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8 ways to teach children to choose the clothes they want to wear

Learning how to choose clothes to wear is one of the essential life skills that promotes children’s independence and logical thinking.

clothes, And when children are taught to be independent, they will become productive and motivated adults who will be able to stand on their own two feet in the future. 

So if you have ever hesitated to teach your child how to choose clothes to wear, now is the best time to include this in your to-do list. Follow us on how to do this.

Are you always at war with your little boy or girl when you want to get dressed? You want them to wear durable, weather-friendly clothes, but they like to go about it according to their tastes. The moment you tell them, “Wear this and don’t wear that,” you end up with a complete discomfort that may last all day.

Even they may stumble and wear nothing at all, lying on the ground and not moving. Many parents have spent their children fighting while getting dressed, so this is normal.

This is a great sign for them to grow up, so be happy that they take responsibility for these simple decisions in their lives, because as much as they become independent, they can make better decisions in the future.

Give them a choice

If you tell your child which clothes to choose, it will be very exciting. Try not to have too many choices, as the child has not yet learned what colors to put together.

Preparing to leave the house gives children the opportunity to practice independence. With that said, there are a number of things you can do to make these situations more bearable.

Let your child make choices about things that do not matter to you; Do you want to wear a blue skirt or red pants? Do you want your hair to be high or low? And…

Shop with them

The next time you plan to make clothes for your child, here is another way you can include them in the decision-making process and give them options.

If you are shopping online, this is a great way to sit down with your child and show them the options available, as well as talk to them about choosing the right type of clothing.

Ask them what they like and what they do not like, tell them what is good for hot and cold weather, let them decide when to buy clothes online to add things to the cart.

To practice this, you can try buying new winter children’s clothes online in various designs and colors.

Let them have different tastes

Just like you, kids have their likes and dislikes. Be flexible with them about their preferences. They probably hate the feeling of a certain fabric on their skin, just like us.

They may also prefer a particular color. Your daughter may want to dress all the time, or your son may just want to wear shorts. You can give them clothing choices and also talk to them about the importance of wearing special clothes so that they do not get cold.

Give them time to practice getting dressed

When your child is younger, he or she may be able to wear underwear, brush his or her hair, but tying shoelaces, buttoning a shirt, and even pulling a zipper may be a little harder for him or her. When it’s time to get dressed, let them do it alone and help them only when needed.

For this purpose, you can buy clothes such as beautiful and stylish girls’ hoodies (in a variety of sports models, hats, zippers) at a reasonable price.

Allowing a child to wear personalized clothing builds confidence and competence. Keep in mind that a child who dresses himself takes longer, but let him dress as much as possible, especially on weekends when you do not need to hurry. Also, empowering them to dress leads to less anxiety on school days.

Turn dressing up into a game

Since time is of the essence and you are often in a hurry to get out of the house, you can turn this into a competition to turn dressing into a game.

Having said that, this is a race, let’s see who can wear the fastest clothes. To make the game more exciting, if they can, set a timer before you start getting dressed and reward your child with a sticker or other small prize.

You will be amazed at how quickly they get dressed and how fast they progress by adding a fun element.

Make a poster of the wearing process

Set up a step-by-step guide to dressing with your child. Create a step-by-step guide from your clothing pictures. Take pictures of waking up, brushing, shirting or getting dressed, eating breakfast,

sticking this in their room so they can follow it every day. This poster shows your child how to get dressed every morning.

Prepare clothes the night before wearing

Getting them used to getting their clothes ready for tomorrow is just as important as getting ready for bed.

Preparing clothes that can be worn for the next morning can reduce morning stress and also create the expectation of waking up the next morning.

Let your child choose what he or she wants to wear (this will allow you to help him or her decide what clothes are best for the weather and reduce the time in finding your favorite clothes to wear perfectly). )

And pull it out and put it on his desk or chair before going to bed.

Reduce criticism and blame

Learning to dress is not easy for children, and criticism and blame not only do not make it easy for them, but also make the child anxious.

So instead of saying things like; ‌ Resist the “button on the wrong shirt”, “put on your shoes again bitch”.

Such words hurt your child, devalue your child’s efforts, and cause him or her to lose his or her self-esteem.

Instead, praise her for her efforts with appropriate and honest encouragement.