30 Exciting Images Captured With The Risk Of Death

30 Exciting Images Captured With The Risk Of Death

Haley And Avery Lovewild Gelman Are Two Professional Wildlife Photographers Who Have Encountered Shocking And Deadly Stories To Capture The Image. 

You Will Not Regret Seeing These Pictures And Reading These Stories.

You have probably heard that art is life! This metaphor means that art shows you what life is, But for many artists, art is their life, and they devote themselves entirely to art.

Avery and Haley Lovewild GelmanAvery and Haley Lovewild Gelman

Avery and Haley Lovewild Gelman are a photography couple working in the wildlife photography field. These two professional photographers are trying to draw people’s attention to the beauty of animals worldwide through their photos. Their photos are not only exciting, but the story behind these photos and their life together is equally exciting and exciting.

On one of Lovewild’s photography trips, they were attacked by extremists; Avery had to use a wheelchair after that. But these hardships never stopped this passionate couple from giving up their heart’s desire to protect animals through action and photography. Stay with Zoomit to read the story of this photographer couple.

Cheetah Portrait / Avery and Haley Lovewild Gelman

The three white rabbits / Avery and Holly Lovewild Goleman

A wild tiger / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

In 2017, Avery and Haley went to Gabon to make a documentary. At a local market, a fanatic attacked Avery and stabbed him ten times in the heart, liver, and several other organs. This artist couple was immediately taken to the hospital after confronting the extremists; Unfortunately, Avery was in critical condition. A week later, they were both airlifted to Denmark.

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This attack was so severe that Avery could not speak, swallow or walk, and the doctors had given up hope on him, But the couple never gave up and returned home after intense and intensive rehabilitation. Avery gradually regained the power of speech, the ability to swallow, and the movement of his arms and is now learning to walk. Interestingly, with all these events, the fire of helping animals never went out in the hearts of this photographer couple.

Avery recounts his experience after the attack:

My soul left my dead body and went to a beautiful light blue tunnel. The tunnel slipped me like pieces of soft ice and pulled me towards the bright white light, But it was as if my soul was too stubborn to die, and I had to go back to my strong wife and wonderful daughters, Sylvia and Lilia. I know that I have to finish our mission, My mission with Heli, to protect wild places worldwide. I was lucky enough to incarnate in my own body. I am now wiser and more loving than ever.

A Bunch of Penguins / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

Two birds in the snow / Avery and Hallie Lawfield Goleman

Owl at dusk / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

The poisonous scorpion / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

The profile monkey / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

Barefoot landscape / Avery and Heli Lovewild Goleman

Heli and Avery met each other on one of their trips to the North Pole, fell in love, and have not been separated from each other since. These two people spend half of the year traveling and documenting wildlife in the most remote parts of the world (from Antarctica to Africa) and the other half sorting images, producing articles and books, and working on the wildlife protection project, “Project “Wilde.”

A pack of zebras / Avery and Hallie Lovewild Goleman

White owl / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

A flock of birds flying in the sky / Avery and Heli Lovewild Goleman

Wandering Tiger / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

The process of a typical photo shoot for Haley and Avery is as follows:

We start with a month-long planning phase: booking tickets, choosing the necessary equipment, meeting with the local tracker, and obtaining the required permits. Our complex and perhaps exhausting work begins, which is undoubtedly the best part of our journey. Then the waiting game begins; We wait for hours after hours for the wildlife to show itself, when suddenly a fantastic creature shows up! We always try to photograph them in such a way as to show that we are the only party in their pristine habitat. When the sound of the shutter clicks, adrenaline and endorphins quickly attack our brains because the thrill of being close to a wild animal is a strange and wonderful experience.

The lioness licking her cub / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

A yellow monkey in a tree / Avery and Heli Lovewild Goleman

A lion in the middle of the forest / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

We always live up to our motto: Whatever you love, you will protect it! By our standards, we want to capture the spirit of animals to inspire others to protect them. We believe that all animals are characters that play a role in the entire ecosystem, So we must cover them and their habitat. If we as a species do not preserve the ecosystem, we will one day disappear from this fantastic planet. Today, with all the stories we’ve been through, we have a stronger voice to protect nature; Because we have proven that we have the will to fight for what we love; Whatever you love, you take care of it.

As with any photography project, Avery and Haley’s work has challenges.

The hardest part of work is patience, endurance, and resistance, But it is also tricky and essential to see a scene and recognize that it will be a good photo. Remember that it is necessary to go above and beyond your expectations.

A polar bear / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

The natural landscape of wildlife / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

A grizzly bear shaking a tree / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

A deer in the mist / Avery and Hallie Lawfield Gelman

Two lions at rest / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

A kind of monkey / Avery and Heli Lovewild Goleman

Project WILD is a lifelong mission to protect the world’s last wild places and endangered wildlife. We are happy that the WILD project ended a year before the start of the covid-19 pandemic. We were lucky to have completed all our travels before this moment in history began. We will not stop until the planet restores its nature.

A flock of flying flamingos / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

A snow grizzly bear / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

/ Avery and Haley Lovewild Gelman

A monkey behind the tree / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

Two lions in love / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

A chimpanzee washing his hands / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

Leaping polar bear / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

We love the entire planet and its magnificent wildlife. During one of our trips to a beautiful island on the border of the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia, Canada, a wild coastal wolf came wandering toward us. He was walking on a rocky beach with beautiful silver wooden beams. The self-confidence of this fantastic creature mesmerized us. There was no sign of fear in him, which was a happy thing; Because it meant that wolves were not hunted in this area and remained entirely free and alone. Greg reached up to Avery and licked his plastic boots. We were both in tears of joy. A few seconds later, the wolf stuck its snout into our camera lens; He was so close and playful that we couldn’t use our big lenses and decided to take a picture of him with our mobile phone. The playfulness of this female wolf clearly shows how a human can become best friends after meeting a dog.

The hand of two chimpanzees / Avery and Haley Lovewild Goleman

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