7 Best Virtual Phone number Apps (Android iPhone)

Many apps, such as WhatsApp or Instagram, ask you for a phone number to register; But you may not want to enter your number in these programs for security reasons or any other reason. In addition, sometimes, you want to have a second account, and you need a new number to create it. So what to do in such a situation?

You can use virtual numbers to register in different programs. This virtual number can belong to any country, and you can call or send SMS with it wherever you want. You can also register in different applications with your virtual number. This article will introduce you to the best programs for creating a free virtual number.

What is a virtual number? What is its use?

A virtual number is a telephone line or mobile phone that you receive from another country (without wanting to buy a SIM card from that country). With its help, you can call or send a text message without using your number. . Other uses of virtual number:

  • Virtual numbers are usually provided by companies in Canada and the United States. Isn’t it interesting that it is possible to have a special telephone number without having a real SIM card in these countries? You do not need a special device or telephone line for these numbers.
  • To create many Gmail (Ramzarz) accounts or create a Telegram account without a number or WhatsApp without a number and…. A virtual number is used.
    Those who have to call relatives and acquaintances or call a foreign number in another country for work and business will certainly have to pay a lot of money if they want to use a local number to do so. But using virtual numbers can be very cost-effective.
  • Another application of the virtual number is that your location identity is not specified when calling others, so you can easily call a number in another country from inside Iran without revealing your location to them.
Another use of virtual numbers that it is good to mention is that, as you know, most sites and companies are exempt from providing services to us Iranians due to US government sanctions, so by having virtual numbers, we can easily use the services of these sites.

Creating a virtual number is easy, and it can circumvent many site-related sanctions.

One of the disadvantages of creating a virtual number is that the security of virtual numbers can sometimes be easily questioned. To prevent this, it is better not to use any company and service provider with which you are not familiar enough when creating a virtual number.

The best programs for building free virtual numbers

You can use several programs to create a free virtual number for yourself. If you go to the Google Play store, you will see many apps claiming to give you a free virtual number, but not all are trustworthy.

To make your job easier, we have prepared a list of the top 5 free virtual number building programs here. All of these apps have been tested and are working properly. You can download any of them and install them on your phone.

1. Our recommended program TalkU (best-most rated)

Download for Android
Download for iPhone

This application is the highest-rated program for creating virtual numbers on Android and iPhone, which is relatively new. This program can make a second number for you almost anywhere in the world and with any prefix. You can use it to send and receive text messages or call a virtual number.

The quality of calls is excellent, and the speed of the application is unparalleled. In addition, almost all its facilities are free and completely safe. There is no roaming charge for you, and it can be easily downloaded for both Android and iPhone. And we recommend it.

2- Numero eSIM program

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This popular application is mostly used to receive virtual numbers in the United States and Canada. With the help of this application, use the toll-free number center to get a toll-free US number and use the virtual phone number for WhatsApp to make international calls, receive international messages and take advantage of all the available application services.

Numero eSIM is a Wi-Fi (Internet) phone calling application, and VoIP is a mobile phone for personal or business use. Get an international phone number with cheap international calls and use it as a second phone number on your regular phone.

3. Textnow application

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Textnow is an application for Android and iOS operating systems that you can use to create your virtual number. This app gives you a virtual phone number from the United States or Canada, So your true identity will not be revealed. This is especially useful when using a particular service is prohibited in your country. This way, you can use that service with your virtual number.

The only drawback of Textnow is that it only gives you a free virtual number, and you have to pay for more numbers.

4- Burner program

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The name of this program is because the virtual phone number created with it is temporary and disappears after a while. The Burner app lets you create a free, temporary virtual phone number from 200 different countries worldwide. Users can also use Burner to create an unlimited number of virtual phone numbers and use these numbers to call or text others.

5- Telos program

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Download for iPhone (no iPhone version)

The Telos app is very similar to Burner. This application allows you to create a virtual phone number belonging to the United States from anywhere. You can use this program to create a virtual number and use it on your various social networks. Telos is available for Android, iOS, and PC. One of the unique features of this program is that you can automatically reply to your text and voice messages when your head is busy.

6. Textfree program (high quality and popular)

Textfree is another great option for building a free virtual number. With Textfree, all text messages and calls within your country will be free; But for calls abroad with users who do not use this program, you will have only 60 minutes of talk time. You pay $ 1.99 for 99 minutes of calls and $ 4.99 for 400 minutes of calling abroad with this app. The interesting thing about Textfree is that you do not need a phone number to create an account, and you can do this by entering an email.

7- 2nd Line program

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Another great program for creating a virtual number is the 2nd Line application. This program is produced by Textnow, which we mentioned earlier. If you want a second phone number for your business, the 2nd Line application is a good option. The best thing about the 2nd Line is choosing your virtual number yourself.