50 attractive images of participants in the 2020 animal photography contest

50 Attractive Images Of Participants In The 2020 Animal Photography Contest

Agora Mobile App Has Organized An Interesting Wildlife Photography Contest Called “Animals 2020,” And Many People Have Participated In It.

All living things live on earth for a specific reason; From the tiniest insects to the largest mammals, they all have a reason to survive, and their habitats are interconnected. To preserve their existence and prevent their extinction, we must protect biodiversity. We must unite and defend animal rights to share the wonder of our natural world with future generations.

According to Boredpanda, the free mobile app Agora challenged international photographers to submit the best photos of living creatures from around the planet in the Animal Photo Contest 2020 (#Animals2020).

Agora launched Animal Photo Contest 2020 on August 28. Photographers had until September 11 to participate and share their best photos of various living creatures for a chance to be selected among the 50 finalists and enter the voting stage.

As a result, 13,888 photos of all kinds of animals were sent to the competition, which shows the vast and precious variety of animals around us.

Octavio Royo, the CEO and founder of Agora said about this competition and its importance:

Photography is a powerful medium for creating empathy and a deeper understanding of the world around us. Only one species living on the planet can choose the future: us!

Congratulations to the Indonesian photographer with the ID @jjnmatt, who shared his work called Iguana.

This photo won the most votes in the Agora program, and he was announced as the winner of this competition, and the officials of this application awarded him the top prize of $1,000.

In the following, you can see the top 50 images recorded by the participants of this competition. Below, some of these works are descriptions from the artist’s language, which can be read to get more information about the recorded photo. At this report’s end, choose the image that has attracted your attention more than other options.

Iguana by @jjnmatt

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

The Iguana conveys the beauty and uniqueness of nature.

Motherlove by @olmospatricia

Location: Australia

Family by @mannylibrodo

Area: Surin, Thailand

Surin province is famous for its elephants. A trip to this province is incomplete without visiting the Ban Ta Klang Elephant Village. Despite their gigantic size, I wanted to show how elephants have become a symbol of beauty, tenderness, and elegance.

Baby Monkey by @prabuds

Location: Kuduya Utara, Indonesia

Devotion by @saiful0007

Location: Armenian Church, Old Dhaka, Bangladesh

wild life

My friend and I were chatting in the courtyard of the church. Suddenly I noticed this dog lying on his owner’s grave. I immediately went home to look for my camera and took pictures with the permission of the church authorities.

Focused by Leo.wies@

Location: Germany

I often go to the local wildlife park to practice wildlife photography. It is impossible to discover the lynx in the wild in my area; Therefore, I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to see this magnificent animal in the said park. It was snowing and very cold on the day this picture was taken, so the park was almost empty. The lynx’s sharp eyes impressed me.

The area for lynx in this park is limited, but they are very mysterious creatures and do not show themselves daily. I found a place to sit in the empty garden, and after a while, I lay down on the ground with a thick jacket. It took me almost 2 hours to get the attention of the lynxes, and one of them slowly came towards me. The moment I took the photo, I felt like I had made eye contact with this beautiful creature.

This feeling scared me. My intention in recording this photo was to reflect this feeling to more people.

The viewer must imagine that he is making direct eye contact with this beautiful creature.

In this part of my text, I would like to mention all the real wildlife photographers who have recorded many images of these creatures. I have great respect for their time and knowledge in their work, as well as their passion. I think these parks are an excellent opportunity to practice animal photography, but whoever does this should always mention that the photos were taken in a park and not out in the wild. Otherwise, the audience may get the wrong impression of the photographer’s effort and inadvertently compare it to images captured in natural wildlife.

Into The Darkness by @alan_gallo

Location: Lake Dobbiaco, Italy

The swan is the light that breaks through the darkness.

Encounter At Our Campsite by @hi.jewi

Location: Kamchatka, Russia

We spent a few days visiting the Tolbachik volcano during our trip to Kamchatka. After dinner, suddenly, this fox appeared in our camp. He was very calm and curious and had very peaceful and friendly behavior. This animal came, watched us, and went to play in the volcanic ash. It was a surprising, unexpected, and exciting moment that shook my heart. I want to show the beauty of mother nature with these unique patterns, and this peaceful wild fox represents the heartwarming feeling I had at this moment.

Fierce by pitokung@

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

#animals2020 competition

This image shows a majestic Sumatran tiger circling in the morning sunlight. Sometimes, you have to be patient and wait for the right moment.

Misty Heather Field In Full Bloom by @glennanthonie

Location: Laren, Netherlands

Every year the blooming season of Khalangzar arrives. This year it was made more special than ever by the thick fog that covered the entire ground and a tall cow walking around the place.

Arctic Fox by photoepb@

Location: Iceland

I had been looking for this little one for days when I suddenly saw from the car window that this cute animal was playing on the downhill ground. While eating, I ran and lay down a meter away from it. Thus I managed to capture this glorious moment.

With Mom by @sofyanefendi

Location: Waikambas National Park, Indonesia

I took this photo in the morning while feeding dozens of elephants to the nursing staff in the national park.

