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Advantages of using an HPE server – HP is the largest server manufacturer.

HP is the largest server manufacturer. The company is engaged in the production of electronic equipment.

 Servers come in a variety of titles, such as Database Server, Storage Server, and more. 

Servers are a combination of hardware and software (operating system). The hardware used in the servers includes RAM, processor, hard drive, network card, and so on.

HP server has high sales in the market due to its high performance and speed, flexibility and scalability, easy access, manageability, upgradeability, use of powerful hardware and also reasonable price.

HP has launched all of its Enterprise products under a different name called HPE. The HP server handles the transfer, storage and processing of data and information.

 Over time, HP has produced a variety of servers, each of which has become more advanced and efficient than the previous generation.

There are many types of HP servers, and each has its own characteristics and functionality. All components mounted on the server have different efficiencies depending on the needs of the business. The need for servers in every company and organization has increased with the growth of the technology world and the use of network equipment for them is essential. 

HP servers, with their increasing growth in the technical and technological fields, have been able to influence the business process and make them grow. 

HP server is available at any time and place and with any workload. 

These servers are used in most public and private institutions.

By searching among consumers and identifying the needs of organizations and companies, HP is always trying to attract new customers and audiences by creating new and more advanced technologies.

HP has made significant progress in the development of equipment according to the needs of users and has provided maximum performance and reliability for users to prevent downtime. The company tests all manufactured parts and then markets them. Among the technologies used in the HP server is the SUM-Smart Update Manager technology, which simplifies the complex operation of software and firmware.

Advantages of using an HPE server :

1. HP servers are technically advanced and developed in design and meet all the technical needs of the network.

2. HP servers are very compatible with software and other network equipment due to their high flexibility, which is why these servers enable fast network development.

3. HP provides extensive support to consumers in the production of its products, such as the publication of software, books, resources and educational sites, as well as information sites.

4. HP servers can be easily adapted to other companies’ hardware.

5. HP servers using ILO management technology, allow remote communication with the server as well as its management.

In choosing an ideal server, the following points should be considered:

– The number of users who are supposed to connect to the servers and use their services at the same time. The number of users in the network influences the choice of software and hardware.

– All the needs of the organization should be assessed and having enough information about servers and their types, the appropriate server should be selected, also should choose a server that can be expanded and upgraded by increasing the needs of the organization.

In order to meet the needs of the organization, a budget should be allocated to it so that all the needs of the organization can be met by implementing an ideal server.

– The location where the server is to be located must be specified, because the location of the server is effective in choosing its type.


Popular types of HP servers:

1. Recmont Servers or DL :

 The most popular servers among users are HP Recmont Servers, which are used in most data centers. These servers have the ability to support all hardware manufactured by HP. 

Recomont servers are servers that are optimized to security standards. The placement of DL servers in the racks is horizontal, and its famous models include DL180, DL360, HP DL380 server.And DL580 pointed out. 

Among all models, the best-selling servers in Iran are DL380 and DL360 servers in G10, G9, G8, G7 generations. HP DL Series servers are housed in racks. 

The size of these servers is standard and can be easily installed in the rack. DL servers take up little space and have a high degree of flexibility. 

The HP DL Series servers are available in 2U, 1U and 4U sizes and provide a great infrastructure for data centers. These servers are suitable for data centers and high-transaction environments that use a large number of servers.

2. Standalone or ML servers :

ML servers, which stands for Modular Line, are called standing servers or towers, which are suitable for medium and small businesses. These servers can easily work with cloud and hybrid infrastructure. HP ML Series servers are upgradeable and flexible.

 The biggest drawback of these servers is that they take up more space than other models. These servers are almost identical in appearance to ordinary computers, but they use server components. Towers are less used because of the large space they occupy and the sound they produce. 

These servers do not have control over their connection cables. ML servers are used for companies and organizations that have different branches. 

The advantage of these servers is that they do not need to be installed in the rack, which if needed and desired, it is possible to put them in the rack using a special tray.

3. BL Servers: 

Blade servers (short for Blade Line) are suitable for medium and large organizations and companies. These servers, with their special features, reduce costs and improve the quality of their performance and service. 

By placing these servers in the rack vertically (blade or compact and modular), more servers can be placed in the rack. These servers are placed in a rack as a set. Blade servers make the most of the time, cost and energy allocated to it.

 BL servers take up the least amount of space and provide fast and easy management with very low power consumption, access and high performance.