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7 Reasons Why Blogs are Important for Businesses

In this article, I am looking to talk about small but successful businesses that have been able to develop their business and even turn to branding by using the online space intelligently and professionally.

These businesses close more deals, get more customers, increase their customer base through their website, and generate more content for their website.


What is the difference between them and many failed online businesses? One possible answer is that successful people have blogs!

Most likely, they have a compact but, for their website, that is a hangout for their customers, and that is how they are building their brand and attracting new customers.

You have probably read and heard a lot about content marketing. You must be aware of the importance of creating valuable content for your website, but if you are complaining about your website’s sluggishness on the Internet, you may not have taken the first step correctly. It means that either your company’s website does not have a blog or its blog is very dull and tired!


Take a look at these statistics:

  • Marketers who use blogs can get 67% more leads than others.
  • 81% of American users trust blogs and accept the advice and information cocompaniesblogs.
  • In companies with a blog, the inbound links to the site are up to 97% higher.
  • 61% of American users have made a purchase based on the recommendations of a blog.
    • 60% of users find a positive view of that company when they read the customized content of a company  on its site.

Well, now, let’s move away from the statistics.


Perhaps you – as a webmaster or a business manager – cannot allocate a large budget to the marketing of your company.

In this case, you should use other available tools and solutions to take advantage of this space, and of course, one of the best ways is blogging.

Despite the many benefits of a corporate blog, many managers neglect this issue and unintentionally deprive themselves of it.

Please do not repeat this mistake that Nadeem and Nadim have said since ancient times that it is a mistake to test the tested.

In this article, we will give precise answers to the question: Why should your small business have a blog?


And the answers:

1. Market research

By having a blog that includes numerous articles, you can get to know your audience better and more professionally. You can better understand what people read the most, which articles they clicked on, etc.

This topic shows you the limits of user interest, and this is a precious thing.

When you know which type of content is most effective, you focus on producing the same type of content, and that is enough to attract the attention of a range of site users.

2. SEO

Having a great website won’t cure any pain when no one can find it.

One of the most significant benefits of more traffic to a site is that when users are looking for something specific in search engines, they can find that site sooner and easier.

However, this is where a small business blog can excel.

Continuous publication of high-quality content will make you popular among internet searchers, and you will slowly become the top of the user search results page.

Search engines love unique, valuable, and helpful content, producing exclusive content and optimizing the site for the user also search engines are a definition of SEO. SEO is essential for the survival of any website.

3. Informing about possible disruptions

Suppose there is going to be a certain irregularity on your site or business, for example. In that case, you want to close a specific service for two or three days or something like that, you can inform through your blog so that customers don’t remain undecided.

Having a specific place to send notifications is very important because people don’t always read their emails, and the risk of the email going to the spam section threatens your important emails.

4. Advertising function

A small business blog has another exciting function: it’s a great place to advertise your new product.

If you already have a lot of customers using your content, you can attract them all to this exciting new event by placing an ad.

This is a great way to inform customers.

Here’s a tip to keep in mind: don’t overdo it.

Although a blog is an excellent place to promote and advertise, – as a general principle – most of its content should be focused on creating value for readers, not advertising.

Don’t forget that nowadays, users are enemies of ads and advertisements!

5. Humanitarian!

People like to be sure they are dealing with a few people, not a dry company with formal and immutable rules.

If everything is done routinely and electronically, it is not very interesting.

Post some personal stories of yourself and your employees – which are not without pleasure to read – or even some daily adventures of your company in the blog and share the pleasure of reading them with your users.

6. Value creation

The key to successful blogging is value creation.

If you want to be seen, recognized, and considered necessary, you must create value for the reader.

There are many ways to create value: you can provide helpful information to your readers, solve a problem for them, answer their questions; Teach them tricks and methods, etc.

When you create content, don’t think about your preferences, but see what pain this content will cure from the site visitor.

In each piece of content, there should be “information, education, and entertainment” or all three together!

7. Increasing customer interactions

Interaction is one of the most essential parts of any online business.

Just creating and delivering quality content—despite its tremendous importance—doesn’t get anything done by itself.

You should interact with your audience as much as possible; That is, don’t be the only theologian, but make people participate in discussions, give opinions, and even talk about their concerns.

This will help you get to know your site’s users better, and they will also get to know your capabilities.

For example, it is a perfect thing to enable the possibility of commenting on your blog.

These seemingly simple comments can tell you a lot about the mood of site visitors.


If you want to expand your online presence, you should promote your company’s blog by producing valuable and high-quality content in a specific and coherent framework.

A blog can bring many benefits to your business, all of which result in increasing the number of customers and increasing sales.