70 Properties Of Vaseline For The Beauty Of Skin, Hair And Teeth + Applications

70 Properties Of Vaseline For The Beauty Of Skin, Hair And Teeth + Applications

Vaseline Has Good Properties And Mobility, Treatment Of Blackheads And Management Of Eczema, Shine Of Hair, Beauty Of Eyes, Etc. There are Examples Of Countless Properties Of Vaseline.

Vaseline, with its properties and benefits

Vaseline is a mixture of mineral oil and wax that forms a semi-solid substance. Since Robert Augustus Chisbaugh discovered it in 1859, the product has not changed much. Chisbo noticed that the workers used sticky jelly to treat wounds and burns. He eventually packaged this jelly as Vaseline.

Vaseline helps to protect the skin. Chemists extract Vaseline from petroleum. After an accidental discovery during the oil drilling process, they have been using it for over 100 years now. Many companies use refined Vaseline as mineral oil for general skin treatment.

The purity of Vaseline depends on the production process. Unrefined petroleum jelly may contain harmful ingredients, but refined petroleum jelly is usually safe. You must read the ingredient label and ask questions about refining and manufacturing.

Properties of Vaseline for the skin

The first part is the properties of Vaseline in the field of skin, which include:

1. Anti-aging

Vaseline has anti-aging and antibacterial properties and reduces unpleasant lines, skin spots, and wrinkles.

2. Treatment of blackheads

Apply a layer of Vaseline on the spot to remove blackheads and heat it with a hot towel for 5 to 10 minutes to help drain these ugly spots on the skin.

3. Prevent acne

Vaseline prevents pimples and protects the skin by exfoliating and cleaning the pores. Of course, do not forget that you should not overdo it.

4. Face and body lotion

After bathing, use Vaseline. As a moisturizer, it prevents skin dryness. You can also use it in the cold season or with allergies inside the nose.

Properties of Vaseline

Vaseline to prevent acne and treat blackheads

5. Treatment of cracked heels and hands and lips

Soak your feet in warm water and salt to heal cracked heels with Vaseline. Dry thoroughly with a towel, apply Vaseline and wear cotton socks.

To heal chapped hands, as mentioned earlier in the moist health section, after washing and drying your chapped hands, use Vaseline and a pair of gloves to maintain moisture and speed healing.

To treat chapped lips, apply Vaseline on the lips in any way you want.

6. Body scrub

To remove dry skin, mix some Vaseline with sugar or sea salt for each body part and use it as a scrub.

7. Vaseline for tanning

Lubricate dry body skin with Vaseline to get a more moisturized look.

8. Delicate exfoliation of the skin

A good body scrub contains natural abrasive particles ( coffee, peppermint sugar, sea salt). Mixing Vaseline with cleansing particles makes exfoliating the skin a little easier.

9. Skin protection

The skin does not readily absorb Vaseline, which will act as a barrier to the loss of skin moisture; according to some dermatologists, Vaseline is not a moisturizer but a barrier that can prevent the loss of skin surface moisture.

10. Avoid scratching the skin

Scratching occurs when the skin is rubbed against another object or clothing and can be very irritating. Especially for people with eczema or dry skin.

11. Preventing flaking

Flaking can be irritating. When the skin is too dry and flaky, Vaseline can help heal the skin. People in cold weather should try to apply it on dry skin and chapped lips.

Uses of Vaseline

Prevent skin peeling with Vaseline

12. Management of eczema

Eczema is a chronic skin disease that causes irritation and itching. A 2017 study suggests that Vaseline can prevent eczema flare-ups. This study showed that frequent moisturizing of the skin of infants at risk of eczema could avoid disease outbreaks.

13. Treatment of elbow dryness

Vaseline is one of the best ways to treat dry elbows. Before going to sleep, apply Vaseline to the elbow to make it soft.

14. Night worm

You can use warm Vaseline as a night cream in winter to have bright and clean skin.

