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Top 7 free download websites for vector, brushes, patterns and textures in Photoshop

We are all more or less familiar with Photoshop and its widespread applications. In this software, there are always tools to make our work easier. 

Vector, brushes, patterns and textures in Photoshop are ready-made tools that create shortcuts, and in this post, we will introduce you to 7 of the best websites for free download of this tool.

If you are a graphic designer or designer, when you search on Google, you will find various sites for downloading Brush, Vector, Pattern and Texture, all of which are not useful. In this post, we try to introduce the best websites in this field.

1- Brushking King


You can easily download thousands of Photoshop vectors and brushes in King Brush at no cost. You can easily search for any type of brush you want and find them based on various factors such as grunge, Swirl, splatter, and so on. Just click on the Download button for any package you want.

2- Brusheezy


This website has a lot of variety and includes Photoshop patterns, Textures and also Photoshop ready files in premium or paid form. The Photoshop brushes section on this wonderful website is also completely free. The great thing about this website is that it only puts brushes, patterns and textures that are the best. Even the rating system is active on this site and you can distinguish the best from the scores!

Note: No website will provide you with the best brushes, patterns, textures, vectors and Photoshop PSD files for free.

3- Vector Me


This website contains thousands of Photoshop ready vectors for free download. You will also find thousands of Photoshop pattern patterns, PSD files and… here.

4- Deviant art


This website is known to almost all graphic artists and designers! A website where artists share their graphic works in a variety of fields. Membership and download is free as long as the owner of the work (Vector, Brush, Pattern and Texture) allows. Be sure to visit this different website. You will enjoy.

5- 123freebrushes website


In this website, which has a variety of brushes, it is enough to select your desired category or category to make any type of grunge, decorative, smoke, fire, different styles and بر brushes. Easily download.

6- Subtle pattern website


This website, which apparently does not work with the IP of our beloved country and needs IP or VPN change software, is specially designed for different patterns and downloading patterns (almost all of them) is free.


7- Freepik website


A very beautiful website that provides ready-made Photoshop designs such as vectors, patterns and brushes for free download. If you know a website for free download of Photoshop Izar (Vector, Brush, Texture, Pattern and PSD), be sure to introduce us in the comments section.