this case, anti Viruses can do almost nothing because malware has complete control over your system unless the malware does not yet have full access to your system.

One of the anti-malware that can easily prevent the entry and penetration of such files is Malwarebytes software.

Our best solution and suggestion to prevent and infiltrate any kind of malware and virus into your system is to use both of these software’s, use Microsoft antivirus due to high speed for weaker and older viruses and Malwarebytes software for malware that their entering your system means you lose your files and information.


The sites you visit may be secure and largely guarded by their owners, but there are still websites that are attacked by hackers and programmers, so even website owners could also be unaware of the viruses on their site.

Microsoft Defender

When you install Windows 10, an antivirus is already installed for you and is running, this antivirus will automatically scan your files, download new files, and updates the operating system. And will give you a clean user interface, and the best advantage is that it will not slow down your operating system, and it will not affect your computer hardware, which is a problem seen in most antivirus programs.

For a short time, Microsoft Antivirus lagged behind other software and was less secure than other programs, but after the release of Windows 10 and its newer user interface, this software is always receiving patches and updates. In short, Microsoft Antivirus is a great option for protecting user information, but only if it comes with an anti-malware and both of them scan the new files that enter the system together.

Antivirus alone is not enough

Undoubtedly, antiviruses are important programs, but nowadays it is very important to have Anti-exploit software, Anti-exploit software is able to protect your browsers and their add-ons, which today is one of the common targets for all hackers and viruses.

Due to the small size of the plugins, they can easily install themselves in the browser and after accessing the browser, they will have access to your operating system, so that they can easily access your information by entering the browser.

Many of these viruses, which are in the form of plugins, hide in the system in a way that users do not even notice they exist, so it is better to check your plugins and remove those that you don’t remember installing.

One of the safest software is Malwarebytes, which is used to prevent malware from entering. If you are trying to keep your data in the best condition and prevent it from being stolen, we recommend Microsoft Antivirus and Use Malwarebytes software at the same time.