7 Popular Applications For Editing Photos With Your Phone

Most smartphone users, as soon as they take a photo with the phone’s camera, immediately share it with their friends or on social media without filtering or modifying it.

This means that they and the captured photo are deprived of advanced image editing capabilities in today’s applications. In fact, if these users spend a little more patience, they can create more attractive and effective photos with the help of software capabilities and features available in image editing applications. So, in the following, we are going to take a look at seven examples of the best photo editing applications.

Google Photos

Google Photos is more than just a place to automatically save and back up images. Apart from its search capabilities and available memory, this application can play the role of a photo editing tool well.

With Google Photos, you can crop or resize photos, adjust brightness, contrast and color, and enhance shadows in photos.

The program is also equipped with various filters and features based on Google algorithms that allow the user to make fundamental changes in the appearance of their photos. For example, the background of a photo can be blurred, the brightness and darkness of the sky can be increased or decreased, and things like that, all together, leave the user free to turn an ordinary photo into an audience-friendly photo.


Apple Photos – Apple Photos

The Photos app built into the iOS operating system goes beyond what you can imagine in terms of photo editing. By entering the editing section of this application, the first option you will see is Auto Enhance, which intelligently selects filters and applies them to images.

Users can then manually change the exposure, shadows, highlights, and more. Apple Photos is also equipped with a noise canceling feature that can be used to polish the photo. There are also tools for cropping and resizing photos in this application.

Other features of Apple Photos include a variety of filters that can change the overall look of the photo.



The minimal and seamless interface of this application includes a variety of tools and photo editing capabilities. After entering this application, you will be faced with various options for managing brightness, contrast, white light balance, exposure, color, and so on.

Simple tools for cropping or changing the perspective of the photo are also included in this application. An interesting feature of SnapSide is that it is equipped with some features and tools that are only seen in desktop applications and can be used to edit photos much more professionally.


Pixlr – Pixlr

One of the most attractive photo editing applications is called Pixler, which offers users various options for making changes to the photo. With this application, changes such as adding text tags at the top of images or coloring the sky and replacing it with something else, etc. can be implemented on photos.

Despite the advanced tools that this application uses, but the workspace with Pixler is designed to be very simple and user-friendly. With the help of this program, images can be pixelated, rotated, cropped, red light removed from the eye, and various types of filters can be applied to images.



If you take a few minutes to work with Afterlight, you will definitely consider this application as one of the best options for editing images. A program with a minimalist and professional design that comes with a complete set of various capabilities, tools and filters.

With Afterlight you can give a better view to your photos. This application uses five icons at the bottom of its interface, each of which is equipped with features and facilities. With this application, you can change the colors, add text to the photo, add different effects or change the light and brightness of the photo. It even supports photo layers, which indicates that it is advanced.


Lightroom – Lightroom

You do not need to subscribe to the Adobe Creative Cloud service to use the Extraordinary Lightroom app, and you can easily install it on your mobile. Lightroom is a powerful image editing application that allows users to precisely control and apply deep changes to images.

This application provides a set of practical tools such as cropping, rotation, exposure, contrast, shadows, white balance, color saturation, sharpening, blurring, etc. to edit images in the desired way.



One of the oldest and most popular image editing applications is called VSCO. With this program, it brings users the pleasure of working with advanced and professional tools to apply changes to images. Multiple filters, color change capabilities, contrast adjustment and exposure are some of the features that are available to users to convert a raw photo to a photo with a new and different view in this program.