Photo number thirteen

All The Shades Of Blue by @makyandmatt

Location: Gili Meno, Indonesia

This dive is a memorable experience! I wanted to show my appreciation and love for the ocean, the beauty of the underwater world, and the importance of protecting our oceans. We had only gone to Gilimano with our camera gear, so we had to rent snorkeling equipment. Our feet were blistered and bleeding, battling severe weather problems, but we couldn’t resist the ocean’s beauty. The water was evident; there were lots of turtles, the light was perfect, and no one was around.

Bear Crossing by @blakehobson

Location: Section 15, Canada

It doesn’t get more Canadian than this!

Icelandic (Icelandic) by @samuelemiccoli

Location: Kirkjufell, Iceland

The beauty of a country is not only fire and ice, the animals that live there are also a part of it. We were walking near the famous mountains when a group of Icelandic horses started running in our direction. As soon as they got close, they stopped to let us photograph them and then disappeared.

Anemonefish by @alexdemartin

Location: Sipadan Island, Malaysia

Sipadan Island is a natural marine park where life flows. As I looked at the sea anemones, this family of clownfish appeared to be posing for the camera.

Mother Bekantan by @irawansubingar

Location: Sisarwa, Indonesia

Reach The Winter (Reach The Winter) by dangthao@

Location: Mongolia

It was late fall, and it was clear how happy the reindeer were to see snowfall again.

The Barn Owl Has Landed by @philrobson

Location: Northumberland, England

#animals2020 competition

Lioness Pride by freeilli@

Location: Etosha, Namibia

The subject of this collection of pictures is the largest parade of lions that I have seen in my African travels. There were probably 30 members in this group, including a cub, a female lion, and two males. You might think that tracking animals is easy, But it is not. Safari requires a lot of patience and some luck. I was very excited when I saw the lionesses approaching us in a perfect formation. This moment was really like a scene from a movie.

Like more than 5,000 other mammal species, lion packs form a patriarchal society. Female lions are the core of the group; Because they have the task of hunting and raising cubs. If you are on safari, try to find the female lions first; Because the most exciting action happens around them.

Newborn Labradoodle Puppy by Silvija_Collins@

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Our family dog ​​(an Australian Labradoodle) went into labor two days before this photo was taken and gave birth to some cute puppies. These puppies were raised in our kitchen with the constant care of our children and ourselves. We have two small children (2 and 4 years old) who were excited and looking forward to seeing the puppies. They cared for our dog throughout her pregnancy, singing to her and reassuring her that everything would be okay. When the puppies were born, the children were very excited, but the newborn animals were so small that they could not touch them, so my husband placed a sleeping puppy in the palm of his hand and held it close to the girls. Our children sang lullabies to this little animal, and my wife had the puppy for them. This scene looked very peaceful and beautiful.

Close Encounter by onkwelphoto@

Location: Chamonix, France

A minute later, an antelope was quietly grazing next to me on the bend of a large rock. I was happy to see an antelope up close for the first time. After an hour and a half of walking, I doubted that I would be able to see one of them. A

Puffin Close-Up by hb_photography@

Location: Smoker Island, Wales, England

I love wildlife and photography. When this bird caught my attention, I wanted to capture a unique and powerful puffin portrait. This puffin was standing in a pose that looked great for a portrait shot.

Young Panda by @polatina

Location: Panda Breeding Center, Chengdu, China

wild life

It was a rainy day, and many pandas did not want to walk. What could I do? It is impossible to force a wild animal to pose! I felt perfect and grateful that I was visiting this place. Suddenly this young Panda came out of the forest. It was the best moment I can remember, and I’m glad I captured it with my camera.

Wolves by spanker

Location: Montreal, Canada

Madoda King by frenchcliche@

Location: Gondwana region, South Africa

Lions can be great models too!

Freshwater by @cymot

Location: Jurong Animal Park Zoo, Indonesia

Jurong Zoo is a popular destination for our locals and is often used for educational purposes by students to introduce animals and the environment.

Orangutan by @adingkuswara

Location: Tanjung, Indonesia

Horses by @ bahrambayat

Location: Iran

#animals2020 competition

Horses (Caballos) by @mariafcabaleiro

Location: Asturias, Spain

We found these horses on a family road trip along the Astoria coast. With my photo, I wanted to convey a feeling of protection and love.

Give It To Me by beyond_imagina@

Location: Jaipur, India

The typical diet of a rhesus macaque includes roots, fruits, seeds, tree bark, insects, and small animals.

Chimp by mohamedtazi@

Location: Seville Zoo, Spain

This chimpanzee was enjoying his breakfast when he suddenly stopped eating and looked at me like a model posing for a photo shoot.

A Tower Of Giraffe by _kennyc@

Location: Imire Game Reserve, Zimbabwe

Wildlife photography can be challenging. Wildlife photography is how you observe a spectacular scene, But it’s over when you get your camera ready. The unpredictability of animals makes this a very frustrating yet enriching task. I’m grateful that these giraffes were kind enough to stop long enough to capture this perfect moment. I also grabbed a more attractive composition by placing the tree in the image.

