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Android Based On Linux

There are some rumors about the android Os based on Linux, or maybe Linux os Actually own Android, some believe it and some don’t, today in this article we’re gonna talk about if the android is the Linux or not? These rumors actually came from that Android have lots of things and features in common, like being open source to the developer, Linux kernel is one the most popular without a doubt, although android is a framework that is running through Linux kernel.

Just to use a clarifying phrase: Android Os is completely different form Linux both in Nature and feature and even the purpose of making it, Android OS is mainly designed to operate on touch screen devices and tablet and mini-computer like notebooks, the first part is to ensure that the Android is not Linux.

Of course, Android OS like Linux has many versions and but Android was developed by Google, but the different version of the Android is just android with a costume skin on top of it. On the other hand distros in Linux OS are different in both features and codes.

Android OS lets the user directly control the interface of the system not to customize like Linux, but control, by control we mean to organize and changing the size of the interface.

Android is Linux?

We all know that Linux OS is an open-source Operation system, and anyone who has enough time to learn it and master the coding language can make a program for it, and Android OS is just a framework using this kernel to have the open-source feature within itself.

Developers of google company in the Android section, completely modified the Linux kernel to answer their needs, also the Linux kernel provides them a pre-built version so they won’t bother writing down the codes from the beginning, sounds easy?

Despite all of this, Android OS doesn’t really follow the standards of the Linux kernel, also they are very different in features and capability. Even when we try to see the bigger picture, Android mainly developed to work on smaller devices with a touchscreen, which called a Phone, on the other hand, Linux OS was mainly designed to work with personal computers and laptops and servers.

for example, the Android interface is completely based on the interaction between the user and the touch screen, and it mainly responds to hand gestures like tapping and holding and pinching in, and nowadays we can see the Android OS one Auto cars, Watches, and TVs, which every one of them have their own unique interface and cant be compared to each other.

When you try to boot the Android OS you can clear the Linux kernel all over it, but the main reason that Android is not Linux, because Android OS doesn’t have any GNU C library, which we can see in every standard Linux Distro.

Why Android Is Not Linux?

Till now, we get to know that Linux and Android are completely different but due to the Linux kernel that is the base on the Android OS they share some similarities.

Now, what if the Android OS is one of the Linux distros? now we gathered some tips about Android being a distro.

1:Android OS is not using the standard Linux kernel, but actually, a modified version of it which we saw somewhere else, in the Linux other distros we see it frequently, we see a modified version of the kernel in any Linux distro, so its more accurate and correct to say that the Android is a Linux distro, but also in the next tip down, we talk about, why it is not a distro.

2:If you give a Linux user an Android base system the person would freak out, it looks like Linux, is based on the Linux kernel, how it doesn’t have the GNU and the library menu?

The main reason for us to think that Android is not a distro is that we see the GNU library in every single one of the Linux distros but in Android, there’s nothing like it.

3:On default, Android users don’t have access to customize their system to the core, on the other hand, the Linux OS gives the user, full access to customize and even change the deepest layer of the operating system to their needs, don’t get me wrong, android users can also gain access to the main directory of their system but with specific tools and breaking through their own security walls, which let the phone unarm to the upcoming viruses or malware.

4:Android users won’t be able to install Linux applications on their devices, the population of the common applications between Android and Linux is so low, also when it coming to installing an application in Android, there are some need and some drivers for the installation, this is something that we won’t see in Linux OS or Linux distros. For that, it’s almost impossible to install Linux apps on Android.

5:Android is developed and released by Google company, however, Google published the code for the stock android and everyone in the world of the internet now have access to the latest android version by AOSP but the new release of the Android and upcoming features are hidden in the AOSP till the next release of Android.

Developing Android OS

Android Inc was Silence busy with developing android and they were planning on holding it for many years till the right time to announce it, but in 2005 the Google took over it and two years later the company spread the news about the upcoming operation system, and finally released the Android OS in 2008, and from 2013 till now android was one of the most popular OS.

Since Android was a very light and smooth OS, after a little time all of the developers tried to learn how it responds and how it will work, and due to the open-source feature, developers around all of the world try making new applications for it.