Two masks for skin beauty

Seize the opportunity, and in this section, we will mention two simple and valuable Vaseline masks, masks that include:

Mask against skin spots

Wash 30 grams of persimmon leaves and dry them in front of the sun, then powder them, mix them with 30 grams of Vaseline, and apply them on your face for 10 to 15 days to remove skin spots. This mask makes the skin soft and smooth.

Removing wrinkles and skin spots

Beat one egg white until foamy, add one tablespoon of Vaseline and a few drops of fresh lemon juice to it and mix and apply on your face and neck skin for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash until wrinkles and Dark skin spots fade, and your skin tightens. Use this mask 2 to 3 times a week.

Properties of Vaseline for hair beauty

The second part introduces the properties of Vaseline for hair, which include:

15. For hair growth

One of the biggest reasons to use Vaseline for hair is to increase hair growth. Apply a small amount of Vaseline to the scalp to promote hair growth. Make sure to massage the scalp to encourage and enable more substantial roots. Carefully rub the Vaseline on the bases with just your fingertips. This treatment also eliminates hair loss.

How to prevent hair oil?

There are risks when using Vaseline. Most importantly, overuse can make your hair greasy. If you apply a lot of it to your head, it is challenging to wash it off. You should not dry it with a handkerchief or towel; if you find that Vaseline keeps your hair greasy and dirty, wash it in the morning with regular shampoo and plenty of water. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the shampoo bottle and use it to wash your hair.

Vaseline for boils

Benefits of Vaseline for hair beauty

16. Hair removal

To straighten curly hair, put some Vaseline in your palm and apply it to curly hair.

17. Shine hair with Vaseline

Apply some Vaseline to the ends of the hair for shine.

18. Treatment of freckles

Apply some Vaseline to the ends of the hair and wait 15 to 20 minutes. After a few uses, the condition of the hair improves.

19. Prevent skin discoloration

Apply Vaseline to protect the skin from discoloration when dyeing the hair. It is recommended to grease the upper part of the forehead with Vaseline before dyeing the hair.

20. Vaseline to treat dandruff

Apply some Vaseline to the scalp and massage to relieve itching and dandruff.

Vaseline for hair

Dandruff treatment using Vaseline

Properties of Vaseline for the beauty of eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows

Vaseline is also used to protect and beautify eyebrows, eyelashes, and around the eyes.

21. Removing dark circles around the eyes

Mix a small amount of Vaseline with a few drops of lemon juice and apply it to the desired areas to remove dark circles around the eyes and wash it after an hour.

22. Eyebrow growth

Every night, mix an equal amount of Vaseline and olive oil and wash it with lukewarm water the following day to have complete and thick eyebrows.

23. For good eyebrows

Using a clean brush and a drop of Vaseline, draw the meeting in the desired direction. It will keep the brows in the right direction throughout the day.

24. For good eyelash condition

Applying a little Vaseline to your eyelashes before going to bed can help your eyelashes grow faster and thicker.

Properties of Vaseline for nails

You can also use Vaseline to strengthen and beautify your nails.

25. Shining nails

If you regularly pour a little vaseline into the nail polish bottle, your nails will start to lighten and strengthen.

26. Better manicure

Before applying nail polish, apply Vaseline to the cuticles. It prevents the varnish from penetrating the skin.

27. Protecting the nail and the skin around it

To repair the dry skin around the nails, apply some Vaseline on the nails and the skin around them, and wear soft gloves to keep the moisture of the Vaseline on your hands.

28. Cuticle care

Use Vaseline to lubricate the cuticles before going to bed. It prevents the cuticles from drying out.


Protect nails and skin with Vaseline

Properties of Vaseline for the beauty of lips

One of the most common uses of Vaseline among women is to use it for the softness and beauty of the lips.

29. Lip balm

Vaseline is effective as a lip balm and protects lips from the weather. Be careful not to get Vaseline into your mouth.

