6 Best Face Swap Apps(completely secure)

These days, Face Swap programs, especially on social networks, have become very common. With the help of these programs, you can create funny and entertaining images and share them with your friends.

Why is the above title we have written in parentheses completely safe ?! Many face change applications, spyware, or viruses have been released in recent years! Therefore, we recommend that you not install any face change program on your phone. This list includes secure applications.

Although finding the right app is not an easy task, you will get amazing results if you can use the best face change apps. This article will introduce the best face change apps for iPhone and Android. Stay with us.

The Best Face change Programs

We all love the faces we are born with. This face has been with us since birth and from the time we remember. How can we not love it? But what if our faces were a little different? It is interesting to know what our faces will look like at an older age. We may even want to see ourselves in the form of different animals, including our favorite animals.

This is why many people install facelift programs. This is exactly what these programs offer. Become a star or look like another! This is fun not only for you but also for others so that you can entertain your followers on social media as well. You have to choose one of the apps listed, change your face, turn it into a funny face, and share it with others.

The number of these programs is increasing, and several programs are already on the market. Some programs only do face changes, while others offer different options. In any case, there will be a plan for you.

What is the best way to change the face? Let’s look at the programs on the market to change the face.

1- Face Changer (the most popular for Android phones)

Download for Android
Download for iPhone (no iPhone version)

One of the most popular face change programs that you can use to play with different parts of your face. For example, you can select your own eyes and move them with other eyes, or select your nose and change it with a funny nose. You can also choose your hair and see what it would look like without hair. Or do a little adventure by adding a beard to your face.

In addition, after changing the face, you can add text to your photo or draw on it. You can share the final photo directly with your friends through various options when done.

2- Face Changer 2

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Download for iPhone (no iPhone version)

After the successful launch of Face Changer, the newer version of the program was launched with more options. If you are looking for the latest Face Changer options, install Face Changer 2. One of the best features of these programs is that they are very easy to use.

The new app includes options such as stickers and more scary options for different parts of the face. Also, an added feature lets you make funny videos of your face.

3- Face Change Photo Editor (most popular for iPhone)

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To make changes, enter your photo from the gallery into this application. You can also take new photos directly using the in-app camera option. Features of this program include using available stickers to create funny faces and add text to the final photo.

If you want to have fun with your friends, try this app.

4- Photo Face Swap

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Sometimes we prefer to edit previous photos in our gallery or face change apps instead of taking a new one using the camera. In such cases, Photo Face Swap will be the best face change program available. You can use it to edit images in your gallery.

Note that the faces you intend to change must be properly aligned. In addition, the Face bomb effect of this program is noteworthy. You can select a face and then place it on all the faces in the image. The result will be very funny.

5- Face Swap Live (face swap in video and live)

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With the help of this program, you can change your face in a live video with your friends’ faces. In addition, this app has many filters to enhance your selfies. Another great feature of Face Swap Live is that you can change your face with the faces of celebrities.

Despite these great features, it is not surprising that most Android and iOS users prefer to use Face Swap Live as their default face change app. In general, this program can be one of the best face change applications installed on your phone.

6- Face Swap Booth

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The simplest programs are programs that are made specifically for a task. Interestingly, these types of programs are usually the most effective programs. Face Swap Booth is one of these programs that only changes faces. With this program, you can exchange faces with friends and celebrities and photos that you have already saved on your device. Easy to use, and the lightweight user interface is certainly one of the useful features of this program that allows it to be superior to heavier applications such as Snapchat and Face Swap Live. Although this program is not as popular as other programs, it is worth trying.


Just decide which face change program to install. However, you can try other apps as well, as they are all free.