Somayeh Faal (b. 1981) was born and raised in the South of Iran and moved to Oxford, MS, in 2022, where she continues to study art. She moved to Oxford to begin the Printmaking program at the University of Mississippi.

As a freelance and professional collaborator, Faal has the curiosity to find, learn, explore, and the team collaborates. As Fall studied Mathemathic as an undergrad and graduated in Master of Fine Art, she could make a good combination of art and science. Also, her education makes her logical, thoughtful, and creative in art. She has had ample experience and is an expert in various parts of digital art, 3d art, and 2d art.

As an artist, Faal embraces a cross-disciplinary approach to artworks making that combines art techniques alongside scientific strategies. She has worked on life, society’s problems, and our response to the world for the past fifteen years. She sees society as a space of artist’s responsibility and one that reflects much of what is back and forth humanity within the world, both on a macro and micro level. The conceptual framework of her projects is consistently driven by the issue in society, life experiences, and the role they play in establishing identity.

Somayeh Faal – CV

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