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Android JetPack

What is Jetpack

In this article we will see what parts and features Jetpack that Google recently developed for Android applications include. Jetpack came at the Google IO 2018 event and got poplar by the Android developer community and is evolving day by day. To understand what a jetpack is, join us to get acquainted with the jet pack.

What is Jetpack?

Quite simply, Jetpack is a new way to build Android apps but simpler, hassle-free, testable and scalable. One of the problems that Android developers always faced was the complex structure of the Android Support Library. This library was originally as a way to adapt old versions of Android to new features. For example, the material design language in Lollipop version, which could not be in lower versions, but the Support Library allowed the programmer to use the material design in pre-Lollipop versions as well. But for example, one of the problems with the Support Library structure was its strange naming. For example Support Library v13, Support Library v7, Support Library v4 !!! The developer should have known that, for example, RecyclerView is in Support Library v7 and Fragment is in Support Library v4 !!! Well, this strange naming because of the complex structure made many programmers discouraged from continuing.