customer journey map

A look at the importance and application of the customer journey map

Customer journey map; A phrase that is said frequently in the internet business space. The phrase “customer journey map” may remind you of the journeys of caravans in the distant past when caravans used to trade and buy and sell on dangerous roads with the help of maps. In today’s world, the definition of this phrase is not unrelated to this story. If you want to know what a customer journey map is and what it is used for, follow this article to the end.

What is a customer journey map, and what is its use?

Customer journey map; It is one of the important concepts in the field of content marketing. Usually, a small number of users buy very quickly and instantly. In most cases, it takes a lot of multi-step effort to turn a potential customer into an actual customer. An effort that is not unlike a trip. A journey from absolute unfamiliarity to a deep and lasting connection. All your customers have unconsciously traveled this journey. Of course, from different paths, and with different maps.

What useful information is there on this map?

The customer journey map shows you in a very clear and visual way what experiences customers had during dealing with your business? It shows you precisely how the customer first dealt with your product? Have you seen the product in physical form or through online communication? Your relationship with him is in retail and capillary sales, or there is a major purchase in between, and you will see all the important points like this in the customer journey map.

Customer journey map

It is not so complicated. But to clarify the matter, giving an example is not without grace. Consider yourself and suppose that you have recently ordered and bought a pair of shoes from one of the sites in the internet business space. Perhaps this is a completely normal event from the customer’s point of view. Still, from the point of view of the activists in this field who are interested in sustainability and progress in their business, this is not just a simple event.

In reviewing the customer journey map, many facts become clear for internet business operators, which are very beneficial. So first, they go to the starting point of your journey. How the customer met the site is crucial in drawing the customer journey map.

Several paths for this acquaintance can be imagined

The customer got acquainted with your site through an internet search and search engines, entered the site, and viewed the available samples, and after liking and choosing, he placed his order.

The customer got acquainted with your business through your friends and family and placed an order after evaluating the validity and quality of your activity.

A customer can buy from you for the first time physically, and by referring to the existing store in the real space and looking for the good quality of your work and high satisfaction, he also follows you in the virtual space and the Internet and trusts in the quality of your work. He registers his orders online.

Finally, the customer may have entered your site by chance and looking at advertisements. Fascinated by the site’s atmosphere and tried to register orders by trial and error.

Of course, it is not always that simple. But this seemingly simple example clarifies several important points. Paying attention to these points reveals the importance of the customer journey map even more.

Some important travel map messages for you and your customers

Each customer’s travel plan is unique to him. Each customer’s path to becoming a regular buyer is not necessarily shared with others.

There are countless ways to introduce people to your product. Internet, virtual space, familiarity with the physical form and even environmental advertising, and the satisfaction of other customers can spark the customer’s familiarity with your product. Take active and attractive presence in these spaces more seriously.

Each customer’s journey plan has its complexities. Therefore, don’t neglect effective communication with the customers. However, the customer journey map should help you turn a casual customer acquaintance into a deep and lasting relationship.

What are the complications of the customer journey map?

It is not always simple. For example, if your site has the possibility of membership, you will have many customers who have not renewed their membership but still buy from it. That people will have different judgments and decisions about your site and their purchase depending on whether they have met the site through friends and acquaintances or have entered the site by chance.

The customer journey map will also differ depending on what content or product people have encountered in the first encounter. And finally, the people in your business environment have different needs and concerns, leading to different behaviors and decisions.

Last word

It is a kind of road map for your business. Accepting that people have different ways and paths to join your business will introduce your business more accurately and diversely. Customer journey mapping can be used in all business areas, including marketing, sales, and customer relations. There is no fixed formula for designing the best customer journey map.