6 Prohibited Means For Chewing Dogs You Will Be Amazed To Hear

6 Prohibited Means For Chewing Dogs You Will Be Amazed To Hear

Dogs Are Very Intelligent Creatures, And The First Thing They See Is Their Attention. It Does Not Matter If It Is A Leather Wallet Or A Tennis Ball. 

You will be surprised to learn that some of these things are very harmful to your dog and can endanger his health. Here are 6 prohibited devices for chewing dogs that you will be surprised to hear.

6 Prohibited means for chewing dogs

Dogs usually like to chew hard tools to relieve fatigue or anxiety or puppies to prevent the unpleasant feeling of their teeth growing. Adult dogs also instinctively continue to chew to keep their jaw joints active. However, as a pet owner, you need to know that not everything is safe for your pet, and some things should keep out of their reach. Here are 6 prohibited devices for chewing dogs.

1. A piece of ice

You might also think that giving your dog ice cubes on a hot summer day is a great thing; However, you should be aware that ice cubes can damage your dog’s teeth and gums, or even in small breeds, the teeth can be cracked or loose. Instead, make sure your dog drinks enough water to meet his body’s needs.

2. Tennis balls

Excessive chewing and biting of tennis balls can damage your dog’s enamel. Your dog’s dental care and oral surgery should be a priority for his health. Always remember that playing with a tennis ball is great. Just don’t let your dog swallow it. For more attractiveness, go for dog balls.

3. Cooked bones

Wolves chew bones, But your pet dog should not do this even if the bone is cooked because its pieces have major risks to dogs’ health. Not only can these pieces pierce the gums, tongue, or cheeks, but they may even enter the airways and cross the throat and trachea, requiring surgery to remove them.

4. Leather and leather

Animal skins or skins can be very harmful to your dog. These substances are present in most homes, and unfortunately, dogs are so strong that they may break these skins and swallow them, which, if repeated too much, can block the digestive system and cause stomach or intestinal problems for your dog. Slowly

5. Wood and tree branches

We all know that dogs always like to grab a tree branch or a piece of wood and walk beside you. The important thing is that they are great to carry; But, not chewing them. The wood and small branches of the tree are easily crushed by the pressure of the dog’s teeth, and their sharp pieces will cause sores and cuts in your dog’s mouth. Swallowing these sharp pieces of wood can also cause sores and internal bleeding in their bodies. So always watch out for your dogs.

6. Stone

Rocks are just like pieces of ice; But, much worse! They do not melt or crack easily and only cause your dog’s teeth to break. Never let your dog make stones or try to crush them. Also, some small stones may get stuck in your dog’s throat and block his airway, causing serious health problems. 

If your dog is very fond of chewing hard things, get him a hard and suitable toothpick. These toys are designed with the dog in mind and do not endanger his health.

What do you think about the 6 forbidden devices for chewing dogs? If you own a dog, share your valuable experiences with us.