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Ali Sadr Cave In Hamedan, An Adventure In The Most Mysterious Summer Destination In Iran

 Ali Sadr Cave in Hamedan is one of the largest water caves in the world. Due to the possibility of boating, sightseeing in this wonderful land will be one of the most enjoyable experiences for any tourist.

Traveling to destinations that have a lot of secrets in their hearts is exciting and fascinating. These trips will tempt you to adventure and discover the unknown.

 Caves are part of the geological phenomena that, due to their hidden nature, have always aroused human curiosity to go to these wonderful lands. In many parts of Iran, this amazing nature is well placed and the beauties of each are attractive and spectacular.

 If you are ready for adventure and discovering the unknown beauties of the earth, come with us to Hamedan to paddle the corner of Ali Sadr Cave and enjoy its cool weather.

Geographical location of Ali Sadr Cave in Iran

Ali Sadr Cave is located in Hamedan province, in the Zagros Mountains. This cave, with its cool climate, is one of the most popular summer tourism destinations in this province. Ali Sadr Cave is located in Kaboudar Ahang city, 73 km northwest of Hamedan city, near a village of the same name.

Ali Sadr Cave - Photo by Siamak Sabet
Ali Sadr Cave – Photo by Siamak Sabet

This cave belongs to the heights of “Sari Ghiyeh” or “Yellow Rock”. To go to this place, you can drive about 60 km from the city of Hamedan on the road leading to Bijar and then enter Ali Sadr Road. Finally, after driving about 13 km on Ali Sadr Road, you will reach the cave. This trip from Hamedan takes about 70 minutes.

You can also take your song from Kaboudar to Ali Sadr. If you walk from Hamedan to this city, you will reach it after driving 60 km. From this area to Ali Sadr, you have about 50 kilometers of leading road. The whole route from Hamedan to the destination takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Enjoy traveling in one of the largest water caves in the world

Ali Sadr Cave - Photo by Nasser Sadeghi
Ali Sadr Cave – Photo by Nasser Sadeghi

One of the attractive features of Ali Sadr is its very clean and cool weather, which sticks well on hot summer days. This temperature difference is good from the moment of arrival and tourists enjoy it on hot days. 

You have to walk part of the winding paths and vestibules of Ali Sadr Cave, but most of the way you have to go boating on its clear lake. In fact, the lake is the core of the cave’s paths and tributaries, and eventually, every canal reaches it.

 The existence of a large volume of groundwater and the opportunity to sail on waterways and go to the corners of this stone palace, are the main and popular features of this cave. This feature has increased the value of Ali Sadr in the tourism industry and is one of the most famous water caves in the world, as there are very few similar examples in the world.

Strange world of cave roofs and columns

Ali Sadr Cave
Ali Sadr Cave

The stone roofs and columns of Ali Sadr Cave entertain you all the way. You can not ignore the image of the powerful hand of the earth. You go by boat in this strange land and in every corner of the cave, you will encounter a special image of huge rocks. 

There you will find stones and columns, each of which is extraordinary in its own way, and you can liken them to a sculpture with an imaginary design in your mind. The roof height of the cave varies.

 In each part, dripping chandeliers from the ceiling and columns of dripping stones from the cave floor, over 190 million years, have created a spectacular atmosphere of mineral accumulation and deposition. In some parts of the cave, these chandeliers and columns are seen in different colors. This diversity is due to the presence of salts such as copper, magnesium and iron in this part of the Earth’s ecosystem.

Ali Sadr Cave in Hamedan
Ali Sadr Cave in Hamedan

You must immerse yourself in the mysterious world of this rocky city to experience the joy of adventure with all your being. Every rock you reach, you will encounter skillful lighting. With the brightness of the colors and far from the excesses, the grandeur of the stones and the columns has taken on a more strange effect.

 Enjoy the tranquility of the cave and being away from the hustle and bustle of outdoor space and listen carefully to the sound of this natural phenomenon. Breathe in the clean and light air of the cave and say goodbye to the urban air pollution for a while. You have started your journey in one of the largest water caves in the world; Do not simply go through every corner of it and discover its beauties.

The world of Ali Sadr sculptures

Ali Sadr Cave - Columns Square
Ali Sadr Cave – Square of Columns

In the heart of Ali Sadr’s rocky and mountainous world, spectacular views of chandeliers and columns of salts have emerged. Each of these views, like an artistic building or sculpture, attracts the attention of tourists: chandeliers that usually decorate each part of the cave in a cauliflower-like appearance. 

One of the spectacular examples of the combination of Ali Sadr’s stones and chandeliers is the square of its columns, which has risen along the floor and ceiling of the cave.

Ali Sadr Cave - Dragon Claw
Ali Sadr Cave – Dragon Claw

In another part of the cave, you will see a large panel of dripping stone lamps; It looks like there was a dragon in this cave millions of years ago and its claws are still intact. There is another example of these powerful stone claws in Ali Sadr, which is known as the “Eagle’s Pan”.

Ali Sadr Cave - Stone Waterfall
Ali Sadr Cave – Stone Waterfall

But the most spectacular phenomenon of the cave is its rocky waterfall. At first glance, this stone waterfall reminds you of a beautiful waterfall that is frozen in winter weather.

The best time to visit Ali Sadr Cave

Undoubtedly, the ever-cool air of the cave and its constant temperature is one of the pleasant temptations of choosing it for summer tours and hot days of the year. The flow of clear groundwater and the clean air of the cave take away the clutter of hot summer days and late spring. It goes without saying that this cave has a favorable weather even on cold days of the year; Its temperature is higher than the winter air outside and it is very pleasant with warm clothes.

Pleasant memories of traveling to the hidden mountain world of Hamedan

Ali Sadr Cave

A trip to Hamedan with a tour of Ali Sadr will be one of the most memorable trips of your life; A tourist trip that, along with its cultural and climatic attractions, gives you the opportunity to explore geological phenomena. 

Also, the amenities and entertainment facilities around this cave, such as the amusement park, the bazaar, the observatory and the restaurant, will create happy moments for you. Travel to the rich and cultural province of Hamedan and do not miss visiting its corner. Experience a walk in Ali Sadr and make memories of this rocky nature of Iran.