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An overview of the best types of online meeting software

Holding group meetings is one of the important requirements for coordinating members and improving various work issues in different companies and departments. On the other hand, with the spread of the Coronavirus, the possibility of holding face-to-face meetings with the maximum number of people has almost reached zero, and more importantly, with the closure of face-to-face training, the need for Holding online meetings has doubled. Therefore, it can be said that today, complete familiarity with various requirements, especially the software for holding online meetings, is essential for managing offices, organizations, and educational centers. In the following, we will examine some software for holding online meetings and everything related to holding these meetings; we will pay.

Is it enough to have online meeting software?

With the increasing progress of technology, many human relations have taken a virtual form. One of the most used communication tools is online meeting software, which eliminates the need for a physical presence in a specific place and allows people to meet simultaneously. Everyone who lives in a distant place can gather around the meeting table and exchange opinions, coordinate, and make important decisions in the best way.

But to hold an online meeting efficiently and successfully, we need other tools besides the online meeting software. The most important issue is that the hardware facilities must also be good quality and easily cover the used software. The hardware required for video conference, monitor, laptop, and software for establishing video conference and internet-related tools should be of good quality so that there is no interruption in the meeting from the beginning to the end of the meeting.

How to choose suitable software for holding online meetings?

Thanks to the advancement of technology, all kinds of software for holding online meetings are available easily and even for free. Still, the important point in choosing the best software for holding online meetings is that you should consider your needs and the mood of the meeting you intend to hold.

For example, Zoom software for meetings where the audience is present far distances from each other; is very suitable. Of course, this software is not free in its more advanced version, and its free version also has limitations. For example, it gives you the maximum possibility of holding a meeting with a hundred people. And the maximum time you have is 40 minutes. But the possibility of two-person conversation, recording meetings, and sharing the computer screen is available for you in this software.

Introducing some examples of online meeting software that are most used

Google Meet, a software that does not need to be installed on a computer

Among the types of online meeting software, Google Meet is one of the most popular, and ease of use is the most important reason for its popularity. This software does not need to be installed or coordinated with any special hardware. Go to to have one of the best software for holding online meetings. The ability to automatically adjust the brightness of the image, remove the disturbing sounds of the environment, have subtitles, share the computer screen and the ability to record the meeting, and access Gmail and Google Calendar are among the interesting features of Google Mate.

Skype, efficient and fast software

The easy and fast use of Skype has made it the first option many people use when it comes to online meeting software. Being completely free, the ability to communicate with 50 people at the same time and, the ability to make ten phone calls lasting several hours, the ability to share the computer screen and send files are among the attractive features of Skype. Of course, to enjoy the features of this software, you must first install it on your computer.

Microsoft Teams, practical and original software

Many fans of Microsoft products go to this software when choosing online meeting software. Of course, Teams is not completely free software. Still, its free version can cover many of your needs with facilities such as communicating with a hundred people simultaneously, the possibility of scheduling a meeting, sharing the computer screen, and setting the background. Be aware that the maximum time supported by this software is one hour. Also, during the meeting, you can easily share Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with the audience and work on them online.

Live Storm, New easy-to-use software

Among the types of software for holding online meetings, Live Storm may not be a very familiar name, but it is very practical and fast. To hold a meeting with this software, you need to enter the address of the Live Storm website, register, and start your meeting. It is a free sample. The software allows you to hold a meeting with up to 4 people in 20 minutes.

Whereby, a room for conversation

This software makes it possible for four people to exchange opinions simultaneously and use it. You don’t need to have any skills or install a special program. Log in to the site, create an account and start your session.

Discord: An opportunity to talk together

Discord is not an online meeting software in the real sense, but it has a similar application to such software. It allows you to create a channel with the purpose of the conversation. Using Discord, you can set up a virtual channel with up to 50 members and make video calls, and share pages and files easily.

In virtual conversations and meetings, new software for holding online meetings is presented daily. However, we have reviewed a list of the best examples of online meeting software that can be used for free and installed on mobile phones.