A Comprehensive Review On 30 Viable Startup Ideas In Iran!

A Comprehensive Review On 30 Viable Startup Ideas In Iran!

A startup is a new business, And With The Efforts Of A Group Of Motivated People, They Are Trying To Turn An Idea Into A Product. 

Due to the extensive developments that are taking place in the field of business, creating innovation in this field will be very useful. Today, new ideas in various areas, under the name of startups, have caused the prosperity of businesses.

The best startup ideas come up in Iran. Usually, providing online services is the basis of startup ideas.

Stay with us until the end of this report to introduce you to the top 30 startup ideas that can implement in Iran.

Success factors of a startup

considered Several factors can achieve success in a  startup. In this section, 4 of a startup’s most critical success factors are mentioned.

  1. The most crucial factor has a good and workable idea.
  2. There should be a good and expert team to implement the relevant idea.
  3.  Must have a good MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
  4. It is necessary to have a detailed plan with specific income generation.

Startup ideas in Iran

In this section, several top startup ideas in Iran are mentioned, which are viable and worth it. It should note that startups active in artificial intelligence, electronic commerce, financial technology, blockchain, the Internet of Things, mobile applications, and fashion have more chances of success, and their future will be brighter.

Startup idea in the field of crafts

  • In this field, you can start a business and provide services online. Among these famous handicrafts, we can mention sculpting, needlework, and making different types of bracelets and necklaces.

Supply of health products online

  • Health products have many fans and are considered one of the best-selling products. Online shopping has become one of the most popular types of shopping in the days of Corona.

A startup in the field of selling food products

  • By launching a suitable application in the field of selling food products, the work can be made easier for buyers. This idea is also considered among the best startup ideas implemented in Iran.

The idea of ​​selling cakes and sweets

  • You can earn a significant income by selling cakes and sweets. Good work quality makes customers permanent.

Online diet startups

  • The number of businesses created in this field may be less; Therefore, many innovations can be considered for it and earn a good income.

Businesses related to content production

  • Another startup idea that can mention is content production. By creating content, you can provide helpful content related to various topics to other people.

Website design idea

  • By learning how to design a website and setting up a first-class website, you can significantly contribute to a business’s prosperity.

Application design

  • Nowadays, many daily human tasks are done using different applications. By designing a suitable application in the desired field, you can help to do things more efficiently.

Startup in the field of corona disease

  • In connection with the corona disease, a startup can also be created and provide the status of patients and the number of deaths and recoveries.

Startups related to digital currency and the stock market

  • You can start a startup in the field of digital currency and earn money with it. One of the famous startups in this field has been launched by Baiju Bhatt and Vlad Tenet.

The idea of ​​digital banking services

  • This startup type can transfer money to another country and convert it into the desired unit. Nikolai Sturonsky and Vlad Yatchenko launched an example of this type of startup.

Businesses about optimization and SEO

  • Nowadays, the necessary measures must take regarding optimization and SEO to have shelter for the sites. People who are proficient in this subject can earn a good income in this way.


  • Due to the existence of literate teachers and professors throughout the country, you can use more of the information of these loved ones with private tutoring.

Social Networks

  • By expanding the use of social networks for different tasks, you can become an administrator of other social networks and look at it as a viable startup idea.

Writing an ad

  • People with sufficient knowledge and information in the field of advertising will be able to earn money in this way.


  • Startups can also be set up in the direction of photography; Because it is considered one of the best ideas to be implemented.

tourism industry

  • In tourism, you can do exciting things and start a business.

E-commerce business

  • It is considered one of the best startup ideas; Because the product comes directly from the manufacturer to the customer.

Eco-friendly startups

  • It is possible to set up businesses that benefit the environment and contribute to reducing pollution.

Repairs of electronic products

  • A practical way to earn money is to connect with customers online to repair electronics.

I am setting up a business to sell phone accessories.

  • A top startup idea that can implement in Iran is selling phone accessories, which can bring a lot of profit to the business owner.

Podcast production

  • One of the ways to connect with the audience is to produce a podcast. By listening to the content, the audience understands most of that topic.

Startup ideas like decoration design

  • One of the areas where you can start a business is decoration design, which has a lot of potential for innovation in this field.

Building a blockchain security program

  • Using these types of programs, you can store and transfer primary cryptocurrencies.

teaching English

  • It is possible to start a business in the field of teaching English as best as possible.

Startups related to different games

  • this idea can be introduced as a top startup idea applicable in IranConsidering the popularity of internet games.

Human health review

  • A program that can correctly diagnose the patient’s general condition before going to the doctor will be beneficial.

Internet taxi

  • Adding more features to internet taxis is also considered an exciting idea.


  • people can be encouraged to study by setting up an attractive business in this field, Considering the country’s decrease in per capita reading.

Translator app

  • Fixing the problems of existing translator programs is a workable startup idea that people can take the necessary steps to do.

You got acquainted with the list of viable  Iranian startups by presenting the above content. You can implement and launch one of the ideas according to your interest and capital.

There are Interesting ideas that can be implemented and lead to income!

Having a good and viable idea, you can launch a revenue-generating startup. Choosing an idea from among the mentioned ideas depends on the level of talent and interest of the person, and one can use one of them.

To launch a successful and profitable startup, in the first step, you should increase your knowledge in that field; Otherwise, the project has failed, and you cannot expect much profit from the startup.

This article discusses 30 examples of startup ideas applicable in Iran. Each of the mentioned ideas can be exciting and can use to launch a startup.