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5 extremely useful techniques in Photoshop that you should know

Today we want to cover 5 extremely useful techniques in Photoshop so that with the help of these tricks you can edit your photos like a professional.

Nowadays, knowing Photoshop is one of the basic needs in any profession and it can be used to do a lot of creative work, for example for website design, journal photography and… You must know useful techniques.

Although learning Photoshop takes a lot of time, you can definitely become a master of Photoshop with practice and repetition.

1- Using shortcut keys in Photoshop

Using shortcuts in Photoshop speeds up your operation. The most important and most useful Photoshop shortcuts are:


  • V: Displacement tool
  • B: Brush
  • D: Set the default background color and foreground
  • X: Change background and foreground colors
  • E: Clear
  • S: Simulation tool
  • W: Selection tool
  • Ctrl + j: Copy the selected layer

2- Learning the difference between Saturation and Vibrance


Colors have a huge impact on the professional look of photos. Two of the terms you encounter when correcting the color of images are Saturation and Vibrance.

If we want to deal with the difference in this round, we must say that Vibrance increases the intensity of colors other than yellow and orange. This option is more suitable for correcting the color of portrait photos because as you increase the intensity of the colors, the yellow and orange colors of the skin do not increase and the person’s face does not deviate from its natural state and color.


Saturation, on the other hand, increases the intensity of all the colors in the photo equally, so this option is not suitable for portrait color correction.



3- Creating a vignette effect


Vignette is a technique that makes the corners of a photo darker than the center of the photo. By creating a vignette effect, you can make your subject more visible, because the human eye is subconsciously more attracted to the bright parts of the photo than the dark parts. The easiest way to add a vignette effect to images is to go to Filter> Lens Correction> Custom Tab in Photoshop and then increase or decrease the vignette value in the page that opens.


4- Increasing the sharpness, sharpness and details of the photo


The term sharpening images means increasing the sharpness and detail of the image. We recommend increasing the sharpness of the photo in most cases, but if you are editing the photos to upload to Facebook, be careful not to over-sharpen it, as Facebook will increase the sharpness slightly when uploading images. .

Here is the simplest way to increase the sharpness and detail of the photo:


  • Step 1: Use the shortcut key Ctrl + J to make a copy of the background layer.
  • Step 2: Follow Filter> Other> High Pass.
  • Increase the amount of sharpness a bit and then click OK.
  • Step 4: Change the photo blending mode to Overlay.
  • Step 5: Increase or decrease the Opacity of the photo according to your taste.


The Step 5: Apply Photoshop ready filters


Photoshop has several ready-made filters that you can use to turn simple photos into professional photos. To use Photoshop-ready filters, go to Filter> Filter Gallery, but before applying the filters, go to Image> Mode> 8 bits> Channel.


These are all 5 super-useful techniques in Photoshop  that will help you in any edition.