Moment by alexcao@

Home: Quang Ngai, Vietnam

I have two dreams I always seek to fulfill; One of my dreams is to collect all the beautiful pictures from my province, Quang Ngai, and share them with the world. I want to protect not only the beautiful scenery on my land but also the same for the wildlife that is hunted.

Little Tiger by @johnnydee

Location: Chongqing, China

He looked exactly like a small tiger; Very magnificent!

Shadow Game by @borsch

Location: Finland

Several deer were walking on the road. It ignored dozens of cars passing by.

Privilege Witness by @josuozkaritz

Location: Machu Picchu, Peru

I was walking around this unique sight when I found this llama resting peacefully on the grass. In this crowded tourist place, I was lucky to find this beautiful animal in an empty and silent area, and no one interrupted this decisive moment, my connection with nature. Sometimes llamas show aggressive behavior when harassed, But this friend seemed to be waiting for me to immortalize this moment. She posed like a professional model and had no complaints before, during, or after the shoot. When I captured this image, I stood there for a while and thought about this gift of nature. A llama and I were alone in Machu Picchu.

Highland Cow by above_and_beyond_visuals@

Location: England

Have you ever seen a white mountain cow? It is often not possible to witness an animal with an unusual color, Especially when talking about the breed of mountain cow, which generally has a dark color. It was amazing to watch this cow in the center of the herd with its unique color. The moral of the said photo is that no matter how unusual you or something else looks, you will stand out from the crowd. It is not a bad thing at all. Accept it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Humpback Whale Breaching by @reneliniger

Location: Mooloolaba, Australia

#animals2020 competition

I go whale watching at least once a year. The whale migration season usually runs from June to October, during which you can watch the whales from the beach or on the ocean in a boat. It’s incredible to watch these gentle giants often going about their business. Of course, sometimes these creatures become interested in getting to know us humans, so they come closer to us than ever. This scene always amazes me.

What are you looking at? (What Are You Looking At) by @kyunghwalee

Location: South Korea

Fischer’s ragwort is a famous and popular food plant that Koreans like to eat in spring. This flower is almost similar to Marsh Marigold, A poisonous plant that kills people yearly. I was thrilled when this flower finally bloomed; Because I understood whether this plant was toxic or not; Seeing many bees coming and going, I realized that this flower had a lot of pollen.

Honor Flight by @jordisark

Location: Indonesia

Friends by superiaia@

Location: Moremi Conservation Area, Botswana

Sometimes we look so much for the beauty in the big things that we forget to see the hidden wonders in the little things. We waited for the lions in this area for several hours; The sun was almost setting, and we just wanted to get some photos of the king of the jungle before it got dark. There were zebras and gazelles near the place where we were waiting, but no sign of lions. At one point, a small bird caught my attention. This creature was sitting on the back of a zebra and was chirping loudly. That’s when I decided to record this moment; The lions never came. Sometimes we look so much for the beauty in the big things that we overlook the hidden wonder in the little things.

Calf And Mother by @nateqpham

Home: Quang Binh, Vietnam

About half an hour before sunset, I reached the beach and saw a herd of cows roaming the coast. While I was taking photos, I was followed by these animals!

Curious Seal (Curious Seal) by adventureahead@

Location: Vancouver, Canada

This blue pig was lying on a rock and enjoying the afternoon sun. Whenever someone passed by, this creature looked at them curiously.

Mother And Her Young (Mother And Her Young) by @danrose

Location: Berkeley Deer Park, Gloucestershire, England

I wanted to capture the close bond of a young animal with its mother.

Farmers by @jorgebacelar

Location: Murtosa, Portugal

This farmer Silvina is in a frame with her black turkey. The black turkey was brought to Portugal 500 years ago when the Spanish explorers returned from their first trip to Central America. During their discoveries, these people found that the Aztecs had two types of pets: black turkeys and dogs. The Spaniards were amazed by this giant bird. In Europe 500 years ago, such a bird could not be found. Before repatriating the gold, they brought the birds back home by boat, and the predominantly mountainous ecosystem of the Iberian Peninsula provided what the turkeys needed. These birds were easily and quickly transported from Spain to Portugal, where the tradition has survived more than 500 years later.

Mosca Descansando En Un Cactus (Mosca Descansando En Un Cactus) by @lafotodeeva

Location: Parque de la Paloma, Benalmadena, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

I went out with my two-and-a-half-year-old son to escape the situation of the Corona epidemic. As always, I had my camera in hand. Suddenly I saw my son carefully looking at something. He likes insects very much. So I got closer and saw this fly sitting on a small cactus flower. My son’s emotions fascinated me. In this photo, I learned that small details are essential.

Swimming by @ nikopictures

Location: Santa Cruz, California, USA

I was walking on a bridge when I saw this group of water pigs.

An Eagle Hunting by @joeshellyy

Location: Kruger National Park, South Africa

#animals2020 competition

Winter Swim by joncleave@

Location: Iceland

In winter, I saw this magnificent humpback whale on a northern plateau in Iceland.