30. Lip scrub

To remove dry and peeling lips, mix Vaseline with some sugar, apply it to the lips, and gently massage with circular movements.

Properties of Vaseline for the skin of children and babies

Children and babies can also benefit from the properties of Vaseline, as you will read below.

31. Reducing baby diaper rash

Baby skin is susceptible. Vaseline does not cause any skin irritation, so to treat diaper rash, apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the rash to retain moisture and treat irritation around the area.

32. Protecting the baby’s eyes from shampoo foam

When bathing the baby, to protect the baby’s eyes from the shampoo foam, apply some Vaseline on the baby’s eyebrows so that the shampoo foam does not get into the baby’s eyes.

33. Baby skincare

Vaseline is excellent for treating baby skin problems. Before using the product, wash the affected skin thoroughly and dry it with a towel.

34. Children’s lip gloss

Mix some Vaseline with a little of your favorite lipstick and apply it to the lips to make matte lips shiny.

Using Vaseline for makeup

Know Vaseline’s cosmetic and beauty use so you can use them when necessary.

35. Waterproofing eyelashes

Apply some Vaseline on your eyelashes before applying mascara so that your eyelashes become soft, shiny, and waterproof and prevent them from breaking or thinning.

36. Hair styling gel

Apply Vaseline to your fingers, and apply it to your hair. Do not overuse this gel, as with any other gel.

Benefits of Vaseline

Uses of Vaseline

37. Shiny eyelashes

Apply a little Vaseline to the eyelashes to make them look more beautiful during makeup.

38. Removing makeup

Dip a cotton ball in Vaseline and remove the makeup. This method works well for waterproof makeup.

39. Removing eye makeup

Oil is the easiest way to remove eye makeup, and Vaseline is one of the healthiest ingredients to remove eye makeup. When using, close the eye and apply it.

40. Relieving burning sensation caused by shaving

Put some Vaseline in the freezer and apply it on your legs to prevent skin burning after shaving so that the skin is cool and moist and the burning is removed.

41. Removing artificial eyelashes

If your fake eyelashes are stuck to your eyes in an untidy way, as we said in the wet, put an ear cleaner in Vaseline and apply it on the artificial eyelashes and let it stay for a while until the glue softens. Then wash with warm water to remove the eyelashes easily.

42. Cream blush

To make cream blush, mix Vaseline and lipstick and make a beautiful cream blush.

43. Matching eyes and lips

Combine some eye shadow the same color as your eyes with Vaseline and apply it to your lips for an exciting makeup trick.

44. Prevent lipstick from staying on the teeth

If you don’t want lipstick on your teeth, rub some Vaseline on your teeth before applying any dark lipstick. The amount you use should be minimal so that it does not cause you problems.

Vaseline for teeth

Therapeutic benefits of Vaseline

After discussing the beauty benefits of Vaseline, it is time for its therapeutic properties, which include:

45. Healing skin wounds and minor burns

Studies show that Vaseline is effective in maintaining skin moisture during treatment and after surgery. It may be beneficial for regular, unremarkable skin damage. Ensure the surface you are applying Vaseline to is appropriately clean and disinfected. Otherwise, bacteria and other pathogens can get trapped inside and delay healing.

46. ​​Relief of back pain

Massage some warm Vaseline on your back to relieve your back pain.

47. Cough relief

To treat a cough, apply Vaseline to your chest until it is completely absorbed. Then wear a warm garment to treat the cough.

48. Reduce fever

To reduce body heat, put some Vaseline in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes and then put it on the forehead of a person with a fever.

49. Treatment of small wounds

To treat minor cuts and scrapes quickly, apply some Vaseline on wet skin to prevent infection and inflammation.

50. Fixing foot blisters

Apply some Vaseline on the parts of the shoe that cause irritation and blisters.

