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Action in Photoshop, video tutorials and step-by-step instructions and important points

Have you ever looked for something that speeds up your work in Photoshop? This is exactly what Photoshop actions do. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install and use Photoshop applications.

Step 1: Install the actions you want

Before you can make your own Photoshop action, you need to learn how to work with different actions.

Compare ATN file with ZXP

Usually after downloading different actions, you will encounter one of the ATN or ZXP files or both. The difference between the two is that ATN files load the downloaded action directly into Photoshop, while you must use Adobe Extension Manager to install the ZXP file. We recommend using the ATN file because it is easy to install.


Step 2: Install the action with the ATN file

After downloading the action you want, double click on the ATN file. In Photoshop, open the Actions panel from Window> Actions.


If you can not find the action you want from the path, click on the menu panel and select Load Actions.



Step 3: Install the action with the ZXP file

You must use Adobe Extension Manager to install the action with the ZXP file.


After running Adobe Extension Manger, you must select the action you want from the menu panel and open it.


Step 4: Follow the safety instructions

Because not all Photoshop actions are reliable, save the Photoshop document before using an action you have never used before. Most actions after filling in Photoshop may fill in the Photoshop history so that you can no longer use the Ando option.



Step 5: How to execute the action

It is very easy to use the actions. All you have to do is select the action you want from the action panel and then press the start button to run the action. For example, after clicking and executing the following action, Instagram filters will be applied to the photo you want.


After performing some actions, such as skin shaving action, you have to click on the points you want to correct those parts.


Step 6: Use Button Mode

By turning the Layers panel into a Button Mode, you can easily execute actions by clicking on those buttons once. To do this, click on the actions menu and then select the Button Mode option.


Check out a few other options

There are several other options in the Actions panel that can make your job easier. for example:

  • You can enable / disable them by checking / unchecking them next to the actions. (Include Command)
  • The squares next to the actions indicate that clicking on them will open a menu of different options. (Model Control)
  • By clicking on the triangle next to the actions, you can see the options inside the action. (Expand Action)
  • The bottom panel icons from left to right indicate “Stop recording, start recording, bridge selections, create new set, create new action and delete”, respectively.
  • Using the Button Mode option, different actions are displayed in the form of buttons in the action panel.
  • By clicking on the Playback Actions option, you can see several other playbacks of different actions.
  • By clicking on the Allow Tool Recording option, you can use different tools such as brushes in actions.
  • Options categorized in the Action List category show a list of actions saved in Photoshop.


Photoshop action tutorial video



Concluding remarks

Photoshop actions are one of the most useful tools in Photoshop and allow everyone, from beginners to professionals, to make significant progress in Photoshop and increase their speed of action. For this reason, we recommend that you use this unique feature at any level.