51. Facilitating sexual intercourse

Some people use Vaseline for easy penetration during sex, But Vaseline is unsuitable for this task and may cause sensitivity. It is better to use lubricant gel during sex, which is a lubricant and softener so that the dryness of your vagina is removed.

52. Relieving muscle fatigue and cramps

Vaseline relieves muscle fatigue and cramping in body parts, so use a combination of Vaseline and sea salt to massage your body while bathing.

53. Eliminate foot odor

If you are worried about the smell of your feet, just rub some Vaseline on your feet and fingers and let it stay for 15 minutes. Then dry with a cloth.

Eliminate foot odor

Getting rid of foot odor using Vaseline

Uses of Vaseline at home

You can use this widely used substance at home and solve some common problems at home with the help of Vaseline.

54. Luster of leather

Vaseline can help make leather products shine. A few seconds after applying a thin layer on the surface of leather products, wipe it with a cloth.

55. Removing cosmetic stains

If you accidentally get makeup stains on your clothes, you can put a little Vaseline on the color. Then wash the clothes normally.

56. Loosening the zipper

After lubricating the affected part with Vaseline, the stuck zipper works more efficiently.

57. To polish wood

Apply some Vaseline on a cloth to make wood panels and other surfaces shiny. It not only makes it shine but also cleans the furniture from dust.

58. Opening the lacquer jar

Apply Vaseline to the nail polish after each application to prevent it from sticking.

59. Improving aroma and smell

Before spraying the perfume, apply Vaseline to the skin. It absorbs the fragrance and enhances its fragrance.

60. Aid to animal claws

Animal skin can crack and cause a lot of discomforts. Clean and dry their feet with cotton and apply Vaseline. Ideally, this should do after a walk or when the pet is resting.

61. Using Vaseline for stuck things

If the ring is stuck inside your finger, dab your finger in Vaseline and make sure there is Vaseline around and under the ring. It will help the crew come out more quickly. Apply some Vaseline to the drawers to prevent them from sticking again. By doing this, next time, the drawer will open easily.

62. Comfortable wearing earrings

Apply some Vaseline on your earlobe to make the earrings fit easily in your ears.

63. Brushing gum from hair

To remove the gum from the hair, apply Vaseline to the part of the hair where the gum is stuck.

Vaseline for eyebrows

Benefits, advantages, and uses of Vaseline

64. Prevent squeaking in

Apply some Vaseline on the door hinge to prevent the door from squeaking.

65. Fixing old keys and rusty locks

If your lock is rusted and your keys won’t go into the lock, apply some Vaseline on the keys and try to open the lock.

66. Preventing paint from remaining on glass, doors, etc

When painting your room, apply Vaseline on the edges of the doors, mirror, door handles, and hinges so that the paint does not remain on them; Then, wipe them with a cloth after painting.

67. Keeping ants away from pet food

Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the outside of the pet’s food bowl to prevent ants from getting into the pet’s food.

68. Preventing the candle from sticking to the candle

To prevent the candle from sticking to the candle, apply some Vaseline to the candle.

69. Firewoman

Dip a small cotton ball in Vaseline and place it on the sticks to start the fire.

70. Razor protection

Apply Vaseline on razors to keep them looking new.

Dangers of Vaseline

Avoid using Vaseline for masturbation or as a vaginal lubricant. While Vaseline has many benefits, we should only use it externally. It should never eat.

Potential side effects

Allergy: Some people are more sensitive and develop allergies if they use products derived from Vaseline. Always check for irritations and unpleasant reactions when using a new product.


Before using Vaseline, the skin should be dry and clean, and it can cause fungal or bacterial infections. Contaminated glass can also spread bacteria.

Inhalation hazards

Consult a doctor before using Vaseline around the nose, especially in children. Inhalation of Vaseline may cause respiratory disease.


Some people may experience breakouts when using Vaseline. Make sure to clean the skin properly before applying Vaseline to reduce the chance of flights.